February Photo Fest: Whip It

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Sarah saw Jayne’s stunning Silhouette Challenge image yesterday and shamelessly decided to steal her idea. When you give a femme a catsuit, the whip is sure to follow…

Check out Sarah’s other Smutathon writing and February Photo Fest images here, and click the button below to see the other participants in this incredible meme!

February Photo Fest badge

Sarah Brynn Holliday (they/them) is a sexuality writer, speaker, and sex toy company consultant based in Salem, Massachusetts. Sarah is the Spooky-Femme-in-Chief at Formidable Femme where they primarily write about healing, pleasure, and sex after trauma and pushing for ethical, equitable business practice within the sex toy industry. In 2019, Sarah was featured on MTV News and has spoken at numerous colleges across the U.S., including Cornell University. They're thrilled to be part of Smutathon again this year!

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