Who doesn’t like a side of fishnets and tattoos with their morning coffee? Smutathon committee member Sarah Brynn Holliday joins in on February Photo Fest for the first time ever from the United States where, when they took this picture, it was definitely morning! Dutiful queer smut peddler that they are, Sarah would be remiss if…Continue Reading “February Photo Fest: Good Morning”

If you’re new here, you may not know that I recently went through the worst breakup of my life. In my desperate late-night “how to get over a breakup” Google searches, I was tired of reading listicles that said “getting under someone is the best way to get over someone” or that crying into a pint of Ben…Continue Reading “Four Practices That Are Helping Heal My Broken Heart”

This story features two cis queer women, Jessy (she/her) and Emma (she/her). Content note for public sex. Among the plethora of fall activities one can do in New England—leaf-peeping, harvest and pumpkin festivals, planning a road-stand tour of the region’s finest cider donuts—apple-picking topped Jessy’s list. Jessy’s favorite orchard, Purple Hills, stood at the foothills of…Continue Reading “Juice”

Content note: This post explores trauma, abuse, PTSD, and dissociation. In the three years since I first wrote about my #SpookyFemme identity, a lot has changed. I fell in love, started a new job, moved from North Carolina to Massachusetts for that love, moved yet again when that love turned into abuse, came to some…Continue Reading “The Power of Spooky Femme, Part 2: Spooky Evolution”

Content note: This post contains general, non-specific mentions of trauma. This post contains affiliate links. Sex toys can be powerful tools for survivors to use to access pleasure and explore our bodies and sexualities again after experiencing trauma. Devastatingly, for far too many of us, sex and pleasure are left out of traditional narratives that…Continue Reading “Using Sex Toys to Heal from Trauma: A Guide for Survivors”