(click here for Part 1 of Club Mephisto – A Quaint Introduction…) The dominant woman put an enthusiastic level of curiosity into considering their first play space as she slowly walked the floor between stations, intrigued by her options while her husband obediently followed behind her footsteps without a single word spoken. Was she up…Continue Reading “Club Mephisto – Clamps, Crops, and Spikes (Part 2 of 4)”

I manage not to blush too deeply as she starts ringing up my purchases. That’s progress, at least. I’ve been coming to this bookstore for the entire three years I’ve lived in this neighbourhood, and most of my purchases are from their incredibly well-stocked “romance” (read: erotic fiction) section. I don’t give a fuck when…Continue Reading “Erotic Literature [a smutty story by Coffee & Kink]”