Danny pulled themself out of dreamland with considerable chagrin, only marginally softened by the warm body beside them. They’d been lost in a dream that had left them wet upon waking, and so without thinking, they rolled onto their side to wrap around Max’s back.

Planting soft kisses along their shoulder blades, Danny experimentally thrusted against Max’s ass. Testing the waters with the barest hint of suggestion. Of course, that hint quickly grew in Max’s mind until their breathing came in short gasps, their upper body completely still as they attempted to rein in their desire.

A coughed laugh brought them up short as Max’s profile showcased half a lazy smile. “So you’re topping me this morning, huh?”

Danny pressed their hips into Max, leaning forward to place a sweet kiss on their rosy cheek. “I don’t see you putting up much of a fight.”

“Oh?” asked Max, the word barely out of their mouth before they’d flipped around until they were nose to nose with Danny—who didn’t manage to get out a word of their own before Max roughly kissed them.

Their mouths battled for dominance, stoking the fire between them. When Max finally got the upper hand, Danny sighed into the kiss. Suddenly, Max was straddling Danny’s waist while pinning their wrists to the mattress. Max’s smug grin filled Danny’s vision, and the heat between Danny’s legs only grew at the sight of their sleep-mussed partner glowing at them from a position of victory.

Of course, Max ruined it when they said, “See? You get distracted too easily to top.”

Danny scowled. “I do not!”

“And yet, here you are.” Max squeezed Danny’s wrists just enough to almost hurt. “Beneath me because you let your guard down for a single, close-mouthed kiss.”

“You just know my buttons too well.”

Max’s smirk grew. “Sounds like another reason I should be topping.”

Danny growled, bucking her hips hard and fast enough to throw Max off balance. Danny almost laughed at the look of shock on Max’s face, but there wasn’t time—they were too busy wrestling for control of the situation. They both twisted and turned, trying to grab a hold of a wrist, thigh, stomach, but neither of them could get enough traction until finally, finally Danny found themself on top.

Max laid on their stomach, squirming to get free, but Danny grabbed the back of their neck and pushed it into the mattress. Their other hand grabbed Max’s hip hard enough that there’d be bruises—but they both liked that. Danny could tell Max was losing the will to battle for dominance. Once beaten, they always quickly moved toward eagerness. It was part of what made fighting them for top so pleasurable.

Danny flattened themself against Max’s back, running down the length of them while relishing the feeling of skin against skin without having to worry about losing control. When Danny reached Max’s ear, they whispered, “I’m going to fuck you now.”

And as Max whimpered softly, Danny slowly and steadily started fucking them.

The softness of Max’s ass in contrast to the hardness of their tussling was almost too much and Danny quickly lost control. They were thrusting into Danny’s ass with abandon then, both of them moaning in chorus as Danny’s earlier protestations were completely forgotten in the wake of being fucked. Danny bit down on Max’s shoulder, claiming Max before coming with a shudder.

Panting, they rolled off of Max onto their back, head turned to meet Danny’s half-lidded gaze.

“See,” said Danny, “you always love when I top.”

Max grinned. “Just wait until tonight. I’m stronger before bed.”

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