Smutathon 2017

The first Smutathon in 2017 raised a whopping £2000 for our two charities, Backlash UK and Rape Crisis England and Wales. There was a core meet up of writers in London, plus many others joining in around the world.

Here are links to the main contributors:

Coffee and Kink

Daphne Nevada

Daphne Nevada’s Smutathon links page

Note: This personal links page links to twelve (12!) brilliant pieces of Daphne Nevada Smutathon erotica!

Elliot Henry

Eve Ray


Exhibit A

Jenny Guerin

Unfortunately, Jenny has removed her blog since 2017 so her posts are not currently available.

  • Smutathon begins
  • Blog dedication
  • Plus other writing not published on her blog

Jerusalem Mortimer


The Other Livvy


These were written as Twitter DMs because @TheWragger doesn’t have a blog but @TheWragger gave permission for people with blogs to post them so they were kindly hosted by Jerusalem Mortimer.

Thank you to Jerusalem Mortimer for collating most of these posts in 2017!

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