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Content: MM pairing, Queer, Erotica, Intercrural Sex, Sex as Magic Power. Some mentions of an age difference, but it’s in thousands of years based on dimensional shifts, so, yeah. If that squicks you, protect yourself. Read Part I, An Incoming Tide Read Part II, Wading into the Current Read Part III, Remembering the Sea THURSDAY,…Continue Reading “The Circus Came to Corwen, Part Four, A Shift in the Tide”

Sea Horse & Tentacles

Read Part I of The Circus Came to Corwen Read Part II of The Circus Came to Corwen Content: MM pairing, Queer, Erotica, Oral Sex, Sex as Magic Power. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1883, EVENING Roe’s hand closed on mine. The callouses on his fingers rasped against my knuckles. We stood together in the dusk while…Continue Reading “The Circus Came to Corwen, Part Three, Remembering the Sea”

It’s 11pm and I’m snuggling into your chest as we are looking for new audiobooks for you to download when you inevitably head down the road for work again. I’m happy although haven’t slept well for a few days, and I’m looking forward to at least a small lie in before we begin the day…Continue Reading “The Birds Are Telling Me To Stop Fucking You- Confess Hannah”

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Why, hello there! It’s officially Smutathon 2020, and it’s time for everyone to get their mind in the gutter to help an incredible charity – Endometriosis UK. This incredible organization provides support and advocacy to folks with endometriosis. It also supports and contributes to vital research.  Let’s talk about endometriosis. Endometriosis is a debilitating condition that…Continue Reading “A Little Audio Erotica to Start Your Smutathon Adventure”

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Read “Part I: An Incoming Tide” here. Tuesday, August 14, 1883, Evening Bewildered as I was by Roe’s presence, I saddled my horse, Staffa. We’d been together a long while, Staffa and I, since he was a three-year-old colt. Twelve years. A red chestnut, he’s a knowing, brave creature who’s sweet for peppermint and clover….Continue Reading “The Circus Came to Corwen, Part II: Wading into the Current”

I wake up to the sound of a motorcycle revving in the alley behind my house. I check the time — 5:57 am.

I groan and roll to my other side.

Meanwhile, Alex doesn’t even flinch; one of his superpowers is that he sleeps like an actual corpse. It’s not until I elongate myself into a full-body stretch and press into his side that he stirs. While my arms are still overhead, he gives one breast a gentle squeeze and then the other, as if assessing them.

“Everything still where it belongs?” I ask.

“Seems so,” he says through his first yawn of the morning. “Though it may warrant a more thorough inspection.”

“Well, don’t let me stand in the way of procedure.”

“Come here,” he says, pulling me into him. I flip around, pressing my back to his chest and we breathe together as his hands begin to roam.

“Today’s the day,” I say.

“Today is the day,” Alex echoes. “Do you think Jack will follow through?”

“He’s very dependable,” I assure him. “If he says he’ll be here, he will be. He might be 15-20 minutes late, but he’ll show.”

“Have you talked to him since our virtual introduction on Wednesday?”

“Sparsely. He’s a very busy boy but he made a point of confirming yesterday. I reminded him then that we’re all in this together; we all need to be on board to move forward. He’s a man of few words via text, but I think he appreciated that reaffirmation.”

“Good,” Alex says, somewhat distractedly as he pushes his burgeoning erection between my ass cheeks. “And to think… you almost let this chance to have our mutually ideal threesome pass us by because you were worried he’d say no.”

“Oh, stop it already…” I say.

“See what happens when you take a chance on something good?” He kisses that spot at the back of my neck and a thrill rushes down the length of my spine, all the way down until it thumps between my legs.

“Okay, okay, I get it, you were right! Now, will you please fuck me lazily from behind already? I’m so turned on right now it’s starting to hurt.”

“Oh my… Well, we don’t want that now, do we? But are you sure you don’t…” He pauses to tease my labia with the head of his cock, slow strokes up and down. “…want to save it for later?”

“No, fuck, Alex, come onnnnn,” I whine playfully, rolling my hips and pressing my ass into him. “Right now. Please?”

“Greedy girl.”

I gasp, my back arching, as he slides in home.

The past couple of days with Alex have, as always, been too lovely. By now, we haven’t left too many surfaces in my apartment go unchristened. But it has no bearing on how much I need him to the pain of discomfort when I wake up next to him.

“Just imagine,” he whispers as he pulls back and pumps in a little deeper. “What it’s going to be like when I can do this while he’s other there, in front of you in this very room.”

I swoon into his frame enveloping mine, fulfilling me inside and out as he fills my imagination with even more.

“Tell me what you’re going to ask of him.”

“I want… his cock in my mouth while you take me like this from behind.”

“You can do better than that. Tell me how you want his cock in your mouth.”

“I want… to take him gently at first. So I can look at him while I do it. Gauge him.” I suck air in through my teeth as Alex’s hand snakes around and presses to my belly. “You know, to make sure he’s all good as he watches us being this intimate.”

“Better. What else?”

“I want you to talk to him, to us,” I’m struggling to find words; I’m trying my best because I know how much Alex likes when I use them. “Describe how I feel, how it feels to be inside me.”

“Mmm, I can already feel the way you’re going to clamp down around me in tandem with the strokes of your mouth over the length of his cock. How that will change as your pace and intensity changes, as you take him deeper.”

“Yes, his cock is exceptionally suckable.”

“I expect you’ll show me how he likes it.”

“Of cour—ooh!

The combination of languid, deep thrusts, the compression of his front to my entire back, and test exceedingly filthy images of two of my favourite men filing me from all sides is on top of my morning need is too much. I shove my hand between my legs and roll my fingers around my clit.

“Harder,” I demand, almost inaudibly through the swell of tension blocking my throat.

Alex doesn’t tease me this time. Obliging me, he pumps deeper and holds longer and the end of each stroke as my hand blurs over my clit and I topple over the edge. He holds me close as sparks dance behind my eyelids and I wail like my window isn’t open.

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