**I bit off more than I could chew, and so my incredibly talented (and handsome) partner wrote this story on my behalf. Thank you, Jude Ecole. I love you**

Ideally something in which I’m saying no.

L stared at the winking emoji accompanying the last text, a smile curling at her lips. She was off work early today, having swapped shifts to close lunch instead of dinner, with three days off now stretching out ahead of her. And since K had just delivered her last freelance project the night before, the two of them had a rare few days together with no work, no demands, and no social plans, nothing calling their names but the bed and the toy closet L had been steadily stocking with instruments of pain and pleasure and confinement and torture over the past year. They had picked the last one together, a demure string of pearls interrupted by a perfectly round ivory ball, over which K’s mouth fit perfectly, her sweet eyes batting up at L from on her knees, or spread out underneath L’s knees, hands linked together above her head with matching ivory leather cuffs.

L’s fingers itched as the memories floated by her, and scanned their texts again, beginning with her own playful invitation: three whole days, baby. What kind of trouble should Daddy dream up for us?

Something in which no means yes. L slid her phone back into her pocket. She could do that.


K cleared their dinner plates, an unexpected cacophony as she less than carefully let them slide into the sink, eyes already half lidded from the coyly cruel smile that played at L’s lips throughout dinner as she teasingly traced a finger up an down K’s thighs, wider and closer circles making K shiver as L tilted her head obtusely at her and insisted she continue telling her about her day.

“Come here, baby,” L directed, a hint of growl beginning to enter her voice as she patted her lap, turning in her chair to face the sink where K stood.  K lowered her head, sliding her hands to smooth her skirt and adopting the wide, blinking smile that she knew L loved when they played like this.

K took her place, feeling the hard presence of L’s strap beneath her jeans nudging against her as she draped her arm around L and crossed her ankles, “Yes, Daddy?”

L’s hand drifted up her thigh, toying with the edge of her skirt. “You were telling me about the project at work, baby. The flyer you were designing for A’s band. Go on. You were describing the high top, and how you got the colors just right.”

K struggled to keep her breathing paced as L flipped the hem of her skirt up one inch, folding it and creasing it just so, describing how she saturated and mixed the colors by hand, applied them one by one. L kept their eyes locked together, even as K felt the tips of her fingers graze the edge of her underwear, nestled in the crease of her thigh. She gasped, a tiny smile twitching at her lips, “Daddy! You can’t touch me like that.”

“Oh no?” L replied, arching an eyebrow and pressing her fingers in further, the heat of K’s cunt making L’s heartbeat quicken under K’s pressed palm.

“No!” K mock scowled, pushing at L’s hand but feeling her throat clutching. There it was. No. L’s wicked smile met hers back. The game was on.

“But I want to, baby. Daddy’s had a long, hard day too.” L murmured into K’s neck, kissing and nipping at the soft skin, her hand unmoving as K squirmed against the rough fabric of her jeans.

“No Daddy, you can’t,” K whispered breathily, pouting even as she pressed herself further against L’s pulsing fingers working their way between her legs.

L’s voice took on a harder edge, her other hand wrapping in K’s hair. “Hush, pretty girl. You can’t say no to me, that doesn’t make any sense, now does it?”

K shivered with delight, feeling herself wrapped in L’s body, hands in her hair, between her legs, the sturdiness of her thighs and her strap beneath her. She loved the feeling of being contained this way, pulled and prodded, recanting even as she succumbed, feeling herself grow wetter with each squirm away and every no, knowing L would take what she wanted anyway.

L worked her way underneath the thin fabric, her fingers slicked and sliding against K, curling into her as K pressed her thighs together “No, Daddy, don’t,” she whispered huskily, back arching against the fistful of her held hair and paired with a wrinkled brow and wide, concerned eyes.

“Yes, baby.” L replied, her lips twitching with pleasure, “I will.”

K gasped as L plunged a finger into her, “Daddy!” and L gave a low chuckle.

“I told you, baby. You can’t say no to me. Hold still now.” L murmured, finger circling inside K, beginning to writhe, a soft bubbling cascade of no’s falling from her lips. With a growl of impatience L shoved K’s underwear aside – “No, Daddy” – and then removed them entirely – “ No, Daddy, please,” – nails leaving trails against K’s thigh as she ripped them and threw them to the floor.

Abruptly, L withdrew, and K buckled forward, blinking with surprise as L released her, pressing down on K’s knees and shifting her weight to prompt K to stand. L stood with her, hand at her belt buckle in a way that K registered with an alluring sense of threat. She could feel a trickle of wetness run down her thigh. She flattened her skirt and cleared her throat, moving to grab her tossed aside panties when she felt L’s hand on her hips, whirling her around and pressing her face to the countertop, laughing as she took the underwear from K’s hand and sent them fluttering back to the ground.

“No, baby.”

K’s face pressed to the countertop underneath L’s hand and she heard the metallic sounds of belt unbuckling and unzipping behind her, excitement swelling and competing against her performance as she wriggled against L’s grip. L flipped her skirt up at the waistband, capturing both her wrists in a single grip above her head.

“No, Daddy, please. Don’t. Please don’t put your cock in me. Please.”

 K moaned as felt the tip of L’s hard cock pressing against her cunt, and she could practically see the self satisfied smirk on L’s face as she heard her reply, “I know, baby.”

L’s cock slid into her, stealing her breath even as she tried to muster more false protestations – “No, Daddy, no” – the swell of pressure and heat making her knees weak. L fucked her slowly at first, easing her cock in and out and murmuring assurances about how it would be over soon, she just had to stay still and be a good girl, and K felt the countertop getting hotter under her flushed face, struggling to keep herself from pooling drool on the laminate. Steadily, her rhythm increased, filling K and making L’s breath start stop stutter in a way that K knew very well. K felt her own heat rising, the cresting wave in her abdomen as L’s movement became tighter, more intense, until she seized in a final thrust, nails raking down K’s back as they both trembled.

K sighed, feeling her muscles relax against L’s warm cock still inside her, and turning to smile up at L, raking a hand through her hair and freeing her face of sweat. L grinned roguishly down at her, fingers curling gently at K’s jaw and a thumb sliding over her lower lip.

“Did you like that, baby?”

K giggled, wriggling herself off of L’s cock and turning to face her, arms thrown around L in embrace, and nuzzled in to her neck with a whispered reply.

“Yes, Daddy.”

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