Trans Joy: Pink moustache

Ahead of Smutathon 2021, we’re publishing a series of Trans Joy posts. We want to flip the script on trans people being asked to perform their pain over and over again to prove that they deserve human rights. Instead, we want to celebrate trans joy and gender euphoria. We’ve teamed up with Quenby Creatives, whose Trans Joy series highlights the positive side of trans experiences to bring some balance to trans discourses.

Today’s Trans Joy post comes from the awesome Jade. Jade is a trans nonbinary illustrator who creates affirming things for other queer and trans/GNC folk. They sometimes write for people who ask very nicely. Check out their Etsy store for some awesome (and incredibly queer) art, earrings, and stickers.

Pink moustache

Walking into the college grounds during peak foot-traffic wearing a neon pink moustache and my (non-detachable) G cup titties, was perhaps a little difficult for the people of Suffolk to cope with at nine am. But that only made it a more delicious ‘Fuck you’ feeling, as I blew through the crowd like hurricane trans, fizzing electric.

The familiar fear will always be there, because the risk will always be there. But on this day, as I took that risk, I claimed the moment for my own. I wore my joy as a staple piece in the place most likely to judge me for it at the time. That moment was an explosive victory and I looked so damn good doing it. It’s not even that I’d love a beard for every single day, not that I wish I could always present differently to how I do now.  No, my favourite part of this day was the ability to make my own choices, to listen to my soul begging to be nurtured and paint my face with affirmation. To refuse to take off my nonbinary finery and to adorn myself instead with ever-new visions of what my gender could look like.

Three young boys stare me down as I’m walking the path to leave the building at the end of the day, a feeble attempt at chicken. I am unstoppable. They leap aside and like a gracious deity I remove a headphone, raise a perfectly pointed eyebrow.


‘Uh.. Nice Moustache,’

Yes it fucking was, a very nice moustache.

And it was Mine.

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Quenby Creatives is an award winning erotica writer and embodiment of queer chaos. Their work explores themes of fatness, trans sex, and tender affection expressed through heavy kink. They have been running Trans Joy since 2019 to celebrate the positive side of trans experiences and bring some balance to trans discourses.

You can purchase a copy of the first Trans Joy zine here.

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