Four River's Fountain, Rome 2010

Read “Part I: An Incoming Tide” here. Tuesday, August 14, 1883, Evening Bewildered as I was by Roe’s presence, I saddled my horse, Staffa. We’d been together a long while, Staffa and I, since he was a three-year-old colt. Twelve years. A red chestnut, he’s a knowing, brave creature who’s sweet for peppermint and clover….Continue Reading “The Circus Came to Corwen, Part II: Wading into the Current”

Murano Glass

Sunday, August 19th, 1883 The circus arrived in town on Tuesday. A caravan rolled past Merchant Row kicking up dust. It’d been a dry summer, and the dirt of the main thoroughfare puffed up around the wheels like low-hanging clouds. Garish canvases lashed to the side of each wagon proclaimed:   Coming Shortly Professor Grell’s…Continue Reading “The Circus Came to Corwen, Part I: An Incoming Tide”

The day had wound down and come to an end. For Bree, the day had been filled with serving customers, listening to complaints from people far more angry about the quality of the food they received than they probably should have been, and busy alleys at the grocery store. Being able to come home and…Continue Reading “Danny”