Smutathon 2018

In 2018, eight talented writers locked themselves in an AirBnB in Chester and produced a ridiculously fabulous volume of work! In total, we raised £1100 for Abortion Support Network and wrote over 10,000 words between us.

Here are links to all of the stories published during that crazy, wonderful 12 hours…

Coffee and Kink

Confess Hannah

Unfortunately Hannah has deleted her blog since Smutathon 2018 so these titles don’t lead anywhere. You’ll just have to believe us that they were very, very good…

  • Thigh to Toe – ‘My eyes rode them like a helter skelter from thigh to toe.’
  • Birthday girl – ‘All other sensations stopped as they simply watched.’
  • No more I Love Yous –‘During the recovery after each breakup, it has always been music which has healed me.’
  • 27 seconds – ‘And, fuck, it was good. She was good. Better than good, she was spectacular.’
  • Dinner plans – ‘We are waiting on a table, we are number 1. The person ahead of us got 69- I’m devastated.’
  • Power play – ‘His moan of frustration through the pants in his mouth is delicious’
  • Wash away your sins – ‘Hoards of people have come to watch what is about to happen, and I forget that is it not just punishment, but entertainment for the masses.’

Eve Ray

  • Playing those mind games – ‘“Play with yourself for my entertainment” I commanded and sat back to watch the performance.’
  • Happiness Stan‘A real character who always had a pint in the bar before the game and still gave his all for 90 minutes on the pitch.’
  • Afterglow of your love – ‘I was aware of you leaving and sank back into sleep, reliving the night, reliving sex like I had never had sex before’
  • Song of a Baker‘Pat a cake pat a cake baker man bake me a cake as fast as you can and when you have finished hurry up to the flat and take me’
  • Of hot tubs and body love – ‘Whilst I can feel happy in my body as such there is still the matter of showing my body to people other than sexual partners. And this is all to do with having a body that in certain important respects doesn’t correspond to my identified gender.’
  • Ogden’s nut gone flake – ‘He reaches into his bag, takes out a flake. I wanted to try with this he says I’ve seen in a porn mag.’
  • Long ago and worlds apart‘The bearded man watched, apparently unconcerned that his wife was naked in front of a stranger.’
  • It’s therapy but is it art?‘In short, reading smut had been therapeutic.’

Exhibit A

  • On competition‘Neither of us really thought about what that might do to the comfortable dynamic between us, because why would we?’
  • ‘Not my kink’ – ‘The words ‘not my kink’ can conceal a multitude of subtly different messages’
  • My Abortion story – ‘This is my abortion story. It is neither a long story, not an especially traumatic one.’
  • Q and Exhibit A (6)Which five people – real or fictional, living or dead – would you invite to your dream orgy?
  • Smut Marathon: Rounds 1-6
  • Precision: A Just So Story – ‘The stockings always fit her perfectly, but his thighs felt like they might burst out of them at any moment.’

Hannah Lockhardt, now writing as Kate Lessons

  • What the valet did‘He’s handsome now but back then, no more than twenty two or three, he was beautiful. Prettier than a girl. Prettier than his sister or the horse. The horse was prettier than the sister unfortunately.’
  • Ettie and Rose’s dirty weekend‘Touching her cunt as she ranted, feeling her angry wetness relax into desire pleased her greatly.’
  • Mrs Robinson’s day off‘Something compelled her that day to walk into the bookshop at the end of the road, and purchase a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover.’
  • Dancing with myself‘Not fussed about her cheap nylon underwear, she took the letter opener from her stationary holder and used it to carefully slice the knickers from her hips.’

Jayne Renault

  • Smut saved my life: the cheating edition [CW: infidelity, allusion to sexual trauma, victim blaming] – ‘Cheating is one of those rule-breaking themes that will never go out of style because it is inherently transgressive, and thereby arousing for many.’
  • The slap bet‘This all started because my friend wanted to slap someone in the face.’
  • Just for kicks (part 3)‘A new dance, but we didn’t know the steps to it yet.’
  • Smut saves my life: the community edition‘My worries were clearly unwarranted because never in my life have I met such a wonderful group of lovable weirdos.’
  • Can never change her stripes‘I don’t know where striped stockings were first declared vogue. I’m told that it goes back at least as far as the Middle Ages, where the public consensus at the time was that stripes went hand in hand with deviance.’

StarcrossLove Lust London Smutathon 2018

  • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia‘The man was in the process of lifting his partner’s skirt when Euan reached the top. The couple quickly composed themselves and pretended to stare out into the night.’
  • Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia‘Being nearly naked whilst being held by a fully clothed man was an erotic feeling she’d never felt this powerfully before.’
  • Finland, France, Germany, Greece‘People had swarmed to West Berlin when they heard the wall was coming down, many of them with a story similar to Daphne’s. He was there, somewhere, on the other side. Would he be waiting?’
  • Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia‘By now the hens had fallen silent. They knew that they were witnessing something special and didn’t want to risk ruining it by speaking.’
  • Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta‘I’ve rented this window out for the night. You’re going to stand in it for two hours whilst I watch from that cafe across the road.’
  • Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia‘It wasn’t long before she’d been brought to an orgasm that silenced the thunder and outshine the lightning.’
  • Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK‘Alenka giggled when she realised the effect her nudity was having on the men.’

The Other LivvyThe Other Livvy Smutathon 2018

  • The Power of Stockings… – ‘She felt like a kinky cartoon witch, ready to cast her spell over those fortunate enough to stumble into her path.’
  • Zuuuuumio… – ‘It is the most versatile toy that I have ever used, which means that it genuinely never fails to propel me to a rapid and satisfying orgasm.’
  • Uniform response… – ‘She was wound up too tight, she told them. She needed some therapeutic intervention.’
  • Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin, or how I learned about polyamory without realising I was learning about polyamory… – ‘Reading about Modesty and Willie, I understood that different partners can fulfil different roles. I understood that the value of these partners wasn’t belittled by the presence of others and that sex wasn’t always necessary to build meaningful and important relationships.’
  • Dollar oysters… – ‘But his hand was in mine, pulling me forward and holding me close. His arms were round me and his hot kisses smothered my rain soiled face.’
  • Smut Marathon…– ‘Fucking you was always when I felt most alive so I’m not surprised that it is sex that has kept me here with you.’

Thank you to The Other Livvy for collating these entries in 2018!

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