The Kept Pet – Part 2

I get cleaned up in the bathroom, showering with the fine, lavender soap he gifts me whenever I run out. French lavender wafts in the air as I work up a luxurious lather, basking in its gorgeous scent as I slide the soap over every inch of my body.

Wrapped in a big, fluffy towel, I head to the bedroom. On the bed, as promised, lies my gift: a beautiful strip of diamonds. A necklace or a collar, I can wear it as both. Delicately, I pick it up between my fingers. The jewels glitter in the light from the chandelier above. In keeping with his command, I fiddle carefully with the clasp, to find that it’s in fact, very strong magnets. I pull them apart and put on the choker, the magnets flying from my fingers to clip together. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

Naked, kneeling on silk sheets in a room finer than anything I could imagine. My hair, released from the bun I tied it in for the shower, curls in tendrils over my flushed cheeks. The diamonds are the finishing touch for the sight he’ll see when his business is done for the night. Until then, I wait.

He didn’t specify how he wanted me on the bed, so I slide under the sheets and pick up my book from the bedside table. Jane Eyre, a first edition. As I’m getting lost in the building chemistry of Jane and her enigmatic Mr. Rochester, I hear his footsteps grow louder until he gets to the door. Abandoning Jane and her Master for another time, I place the book to the side, sitting up so he can see his gift sitting proudly around my neck.

The handle goes and he steps inside, his shirt now buttoned up and trousers fastened. His eyes lock with mine and darken, wandering over my jewels, down to my breasts. He bites his lip.

‘Damn, you look so sexy…’

A bright smile spreads across my cheeks, my stomach fluttering. I love the way he looks at me. I giggle.

‘Thank you,’ I say.

He tosses his jacket to the side, he doesn’t care where, gesturing with his hand.

‘Get over here, you…’

Without a second thought, I pull off the sheets, hopping off the bed to him. Standing proud, I’m so close I can feel the warmth radiating from his chest. He slides his hands over my hips, gently pulling my naked body against his clothed one, up my waist to my breasts. Massaging them in his hands, he bends down, taking one my nipples into his mouth. A soft moan vibrates against my lips, my arms winding around his broad shoulders. I arch into his body as he circles his tongue, lightly biting on my nipple. Kissing up my chest, up my neck, finally up to my lips, he strokes his fingers over my choker.

‘It looks so beautiful on you, kitten.’ He pulls me smack against him, his lips brushing against mine. I gasp. ‘Do you like it?’

My hands slide up his chest. I nod.

‘I love it,’ I smile, kissing him hard on the lips. His tongue slips through my lips, exploring my mouth with a tender curiosity. His hand roams down to my ass, squeezing the soft flesh. The other winds up into my hair. He pants as we break away from our kiss, placing featherlight kisses along my jaw.

‘I said we’d pick up where we left off, didn’t I, kitten?’ he murmurs.

My cheek grazes against his, covered by his mask.

‘Yes Sir, you did.’

‘Do you still want to? I know I was gone for quite a while. It’s ok if you’ve changed your mind. We can cuddle, watch a film, whatever my kitten wants.’

I smile, taking a piece of his shirt in my teeth and pulling it from its button, my hand sliding down to his hard cock straining against his trousers. He looks surprised by my braveness, and his eyes playfully darken all the more.

‘I’m very happy to pick up where we left off…’ I say.

He sucks in a sharp breath, unbuckling his belt and freeing it with one sharp tug.

‘Well then…’ He guides me to kneeling as he frees his cock from his pants. ‘Be a good kitten and wrap those pretty lips around my cock?’

He knows how much I love sucking him off. I love to do when he’s sitting in his chair in the living room. Scotch in hand, relaxing back after a long day with his cock in my mouth. I run the flat of my tongue along his tip, keeping my eyes on his as he guides his cock slowly into my mouth. A breathless sigh leaves his mouth, his head leaning back. A contented moan vibrates against him and I start to suck, gradually taking him all the way into my mouth, back to the tip and back again.

‘Aaahhhh yeah… Good girl…Suck that cock…’

I suck at the tip, building the pressure in mouth, before releasing him with a popping sound and starting again. I let him guide me with his fist in my hair, taking it at his pace. He loves it when we go slowly. There’s more time and intimacy in it. He will go harder if we’re in the mood for it, but we like to take our time. I make sure not to neglect his balls, stroking his cock as I run them along my tongue, taking one at a time into my mouth and gently rolling them around, sucking them. He really likes that. He shakes and gasps, praising me the entire time. How he likes it. What a good job I’m doing. What a good girl I am for him. After a short while, he guides me off him.

‘That’s enough, kitten,’ he chuckles. ‘I want to last. Come on, let’s get in bed.’

Before I know what he’s doing, he sweeps me up in his arms, carrying me and laying me on top of the sheets. He hops out of his trousers before joining me, hovering atop of me. I unbutton his shirt as we kiss, sliding it off his strong shoulders as he discards it on the carpeted floor. I love feeling his skin on mine. I’m the only person who can see him like this, who can be with him like this. We’re completely stripped of everything the outside world makes us put our armour on, be physically or emotionally. Here, we’re completely vulnerable to each other. I see him. Though he keeps his face covered, I see him completely.

He rocks his cock against my slickened pussy, teasing the clit as he watches me try to rock my hips up. I want him inside me so badly. As we do, he strokes over the jewels adorning my throat.

‘You’re mine…’ he breathes, kissing me softly. ‘I want you to be mine…’

I stroke my fingers through his hair.

‘I’m already yours, silly!’ I laugh.

I mean it,’ he says, looking down nervously. He takes a deep breath. ‘I was going to give this to you earlier but I wanted to surprise you tonight, when we could be properly alone. You give me so much light in my life and, and without you I – I’ll just come out and say it: My life is miserable without you. I know I said I’d protect you, but knowing each other more these last few months I – I…if you’ll have me…I want you to be mine. I want to be yours.’

My smile fades. He’s being serious. I know exactly what he means. His. Mine. Each other’s. Forever.

I stare up at him, speechless. A sheepish smile is on his face in an attempt to conceal his nerves.

‘Jesus, Kitten, say something! I can only – Mmm! Mmmmm…’

I cut him off with the deepest kiss I’ve ever given anyone. It wasn’t something that even bore thinking about. Of course I would be his. I couldn’t imagine my life without him either. Our life together and our arrangement is…unorthodox, yes. But it works for us. He cares for me, loves me, and I him.

I break the kiss and stare up at him. His eyes are rimmed with wetness. I smile so brightly I feel my cheeks my burst.

‘Yes…’ I whisper. ‘Yes… Yes!’

His face breaks out into a relieved, ecstatic smile and he takes me in his arms, embracing each other tight, his masked face buried in my neck. I’m filled with nothing but ecstasy. With him, for the first time in my life, I’ve felt home. He is my home. He kisses me all over, over my face back to my lips. The back of his fingers stroke over my cheek, looking into each other’s eyes, his cock raging hard resting against my entrance.

‘I love you…’ he murmurs.

My hand trails up his strong bicep.

‘I love you too…’

Pulling him down into a kiss, slowly, he fills me. Gasping against his lips, he watches my pleasure, our eyes not leaving the other’s as we reverently worship one another. His lips hardly leaving mine, our arms entwined around the other, my legs wrapping around him. My heels press against his ass, guiding him deeper inside me. Revelling in each other’s moans, his promises enough to bring happy tears to my eyes. I am his and he is mine. He is mine and I am his. I clutch at his broad, strong back, sweet honey pleasure building between my legs, his hot breath tingling against my skin as he worships my breasts, massaging and squeezing them in his hands, kissing, licking, sucking them.

My nails lightly dig into his skin down his back. His arm around my waist tightens, rocking harder. I arch into him and he runs his tongue between my breasts, cradling the back of my head in his hand as he pulls me up to kiss him. I brace my hands on the bed, grinding on his cock as he kneels, holding my hips. The sounds we make our otherworldly. Taking my hips, he thrusts into me, fast, but gentle. My breasts bounce soft at our pace, each movement we make in the moment, going with the flow. I balance on one arm, sliding my fingers down to my clit, circling the sensitive nub.

‘Yeah…?’ he whispers. ‘Does that feel good…?’

I nod, pleasure etched over my face. It feels so good I can’t say anything. Like earlier I catch a glimpse of us in the mirror. Fuck, that’s hot. We look incredible. But I look away. I want to focus solely on him, on us. Focus on how good it feels. I watch his taut muscles defined under the chandelier light, tensed as they work, pulling my body on to his cock, the pleasure making him go faster. I surrender to him fully, squeezing around him as my cunt spasms, rocking hard against him, hot air panting from my lungs.

‘Fuck, that’s it, baby… Come for me…Fuck, you look so hot…’

‘Yeah…Yeah…Faster… Faster, please!’

He happily obliges, slamming into me, watching open mouthed at my cries for more as he gets close. Sweat gathers shiny on his chest and his breath quickens.

‘Oh fuck…Oh God baby I’m going to come… I – I – Aaaaarrgghhh!’

His climax overcomes in a series of grating, primal grunts, completely lost in the pleasure we’ve created together. Each pump I feel him coming inside me, not stopping until every last drop is given to me. As our breath steadies, he takes me into his arms, throwing the sheets over us, kissing me with tired, post-orgasmic fervour. Lazily, my arms wrap around him, his release seeping out of me to my inner thighs. He kisses my forehead.

‘Fuck…That was amazing…’

He tucks my head under his chin, my hand resting on his chest. We spend many minutes in silence, just basking in what we’ve done, relaxing against each other until we come back down to reality.

‘Are you happy, kitten?’

I prop myself up on my elbow.

‘Very…’ I smile.

He sits up with me.

‘You know…’ He falters, trying to find the right words. ‘I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but didn’t really know how to broach it. I – My business means I have to be anonymous. I can’t show who I am. But with you…’

He strokes the tips of his fingers down my chest.

‘With you…I want you to have all of me. I don’t want to hide with you.’

Looping his arm around my waist, he takes my hand, placing it on his mask.

‘I want you to see my face.’

My eyes widen.

Really? I – I mean, I know how big a deal it is for you. You know I don’t care what you look like, Sir…’ He puts a finger to my lips.

‘I know. But if we’re making this commitment together, I don’t want to keep a part of me from you. I see all of you, so it’s only fair that you see all of me. I trust you more than anyone. I know I can trust you with this.’

Touching my forehead to his, we kiss. Softly, vulnerably, nothing held back. It’s just us. No one else.

‘Ok,’ I whisper.

With a sweet, boyish grin, he takes my hand in his, guiding it up to his mask. Tucking my thumb under the soft silicone, I feel stubble underneath my fingertips. Soft skin, fine lines around the eyes as the mask slowly comes off…

Thank you for taking the time to read this piece. Please donate to Gendered Intelligence and Trans Lifeline to help support trans people and their families. As always, it’s a privilege to be involved in writing for Smutathon!

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