Category: Sarah Brynn Holliday


Thrill Me

This story features Jane, a non-binary femme (they/them), and Corey, a cis man (he/him). Content note for voyeurism, orgasm control, and non-sexual scenes with alcohol. Friday, 10:07 PM “Nope,” Jane said, their own voice...


Room 518

This story features K, a non-binary femme (she/her) and T, a transmasculine person (they/he). Content note for bruising and mentions of choking. Room 518 was inspired by one of Livvy’s incredibly hot Smutathon stories, Pandemic. K sat on...



This story features two cis queer women, Jessy (she/her) and Emma (she/her). Content note for public sex. Among the plethora of fall activities one can do in New England—leaf-peeping, harvest and pumpkin festivals, planning a...