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Back in September, I had one of those weeks where I couldn’t get a specific type of sex out of my mind. It happens from time-to-time, and it can be pretty much anything – threesomes, doggy, sex with an audience, whatever – but on this particular occasion it was oral. Specifically, oral on me.

For the most part, those thoughts featured what you might describe as pretty standard wanking material. Excellent blow jobs people have given me. Blow jobs (all equally excellent) that I imagine current crushes might give me. Riffs on broader boilerplate scenarios that I know will turn me on (or get me off): inappropriate places, inappropriate people, threesomes, audiences, expert direction/instruction, and various combinations thereof – all with blow jobs given centre stage.

However, scattered among the many horny vignettes that flickered through my brain as I tried and largely failed to focus on work were a handful of more practical thoughts and questions. One of which I decided to ask Twitter:

Because I’m followed by a lot of awesome people, I got plenty of interesting (and hot!) responses, some of which I engaged with on my TL. What I totally failed to do though (not for the first time) was answer my own question. And this time I was pulled up on it.

“You always do this. You ask interesting questions, get all kinds of great answers, but never tell us what you think. It’s very annoying!”

None of which I could really argue with. So here’s a blog post on how (and in some cases where) I like to get my cock sucked, and how I prefer to give head. Hope you’re all happy now!


  • With my back against the wall of a pub/restaurant/department store(/etc) toilet. Specific type of venue is less important than the fact that it’s public, and ideally a bit grimy, noisy, or in some other way very much Not Somewhere We Should Be Doing This. Out of necessity, you’re on your knees, and have made it clear that this is going to be quick and messy. Not a pretty blow job, more a desperate, horny face-fuck, as you pull my hand round till my fingers are laced in your hair. Your eye make-up is all over both of us, any lipstick you were wearing is smeared across my face and cock, and as I thrust slowly against the back of your throat, I can tell that your eyes are starting to water. I’m probably going to come in your mouth like this, but there’s also a part of me that wants to pull out and absolutely coat your face or tits, so that even after you’ve wiped it off (or rubbed it in), you can still smell my cum all over you when we go back out into the world.
  • On my back, propped up a bit with pillows under my head and shoulders so I can look down and watch you. This is obviously just about the most common blow job position, but I still fucking love it, especially if you head down there after you’ve just come on my cock, so you’re all flushed and shiny when you first take it in your mouth. I love the voyeuristic element of it, and the way it allows either of us to be in charge. If I’m with someone more dominant, there are few things hotter than being teased orally in this position, either with my hands tied or just under strict instructions not to move. It’s comfortable enough for the person giving head that they can really take their time: edging, stroking, gently sucking, and maybe playing with my arse at the same time. A firm, firm favourite.
  • Standing, with your head hanging off the bed so I can fuck your mouth. It’s weird, but of the three basic positions – standing, sitting, lying down – standing is my least favourite, unless there’s some other dynamic going on (see: pub toilet, etc). A basic “I’m on my feet, you’re on your knees” doesn’t do it so much for me, but add in a risky location, or a third person watching, or your arms cuffed behind your back, etc, and I’m suddenly much more interested. This configuration falls into that category. With your mouth and throat wide open and your body stretched out like that, not only can I give you as much or as little cock as I like – with all the hot trust vibes inherent in that – I can also let my hands wander wherever they like, whether that means playing with your tits, cupping your face, or reaching down to rub your clit and finger you.
  • In front of a mirror. Because mirrors are awesome, and I like to watch us in them.


  • I’m very aware this doesn’t work for everyone, but I fucking love giving head from behind. Again, this is one I particularly enjoy mid-fuck, when you’re really wet already, and super-sensitive from all the friction of my cock inside you, or my fingers on your clit. Combine that with the vulnerability of you spread out on all fours like that, legs wide apart, and it feels like a really horny position in which to eat you out. Not least because you can’t really see me, so just have to react to the sensation of my tongue running along your cunt, or pressing into your clit, never sure whether you’re going to feel my fingers next, or my cock if I get back on my knees and fuck you like that instead.
  • Facesitting! I’ve written about this before – on my blog and in Metro – and I remain a devoted enthusiast. It’s hot because of the physical elements, from the weight and pressure of a cunt on my face to the way all that wetness ends up coating it, but also because it does lots of good things psychologically. It’s overwhelming, especially if I’m having to use my arms to hold you up at the same time, and there’s a part of me that always has to slightly fight the fear of not being able to breathe properly. I don’t get off on fear, but in having to assert control over my emotions, I tend to find this focused, hyper-aware state of mind, which enables me to really enjoy what I’m doing.
  • With my face properly BURIED in your cunt. Two good variations on this: in bed, with your legs slung over my shoulders, so my whole head is between them; or on a chair at your desk, or the dining table (and once, memorably, in an Oxford college library), while I’m kneeling. I enjoy being able to look up at your face periodically like this, and to have the whole of your arse and thighs right there for my hands to squeeze and grip. Best of all though, I get to taste and smell ALL of you, which is generally a Very. Good. Thing. It also gives me very easy access if I want to combine mouth and fingers; sometimes it’s better to stick to one or the other, but there are people who really get off on both at the same time, and I am always here for that.
  • In front of a mirror. See above!

So there you go. I will end by saying that I’ll seldom turn down oral sex – giving or receiving – in any position, but these are my favourites.

Today at least…

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