2006: A very hot tub

My final contribution to this most excellent of Smutathons, and another where the beginning matches an event in my life, before fantasy takes over. One last thing: media attacks on the Trans community seem to be growing ever more, to the point where the BBC now shamelessly joins in. Being a good ally doesn’t mean standing silently by, it can mean supporting charities such as Gendered Intelligence and Trans Lifeline – there’s a handy link for you to donate at the end of this story. Enjoy x

CW: alcohol consumption 

From London the port was a three hour coach journey away. This provided ample time for the colleagues to chat, get to know each other better, and to even start flirting. A new cruise ship was being launched and they were on their way to check it out.

Cass was already imagining what Yan looked like naked. Mark was already imagining what Cass looked like naked. The ship was immense, looming over Southampton docks and swallowing up thousands of passengers who were excited about its maiden voyage. Cass and the other travel agents already knew the deck plans, and so headed for the swankiest bar at the top of the ship.

This being an auspicious event, everyone was dressed impeccably. Yan was wearing a suit he’d had tailored in Thailand. The fine threads clung to his frame in a way that made Cass throb. A couple of cocktails in and she could not keep her hands off him.

‘There’s some hot tubs somewhere on this deck,’ Mark said, also somewhat tipsy.’

We didn’t bring swimming things,’ Yan replied.

‘Well, I am wearing underwear.’

Mark and Yan both looked at Cass when she said this. They couldn’t help notice how tight her dress was. If, as she said, she was wearing underwear it must have been very subtle. Instead of waiting for an answer, Cass placed her empty glass on the bar then headed for the door. Mark and Yan followed closely behind, gawping at her wiggling rear.

It was after midnight and most of the passengers were either committed to a late night in the few bars that remained open, or tucked up in bed. No one else was anywhere near the hot tubs on deck 15. Cass didn’t hesitate. She unzipped herself out of the dress and let it fall to the deck.

Her underwear was indeed skimpy. She wore a bra of such thin material that her nipples were visible beneath the black lace. The g-string was made of the same material and the men were able to glimpse the best trim of her pubic hair. Cass turned and gave them a flash of her smooth butt before sinking into the bubbling water.

Mark and Yan were wearing boxer shorts under their suits, and so felt far less on display than Cass. The hot water made them feel as though they were floating high above the ship. It wasn’t a particularly large tub, and they each kept accidentally touching one another, heightening the tension.

‘How are we gonna get back to our cabins with wet underwear?’ Yan – ever practical – said.

‘I’m not walking back in just my undies,’ Mark replied.

Cass simply responded by unhooking her bra, slipping off her g-string, and flinging both on the deck beside the tub.

‘Hopefully they’ll dry by the time we’re done,’ she explained.

‘It’s alright for you, your underwear is tiny and will dry out fast,’ Mark said.

‘So tiny. You look amazing in it,’ Yan added, finally catching up with the flirting.

‘And how do I look out of it?’ Cass asked.

She stood. The water only came up to her thighs and so she was now almost entirely on display. Droplets streaked against her smooth skin, the cool air hardened her nipples. Both men answered her question by reaching out and showing their appreciation with their hands.

Before long their mouths were upon her too. They took turns with her nipples, buttocks, and cunt. 

‘Show me your cocks,’ Cass demanded.

Mark and Yan got to their feet and Cass smiled when she saw how erect they both were. Two lovely, thick cocks for her to run her hands over. When she bent to take one in her mouth, the other man sat behind her and tongued and fingered her. Mark perched on the edge of the tub and Cass took this opportunity to suck his balls and rim his pink hole. 

Both men were getting close to orgasm, but both also wanted to see Cass cum first. They stood and, with their cocks pressed against her thighs, deftly eased a finger in her cunt and asshole while their spare hands took a nipple each. Cass gave herself to their touch.

She knew that this was a one-night-only thing, that as soon as they were back in the office they’d pretend it never happened. This thought further liberated her and she kissed Yan, then Mark deeply as they pleasured her.

‘Cum for us Cass,’ Yan said.

‘You’re so wonderfully wet, you feel fucking amazing,’ Mark added.

Their words were a direct line to her cunt, which twitched and clenched against whoever’s fingers were currently inside her. She grabbed Yan and Mark’s arms and dug her fingers in. A liquid gush squirted from her and christened the deck beyond the tub, her cries of ecstasy lost in the inky night above.

‘Fuuuuck,’ she finally said with a giggle, once her breathing returned to normal.

Cass sank back into the water’s warm embrace. Hand and Mark sat either side of her. She reached beneath the surface. There were still two expectant cocks she must attend to.

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