February Photo Fest: New Mood? New Underwear!

Let’s face it, lockdown #3 has been a real grind. Shorter days, shitty weather, just the sheet monotony and relentlessness of it all. Add in the fact that we’ve been doing this for 11 months now, with no imminent end in sight, and it’s maybe no surprise that the gloom can take over every once in a while.

This was definitely a gloomy day for me, so I stomped around the house like a bear with a sore head and spent several hours feeling extremely sorry for myself. Some time around 4 though, a package arrived with my name on it. Inside I found three pairs of underwear that I’d ordered a few weeks ago and largely forgotten about. Each pair is bold/bright, tight, and designed to make you think of sunny balconies and hot afternoons lounging around with your lover(s). As a set, they feel completely out of place in Lockdown London, especially in February: which is exactly why they immediately brought a smile to my face. A smile that lasted the rest of the day.

Perhaps they’ll make you smile too.

February Photo Fest badge

February Photo Fest: Fishnet Friday
February Photo Fest: Late night legs

Exhibit A

Exhibit A is a sex writer, blogger and author, based in London. He has a particular interest in erotic photography and male sexuality, and enjoys subverting mainstream expectations of both.

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  1. Quinn Rhodes says:

    These are very, very sexy and they definitely made me smile. I have some new underwear due to arrive tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s as bold, tight, or will give other people the ‘please put it near my face’ feelings that these gave me…

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