2014: Bared on the beach

Too often, in real life, a story stops before we get to the really sexy part. Today I’m going to be writing some short stories based on events in my past, but imagining what they would have been like had life’s director not yelled ‘cut’. See if you can guess where real life ends and fantasy begins… Here’s story #1 (if you liked, or maybe even just tolerated this story, please donate via the link at the end!):

Irina lay on the remote Croatian beach, a towel keeping her off the sun-warmed pebbles beneath. Thom gently tapped a three-syllable message on her back, over and again. I love you. I love you. I love you. She smiled and turned, providing him with another distracting view.

It would be another three hours before the ferryman returned in his small motorboat. Earlier this afternoon he had dropped Irina, Thom, and a handful of others on this small, uninhabited island which was not a particularly well-known nudist destination. There were plenty of beaches for the arrivals to get their own space, and as soon as they’d found theirs Thom had stripped off. Some people were still in view, and so Irina reluctantly followed, before immediately laying on her front.

Eventually the sun had sensuously seeped into her skin, evaporating her inhibitions. Now with that heat on her breasts, Irina looked at her Thom in all his sunlit glory. That glory was looking a little swollen, such was her effect on him. She smiled and spread her legs, exposing that delicate pinkness to the rays.

‘We don’t want you to get burned there,’ said Thom, his hand covering her opening.

Irina responded by writhing against his hand, just the slightest touch of which inspired fervent longing for more. Thom obliged, dipping a finger to tease between her labia. She reached out to take hold of him, used his cock to pull him closer. Now, fully erect, he was ready to be insider her.

Taking her place on the towel, Thom lay flat with his sundial cock ready to be sat on. Irina didn’t hesitate, and slowly lowered herself onto him. She met his mouth with hers, their tongues dancing as they lovingly fucked. A slight breeze played on her splayed buttocks, that Aegean sun caressing her exposed hole.

Maybe it was being out in the open air, maybe it was the thought of Irina being on display for anyone to see, but Thom felt harder than ever before. So much so that before long she was groaning out an orgasm that mingled with the hush of waves against pebbles.

Thom held her where she was. Both he and Irina had noticed that another couple were watching. Irina now felt as though she were putting on a performance. She slid off of Thom’s cock and, pointing her ass high into the air and towards the voyeurs, she took him into her mouth.

The clenching of her cunt had brought him close to orgasm. With just a few flicks of her tongue she felt him rapidly throb before her mouth filled with creamy cum. Revelling in the gaze of strangers, Irina stood and let some of that salty semen drip onto her breasts. In the distance the two strangers applauded.

When it came time to rejoin the ferryman, Irina and Thom found themselves looking into the knowing smiles of the voyeurs.

‘Will you be back tomorrow?’ asked the ferryman.
‘Yes,’ Irina replied, meeting the gaze of the appreciative strangers.

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Starcross writes erotica under the pen name Franklin Mercer. He has been a sex blogger since early 2012, writing about various subjects including ethical non-monogamy, BDSM and long-term relationships. You will too often find him on Twitter.

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