February Photo Fest: Good Morning

Who doesn’t like a side of fishnets and tattoos with their morning coffee?

Smutathon committee member Sarah Brynn Holliday joins in on February Photo Fest for the first time ever from the United States where, when they took this picture, it was definitely morning!

Dutiful queer smut peddler that they are, Sarah would be remiss if they didn’t mention we have a Valentine’s Day Smutathon Slam coming up tomorrow, February 12 at 10 PM GMT / 5 PM EST. Whether you’d like to read your own erotica or just listen to our readers spin delicious smutty tales, you can sign up here!

Check out Sarah’s other Smutathon writing here and click the button below to see the other participants in this incredible meme!

February Photo Fest badge

February Photo Fest: Pull
February Photo Fest: Contrast

Sarah Brynn Holliday

Sarah Brynn Holliday (they/them) is a sexuality writer, speaker, and sex toy company consultant based in Salem, Massachusetts. Sarah is the Spooky-Femme-in-Chief at Formidable Femme where they primarily write about healing, pleasure, and sex after trauma and pushing for ethical, equitable business practice within the sex toy industry. In 2019, Sarah was featured on MTV News and has spoken at numerous colleges across the U.S., including Cornell University. They're thrilled to be part of Smutathon again this year!

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  1. Quinn Rhodes says:

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I know you were worried about this not being “sexy enough” but there’s a seriously hot erotic charge to this photo. Congrats on being brave enough to share your first ever Feb Photo Fest image!

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