In 2020, we decided that we wanted to offer more ways to show your support for Smutathon so we now have MERCHANDISE!

To reduce the possibility of international shipping charges, click the flag closest to where you live to be directed to your most local shop and go browse our t-shirts, mugs, badges, bags…

Love Smutathon? Now you can wear the t-shirt!

We tried to make both the shops exactly the same but there is some variation between the EU and US shops due to product availability. If you’d like a particular design on a product but can’t see it, do get in touch and we can add it for you. Also, do let us know if your Pride flag isn’t represented and we can create a design for you!

We are working with the shop platform to remove the gendered labelling on the products but, in the meantime, please accept our apology that they are still present.

Please note that these products are intended to be fun and to spread the Smutathon message – we are operating the shops as non-profit sites so none of the money will be donated our charity, Endometriosis UK. Please don’t forget to donate to support them too!

USA/Canada flag for merchandise pageLink to EU merchandise shop




You can donate to our charity via the button below!


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