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In the run up to Smutathon 2020, we published Endo Stories – a series of powerful posts where guest writers shared their experiences of living with endometriosis. This year we’re fundraising for two awesome charities who support trans folks, so we wanted to pass the mic to trans people to share their experiences.

However, we want to flip the script on trans people being asked to perform their pain over and over again to prove that they deserve human rights. With all the adversity the trans community faces, it’s understandable that a lot of the stories we hear focus on trans struggles and suffering.

It’s vital that those stories are told, but we also need to remember that, even in a deeply transphobic world, being trans can be wonderful. It’s important that trans people also get to share stories about their joy, or we end up with a narrative that tells trans people that they can’t thrive or find happiness.

Ahead of Smutathon 2021, we want to celebrate trans joy and gender euphoria. We’ve teamed up with Quenby Creatives, whose Trans Joy series highlights the positive side of trans experiences to bring some balance to trans discourses.

Get involved

We’re looking for trans and non-binary writers to get involved and share their stories of trans joy over the next couple of months before Smutathon 2021 on November 6th. As well as raising money for charities that support and are led by trans and non-binary people, we want to challenge the narratives that exist around being trans.

The posts don’t have to be very long, just a couple of hundred words exploring an aspect of your trans identity that brings you joy, or the ways you’ve found to explore your gender or love your transness. For an example of the kind of thing we’re looking for, check out Smutathon committee member Quinn Rhodes’ post about gender euphoria that kickstarted our Trans Joy series.

If you’d like to get involved and write a Trans Joy post for us, please get in touch. You can email us at or slide into our DMs on Twitter at @SmutForACause. We’re so excited to share your stories of trans joy and gender euphoria!

Donate to Gendered Intelligence

Donate to Trans Lifeline

At time of publishing, we’ve raised:


Quenby Creatives is an award winning erotica writer and embodiment of queer chaos. Their work explores themes of fatness, trans sex, and tender affection expressed through heavy kink. They have been running Trans Joy since 2019 to celebrate the positive side of trans experiences and bring some balance to trans discourses.

You can purchase a copy of the first Trans Joy zine here.

Trans Joy: Peace and Quiet
Trans Joy: Shoulders and standing tall

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