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Meeting Amélie

This is my first piece for Smutathon 2020. As usual, it’s a snapshot of much bigger, more complicated story, but hot damn at least I wrote something and there’s definitely something to say for...


Endometriosis is a Thing

“A classic history for endometriosis” said the gynae consultant I had finally been referred to after over a year of tearful GP visits and inability to hold a job. “Why didn’t you come to me sooner?”

Don’t even.



The day had wound down and come to an end. For Bree, the day had been filled with serving customers, listening to complaints from people far more angry about the quality of the food...

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In Search of the Zipless Fuck

I suppose I am not much like Erica Jong’s heroine and I doubt I will be any more successful in finding the zipless fuck than she was. Nonetheless reading Fear of Flying some years...