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Are you a sex or erotica writer who’d like to raise a lot of money for charity? Do you want to join us at the next Smutathon? Or do you just want to read a veritable flood of delicious erotica from all over the world when it is published?

Smutathon 2021 will take place on November 6th 2021! We are SO excited!!

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Want to join our writing team?

We are really excited to welcome as many people as possible to join in our writing community and there are lots of ways to join the Smutathon fun depending on how you can best challenge yourself!

  • Join the team and complete the 12 hour writing challenge! The main Smutathon event will take place over 12 hours and we would love to publish as much sex writing as possible during that time. If you want to write with us, you can join the team. We’ll add you to the authors page and give you access to our site so your Smutathon posts can be directly uploaded here – as well as your own blog.
  • Link your posts! If you’d rather just share one or a few posts and can’t commit to the whole day, we’ll open a links page on the day to remain open for the whole weekend so you can add posts from your own blog to our Smutathon community. Simply add our badge and link to our fundraising page, and we’ll share your posts on our Twitter feed.
  • Send us a guest post! If you don’t have your own blog but still want to join in, email us a guest post and we’ll host you on the Smutathon site.
  • Set your own challenge! If the Smutathon hours don’t fit into your timezone or other commitments, or you’re not able to work solidly for 12 hours, please feel free to set your own challenge – during the Smutathon weekend, you could either set your own 12 hours at another time or dividing the hours over the weekend. Our links page will be open the whole weekend!

Please note that Smutathon is an inclusive organisation and we welcome writers of all backgrounds, genders and sexualities. We do not tolerate transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, kink shaming, racism, sexism or any other harmful content. We are keen that Smutathon remains a safe space for all writers and so the Smutathon committee has a low tolerance for content that we believe to be harmful – whether intentional or not. We reserve the right to remove any content that does not fit with these ideals.

If you still have questions…

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