The Sex Party – part 1

My libido has been fickle the last couple of weeks. And by weeks, I mean months. And by fickle, I mean practically non-existent. Weeks will go by and all I feel is the numbness of existence, going through my daily tasks almost on autopilot. I might as well be a robot. And then something sparks and I’m horny as hell. Sadly, the horny spells last a couple of days and then it’s back to numbness.

I’m single, so the absence of my libido hasn’t really bothered me as much as it should have. I try not to think about it too much, and try to enjoy the good days by fucking anyone who’s willing to fuck. I used to be such a slut, but luckily my usual fuck partners have chalked my unavailability up to my busy job. Granted, my job is busy and I’ve put in more overtime than I care for, but I have a feeling I work so hard to mask the fact that my sex life has taken a nosedive.

Today, though, I’m frustrated with my libido, because tonight there’s a very special event planned, one for which Tess-the-slut needs to come out. I have a sex party with my dearest friends who I haven’t seen for months. Anna and Tom took me into their relationship a year and a half ago and have both fucked me more than I care to admit. We used to have sex parties all the time, but since Tom got sick, they’ve concentrated on getting him better and I’ve hardly seen them. But Tom received the all-clear from the doctors a month ago and they immediately started planning a celebration sex party. It will be the usual suspects plus a new couple who Anna and Tom recently connected with.

Pre-libido problems, I would have been excited about this party for days, but all I feel is dread. They will be expecting the old Tess: the one who got fucked more than anyone else, who had her holes filled with so much cum, it would be dripping out. But my libido is in hiding again and all I want to do is curl up on the sofa with a movie.

I’m determined not to let this get the better of me, though. I might not have had a good enough reason to coax my libido back to life before, but tonight I need to raring to go. Four couples are willing to fill my holes any way they want and I’m not going to let an opportunity like that pass. I couldn’t live with myself if I did.

I strip my clothes off and have a relaxing bath. The water is as hot as I can stand it and I just wallow in the heat. I can feel the stress of the week drain away and although I’m not horny yet, I don’t feel as tight as I did before. I’m certainly not numb anymore either. 

I spread my legs, letting one dangle over the edge of the bath. Careful not to rush things, I slide my hands along my thighs, brushing my pussy lightly, but not pursuing anything. All I’m interested in is allowing some blood flow to the area. 

I slide my hands higher and cup my breasts. About a year ago, I’ve had my nipples pierced and the piercings have finally healed. I tug on them tentatively and am surprised at the shock of pleasure it sends through my body. My nipples aren’t usually that sensitive, but now they are just begging to be touched and pulled. I lie back and close my eyes as I play with the bell bars, pushing and pulling them until my pussy starts to wake up. Smiling at the wonderful sensation of my juices starting to flow, I play with my nipples a little more. I want my pussy to be gagging to be touched before I slide my hands lower.

My body is buzzing when I finally reached for my cunt. I gasp as my fingers probe the folds and find them slick with my desire. The bathwater has become lukewarm, but I don’t care. I slide two fingers inside of me, and sigh with content at feeling the heat of my cunt. Oh how I missed playing with myself!

I take it slow, careful not to scare my sex drive away. I pump my fingers in and out of my cunt, enjoying the feeling of my vaginal walls pressing against my fingers. It’s pleasant, but I’m not at the height of horniness yet. I try not to let that bother me and continue to fuck myself with my fingers.

Slipping my other hand between my legs, I find my clit. I draw lazy circles over and around it, trying to deepen the pleasure, but I might as well be stroking the inside of my thigh. I get no response from it.

And like that, my frustration kicks in. I get up, drain the bath and dry myself. Anger at myself flares up and I stride to my room. In the bedside drawer is my collection of sex toys. They are my last resort. If these things can’t beat some life into my cunt, then nothing can and I might as well cancel tonight.

I don’t bother with lube because, surprisingly, I’m still quite wet. I just wish that wet equated with horny, but so far it feels like my body is just going through the paces. A minute later I have one dildo pumping in and out of my cunt and a bullet vibrator pressed against my clit. It’s not unpleasant, but I’m missing the fireworks. 

I’m about to give up when my phone rings. A glance at the display tells me it’s Anna. I use one hand to answer the call and put her on speaker.

“Babe, what’s that sound?” she asks as soon as we’ve said hello.

“I’m wanking,” I grunt. “Or, at least, I’m trying to.”

“Did she say wanking?” Tom’s voice comes over the speaker and just like that, my body responds. My clit comes roaring to life and I gasp at the force of pleasure that radiates from the apex of my thighs.

“You’re on speaker,” Anna says unnecessarily. “Why are you wanking? The party starts soon.”
How can I tell her about my disappearing libido? Especially since it’s back in full force now. Hearing their voices made me hornier than anything else I’ve tried these past months and it hits me: I’ve missed them so much.

Tears stream down my face as my cunt convulses around the massive dildo in my cunt. I can’t help but moan as I finally orgasm.

Anna and Tom laugh, not in mockery, but with awe in their voices. “Sounds like she’s ready to party,” Tom says. 

I’m glad they can’t see me crying, they’d be horrified and embarrassed. But Tom is right: I am so ready for this party.

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Isabelle Lauren

Isabelle Lauren is an incurable romantic with a filthy mind. She writes short and long form erotica and is an active sex blogger. It is her dream to become a full time writer and arouse people with her words, but until writing becomes more profitable, Isabelle toils away at her full time day job, writing in the evenings and weekends. When Isabelle isn’t writing or working, she loves reading, crocheting or spending time with her family and pug.

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