February Photo Fest: Personal Silhouette Challenge

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When Jayne asked a partner for inspiration for her next photo session, they suggested drawing from the recent Silhouette Challenge on Tiktok…

Much to the dismay of her subjects everywhere, Jayne did not post the video for public consumption. But she at least has graced us with a few snaps from the shoot.

Check out Jayne’s other writing for Smutathon here! And click the button below to see the other participants in this incredible meme…

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Jayne Renault is a self-proclaimed reckless lover, boisterous laugher, and long-winded sex-positive writer. She likes to play around with bisexual babes, beautiful strangers, smug masturbation sessions, and the sometimes darker undertones of the human experience. A good metaphor will turn her on more than a pretty face ever could, and she is the resident Smut Queen and erotica editor at Bellesa.

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