It’s 11pm and I’m snuggling into your chest as we are looking for new audiobooks for you to download when you inevitably head down the road for work again. I’m happy although haven’t slept well for a few days, and I’m looking forward to at least a small lie in before we begin the day…Continue Reading “The Birds Are Telling Me To Stop Fucking You- Confess Hannah”

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CW: This piece features frank discussion and description of my experience of an early medical abortion. If you feel this will affect you, please feel free to use your discretion and this warning for your own wellbeing. I am hoping that telling my story makes people feel less scared, not alone in their experience or realise how important safe and legal abortion and support is- which is the rationale for our fundraiser.

I like it when somebody fucks me as if I am a nobody.

You know what I mean. Head pushed into the pillows, muffling my moans as they push down on the small of my back, or between my shoulder blades. Desperate to keep me still whilst they fuck me, delighting in the hair that remains stuck to my face after saliva is dragged from their cock over my face as I’m given a chance to regain my breath, leaving me an exhausted mess. Something I will definitely remember for a long time…

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