2021 A bang in a bothy

Another story inspired by an event in my (in this case very recent) past, where the beginning actually happened and you have to guess where fantasy takes over. Like? Fondle that donate button at the end of the story.

The group stumbled into the bothy soaking wet, exhausted, and somewhat traumatised at having been in such a violent storm. As an experienced hiker Stacey immediately began stripping out of her wet clothes. She needed to get completely dry before dressing again in clothes that had been kept out of the rain.

It was only when she was entirely naked that she noticed Rob, Jude, and Gordie taking furtive glances at her. They stood in their boxer shorts and base layer t-shirts, not entirely sure where to look. Bothies are very basic huts, with just a sleeping platform and a fireplace. Stacey noticed the latter and suddenly felt desperate to be warm again.

‘Get that thing lit and you can have me,’ she said, before she turned and gave them a full look at their potential reward. She then wiggled into her warm sleeping bag beneath a low sleeping platform. What did I just say? she thought when her brain began to unfreeze and realise quite how bold she’d been. However, the sight of the men working quickly to light the fire was arousing. They desperately wanted her.

Within a minute the fire was lit, within five it had begun warming the small room. Stacey stood then let her sleeping bag fall to the floor. Not entirely sure how to get things started, she chose to drop to her knees and look up at her colleagues expectantly. When they pulled their cocks out she was flattered to see that her nudity had made them all semi-erect. She used her mouth and hands to suck and tug them to their full potential.

‘Let’s have a taste of you,’ Jude eventually said.

The men lifted her onto the sleeping platform, which was the perfect height for them to comfortably feast on her cunt. While one licked at her, the other two joined her on the platform to be gulped down her throat, or masturbated in her warm hands. At one point Stacey had to look to see who was currently between her legs. Rob. God he was good with his tongue. And the way in which he delicately circled her asshole with his thumb…mmmf.

Stacey gleefully absorbed all of this attention. She gave her body to the men’s lust, gratefully accepting cocks and fingers and tongues in her orifices. When it came around to Rob’s turn at her cunt again she was quickly brought to orgasm, and had to momentarily pause her sucking and masturbating.

Impatient, the men took over. They took their eager cocks in their own hands. Stacey was theirs to spread and finger and pinch and caress, her saliva-shiny body arousing them to the point where she was blessed with fountains of cum.

Rob, Jude, and Gordie attentively cleaned their satisfied colleague. The temperature in the bothy was now comfortably warm, and so Stacey remained naked as she squeezed in between the men when they finally lay down to sleep. The feel of her warm body would inspire many more touches throughout the night.

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Starcross writes erotica under the pen name Franklin Mercer. He has been a sex blogger since early 2012, writing about various subjects including ethical non-monogamy, BDSM and long-term relationships. You will too often find him on Twitter.

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