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Endometriosis is a condition that affects 1 in 10 people who are assigned female at birth. Despite that, 54% of people don’t know what it is – rising to 74% of men. We want to help change that.

In the run up to Smutathon 2020 on September 26th, we’ll be sharing weekly ‘Endo Stories’, written by other bloggers, authors, and awesome people we found on Twitter. They’ll tell you about their experiences with endometriosis, and about some of the challenges they’ve faced, from diagnosis to treatment, from sexual pleasure (and pain) to fertility and menstruation.  

Today’s story comes from Smutathon committee member Jayne Renault, though it actually belongs to her mother. As well as sharing her words with you all today, Jayne will be joining the rest of our team in September as a featured author for our Smutathon 2020 event – she also writes at, and is the Erotica editor for Bellesa Reads. Find her on Twitter at @jayne_renault and please consider donating to Endometriosis UK to help them help people all over the UK who are struggling with endometriosis.

I don’t know when I first learned about endometriosis, but I know it was my mom who educated me on it.

I probably have endo myself, but I’ve not yet been diagnosed. I’ve honestly not put enough effort into getting a diagnosis because my faith in the Western medical system’s approach to reproductive health care is all but dead. I’m tired of not being trusted to know my body better than someone who just met me and doesn’t care about my wellbeing.

But my mom has always been convinced that I suffer from it. I feel her judgment is sound; she is a reluctant expert on the matter.

Since there’s no chance I’ll see my mom again for at least another year between significant geographical distance and pandemic, I took this opportunity to chat with her.

This is her endo story.

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