February Photo Fest: Red

The Smutathon team have been sharing some absolutely incredible photos so far this month and I strongly recommend that you scroll back to check them out – particularly in the last week!

Today, it is The Other Livvy’s turn again and she has been inspired by the red tones of the last two photos and the wonderful spring light now shining on South London…

The Other Livvy, wearing her red bra

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The Other Livvy

The Other Livvy is a blogger, photographer and medical professional. Once described as ‘way better than hospital porn,’ her writing chronicles her ongoing sexual exploration and curiosity about love, kink and everything in-between.

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2 Responses

  1. David Mei says:

    Lovely play of light and color.

  2. Quinn Rhodes says:

    This is so gorgeous. Seriously, how to you manage to make a fairly simple lingerie shot so glamorous and sexy? I love it.

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