The Sex Party – Part 2

Usually Anna, Tom and I start these sex parties together, just the three of us. I arrive early and Anna and I eat each other out while Tom watches with his dick in his hand. I assume they want to do the same tonight, so I show up early and the door is opened as soon as I ring the doorbell.

“God, I’ve missed you,” Anna says against my mouth as she pulls me inside. Her taste is familiar and I kiss her deep, but she’s impatient and pulls me towards the living room. Most of my clothes are off before we get there.

Just as I am about to pull off my underwear, Tom stops me. “Let me do that.”

That’s new, but I like it. I raise my hands in mock surrender and he pulls the soaked lacy fabric down my thighs. As I step out of it, he buries his face between my thighs and inhales deeply. 

“I missed this so much,” he groans and then pushes me onto the sofa. “You don’t mind if I start with her, do you?” he asks Anna. The hunger in his voice drives me wild, and I put my feet on either side of me on the sofa, opening myself up to him.

He kneels between my legs and starts eating me out as if he’s starved. He’s always been great at eating pussy, and tonight is no exception. I love a man who eats me out for his own pleasure. Soon he’s pumping two thick fingers into my cunt while licking my clit vigorously.

Anna straddles the back of the couch and pushes my face into her crotch. I don’t have to be told twice, but start licking her. I know how she likes it: slowly, gently, with lots of attention to her clit and labia. Soon the only sound in the room is our moans. 

I don’t expect to come right away; my body still has to adjust to how horny I am, but I don’t mind. This is just the warm-up.

I lose track of time. All that matters is that I am with my two favourite people in the world and we’re giving each other exquisite pleasure. 

I can tell Anna is close. Her body is tensing and her moans are getting higher. Just as I think I’m about to push her over the edge, the doorbell rings.

“Fuck! Tom, you need to get that, because I’m really close to coming.”

Tom grunts, but obeys his wife. I’m disappointed at the loss of his tongue and fingers, but Anna more than makes up for it by coming spectacularly on my face. She grinds on my tongue as her juices soak my chin.

I keep my legs where they are, an open invitation to whomever enters the room to fuck me. I need a dick inside me. Anna slides off me and takes place next to me. She kneels on the sofa and sucks my nipples into her mouth. It feels heavenly to have her teeth brush the piercings. The pain sends shivers of pleasure to my cunt and I’m tempted to play with myself.

There’s no need, as James and Laura come into the room. James has by far the biggest cock I’ve ever fucked, so I am thrilled that he’s here. Laura is already half naked and hanging onto Tom.

“Tom, will you take care of my wife while I fill this hole here?” James asks, as he peels his trousers off. The rest of his clothes follow and then he’s between my legs. 

“You couldn’t wait, could you, filthy slut?” he grunts while he drives himself into me.

I’m happy I warmed up with my biggest dildo, otherwise this would have been painful. As it is, it’s a very tight squeeze, but that makes it even more delicious. Anna doesn’t stop playing with my nipples as James pile-drives into me. I love that about him: he just fucks me as hard as he wants, with no regard to how I’m feeling. If I told him to slow down, he would, but he knows I like it as hard as he can give it. 

But then he surprises me by picking me up. In one smooth movement, he sits down and plants me onto his lap. His cock rams deep into me and I cry out. It’s both pain and pleasure, a combination I happen to love. He holds me tight, making it impossible for me to move. Leaning back slightly, he pulls me on top of him. 

“Your turn,” he says to someone behind me and then something cold is being smeared onto and into my anus. 

I gasp as a finger is slipped inside. It’s been so long since I’ve been double-penetrated and to have it happen so early into the party is a real treat. 

“How have you been, Tess?” Mike’s voice asks.

I moan in response. He pumps another finger inside and I almost pass out from the overwhelming sensation of having both my holes plugged.

“Like this or do you want my cock?” Mike asks, his breath caressing my neck. 

I can’t speak, I’m too far gone. He continues with his fingers as James starts to move inside me. 

“Fuck yes,” I manage. “Stretch me good.”

“I’ve missed this filthy slut,” Mike says conversationally. “She’s really up for anything.”

“She’s in rare form tonight,” James says. “Like she hasn’t been fucked in months.”

If only they knew. I keep quiet, I love hearing them talk about me.

“You want me to dump my load inside you?” James asks. “You like being used as a cum dump, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I pant. “Yes, fill me up.”

I tilt my hips so I can grind my clit against his pubic bone. No longer patient, I’m gagging for my first orgasm of the night. As James’s cock swells inside me, I can feel the contractions start deep inside my cunt. James swears as I convulse on his cock, drawing him deeper inside me, and then his cum hits my cervix and I’m filled up, just as I wanted. Mike keeps his fingers pumping in my ass for a while longer, until I beg for mercy.

We’re all grinning as we disentangle ourselves. Mike moves away to find someone to fuck while my eyes fall on the newcomers. I’m surprised, they look a lot older than all of us. Most of us are in our late twenties, early thirties, but this couple looks like they’re our parents’ age. 

Immediately, I’m intrigued. We don’t talk about our personal lives at these parties, but I wonder how they came to be here. They look comfortable enough, although they seem to be keeping to themselves for now. My incest kink pulls me towards them. I haven’t shared this fantasy with anyone else in the group—no one is old enough even to pretend to be my parents—but this couple could fulfil my fantasy. Not that I’d open up to them, I just want to be fucked by both of them. My imagination can do the rest.

I walk over to them, James’s cum coating the inside of my thighs. I hope they’re not squeamish. 

“Hi, I’m Tess,” I say when I’m in front of them. 

“Oh hi,” the woman says, taking my hand. “I’m Helen, and this is Barry. Why don’t you join us?”

“I’d love to.” 

They make room for me on the sofa and I sit down between them. 

“Wow, you look so much like our granddaughter,” Barry says.

I can’t tell if that grosses him out or not, so I stay quiet, but my pussy clenches deliciously. In my head, I am their granddaughter and they are going to take good care of me.

“Don’t take that the wrong way,” Helen says, giving Barry a stern look. “We don’t really want to fuck our granddaughter. Barry just meant you look lovely.”

“I don’t mind.” I bite my tongue as soon as I’ve said it. They must think I’m a weirdo.

“Why don’t you let us take care of you?” Helen cups my breasts and runs her fingers over my nipples. “We’ll be really good to you.”

I moan as Barry’s fingers slide through my folds. He effortlessly locates my clit and starts rubbing it. 

“Why don’t you fuck her from behind?” Helen asks. “I bet she loves that. She seems like a real cumslut.”

The word is shocking in her mouth, but it turns me on to no end. I scramble to bend over the sofa and spread my legs. Helen takes over from Barry and rubs my clit as Barry pushes his cock against my entrance.

As his cock slides in, Helen calls Tom over. “I think this girl needs to be spitroasted. Have her suck you off while my husbands fucks her.”

Tom doesn’t need to be told twice and he pushes his cock past my willing lips. I suck greedily, tasting a mixture of cum and pussy juice on his cock. Helen’s fingers play with my labia and clit, occasionally dipping a finger inside me along with her husband’s cock. I try to concentrate on sucking Tom off, but it’s getting hard with Barry and Helen fucking with my cunt. Tom seems to sense my dilemma and grabs the back of my head while he fucks my mouth. I relax my throat, but still gag a little while he pounds me. 

The tension builds in my body as I’m getting close to cumming. 

“Fuck, she’s so tight now,” Barry pants. 

“Go shallower,” Helen instructs. “Try to pound her G-spot. I want to see if we can make her squirt.”

“She’s a great squirter,” Tom says. “She’s such a sloppy slut, I’m sure we can make her fuck every man in the room twice.”

Helen laughs. “I’d love to see that.” She bends down to talk to me. “You better keep up, you dirty whore. Make my husband come and I’ll let all you get all your holes filled with cum.”

That does it. I gag and moan as my orgasm rips through me. I squirt, drenching my legs and the floor.

“Good girl,” Helen says. “You had such a big orgasm. But don’t think you’re done yet.”

She keeps rubbing my clit and my convulsing cunt spurs Barry on. He pounds me hard, pushing me towards Tom’s cock with each thrust. Tom groans and buries his fingers in my hair, pulling hard as he spurts his load into my mouth. I gag and try to swallow it all, but half of it drips down my chin, coating my neck and breasts.

And then Barry grunts and cums inside me as well. He pulls away almost immediately, panting and gasping. I’m half-worried about him, but don’t get a change to ask anything as Mike takes his place.

The men fuck me for what seems like hours. While they get a chance to rest and recharge, I’m not given that courtesy. They tell me how much of a slut I am, they order me to suck, swallow, take whatever they give me, and I obey. I lose the ability to cum, but I don’t tell them to stop. I want to be used, filled, treated like nothing more than a cum depository until they tire. Only then do my shaking legs close as I curl up into a ball, thoroughly satisfied and happy.

Helen and Anna fuss over me, kissing me before spreading a sheet over me. Anna knows better than to clean me, she knows how much I love waking up covered in cum. If any of the men wake up horny in the night, they know they can take me. I’m hoping all of them do. Tess the slut is back. 

The Sex Party - part 1

Isabelle Lauren

Isabelle Lauren is an incurable romantic with a filthy mind. She writes short and long form erotica and is an active sex blogger. It is her dream to become a full time writer and arouse people with her words, but until writing becomes more profitable, Isabelle toils away at her full time day job, writing in the evenings and weekends. When Isabelle isn’t writing or working, she loves reading, crocheting or spending time with her family and pug.

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