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Easily orgasmic. I used to think there was something wrong with me. I saw articles, blogs, whole books dedicated to the well known fact that a vaginal orgasm was elusive and damn near impossible. I heard stories of women faking them because they couldn’t have one. I met fundamentalist Christians who said they were even…Continue Reading “Easily Orgasmic: Learning about Fulfilling Sex Beyond Climax”

Sexy young woman with condom in her mouth on light background. Photo.
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I love sucking dick – and love it with a passion that might make me feel like a bad feminist or queer if agency is not very feminist and if dicks could not be very queer. Some memorable blow jobs in the twelve months have involved my partner coming in my mouth, a circumstance that is often a delicious assertion of dominance.

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Elizabeth could already hear the cries and moans of anonymous strangers from the club floor as she sat in one of the private dressing rooms backstage, carefully lacing the classic, dagger-like leather ankle boots onto her latex-clad feet while her husband knelt dutifully beside her, very much already lost in his own character as he…Continue Reading “Club Mephisto – A Quaint Introduction… (Part 1 of 4)”

Smut Queen’s Log — Bellesa HQ — 28 Smuttember, 2019

It’s been 6 months since I was sat—

[Oh dear lord, the Britishness is already rubbing off on me. Ahem. Let’s try that again.]

I was sitting at a table with many of my favourite sex blogger faces. We were definitely riding high on the post-Eroticon buzz, and we might have been a drink or so deep when the conversation moved on to, “Well, do you reckon we should talk about this year’s Smutathon?”

It didn’t take long for the many branches of the night’s chats to join together in that moment to result in a lofty idea: why don’t we take Smutathon overseas.

Upon returning to Canada, I presented the idea of bringing Smutathon 2019 to my Bellesa family. I was met with great enthusiasm and the promise of giving me whatever tools and support I needed to make it a great success.

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Ahhhh, Fetlife. Love it or hate it, the “Facebook of kink” is still the absolute number one place to be on the internet if you’re a kinky person who wants to interact with the BDSM and fetish community outside of your bedroom. But if you’re not careful, it can be a bit of a cesspit….Continue Reading “Ten Tips for Getting the Most Out of Fetlife by Coffee & Kink”