Category: Smutathon 2020

Here are all the posts written during Smutathon 2020, when we were raising money for Endometriosis UK.


Room 518

This story features K, a non-binary femme (she/her) and T, a transmasculine person (they/he). Content note for bruising and mentions of choking. Room 518 was inspired by one of Livvy’s incredibly hot Smutathon stories, Pandemic. K sat on...

Wedding Party, by Exhibit A 0

Wedding Party, by Exhibit A

This is my third and final piece for Smutathon 2020. As I finished writing it, we passed our £3,000 fundraising target, which feels like a fucking INCREDIBLE achievement, and one that owes everything to...

Let’s Celebrate 0

Let’s Celebrate

It was cliché, maybe, to book a hotel room for our one-year anniversary—but N didn’t seem to mind. I collapsed onto the bed, twisting my fingers around the wrought-iron headboard, and smiled as she...


Ultimate Quarantine

David did his best to maintain his composure as the cool latex slid up his body, its firm yet paper-thin grasp already sending shivers down his spine despite the fact that there was still...


Fall Fashion Lust

Fall was one of Mary’s favorite times of the year, but not for most of the reasons you might think. Sure, the weather was cooler and the transformation the landscape saw from the leaves...



A frisky pop beat skipped from the speakers in the changing area of Candice Treats lingerie store. Sadie stood in a froth of dropped lace and gauze and satin, like Venus rising from the...