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Welcome to SMUTATHON, the annual erotica writing extravaganza!

Plans for Smutathon 2021 are well under way and we can’t wait to announce the dates and charities for this year’s event later in the year – watch this space!

Meanwhile, you can join in the Smutathon fun at our next erotica reading at the Valentine’s Smutathon Smut Slam on February 12th. Sign up here!

In the meantime, find the latest posts shared on our site on the blog feed or check out previous years for links to the posts published at each event.

Smutathon is now in its FIFTH year!

Started in 2017, Smutathon is an annual fundraising erotic writing challenge that was started by sex blogger extraordinaire, Amy from Coffee and Kink.

At each event, a group of intrepid sex writers – bloggers, erotica authors, sex educators and more – get together and write like mad things, each with their own personal challenge of words to complete, stories to write or chapters to finish. All the stories, essays and photographs were published during the challenge and we were sponsored for our efforts.

Each Smutathon lasts for 12 hours – how much could you write?

It is fun and frantic and hot and exhilarating and one of the highlights of the erotic writing year!

On the first Smutathon on July 1st 2017, we raised £2000 for Backlash UK and Rape Crisis England and Wales – 10 writers from around the world coordinated efforts to write thousands of words. In 2018, we supported Abortion Support Network and raised £1100 when eight writers congregated in a small AirBnB in Chester to write as much as we could in 12 hours, which ended up as over 10,000 words in 48 posts.

Smutathon 2019 was much, MUCH bigger with writers all over the world joining in to write and publish smut and erotica and personal essays – here on this specially designed site . We took our show across the Atlantic with an international Smutathon gathering in Montreal at the headquarters of our sponsor, Bellesa.  We supported a US-based abortion charity – the National Network of Abortion Funds. We published 49 posts in the 12 hour marathon plus linking 14 posts from guest authors and raised over $3000. It was truly extraordinary!

Smutathon 2020 was a virtual affair, with writers joining via Zoom from all over the world as the COVID pandemic limited our face-to-face opportunities. But, despite this, we raised a whopping £3186 for Endometriosis UK and, as well as the posts written on the day, we also shared a series of powerful and beautiful Endo Stories to raise awareness of this painful and difficult condition.

Sound like fun? Why not get involved too!

If you write sex and erotica, or would like to, check out how get involved and we can’t wait to hear from you!

If you like what you see and want to support our cause, please do follow us on Twitter at our new and permanent account, @SmutForACause, and share our writing using the hashtag #Smutathon. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so you’ll be informed when we start making new plans.

Thank you so much!

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