February Photo Fest: Snowbathing!

As a pale-skinned, ginger-haired, freckle-covered Anglo-Saxon, Exhibit A has to be very careful when sunbathing in summer. Snowbathing in the middle of February, however, under leaden skies, his skin kissed only by the swirling flakes? Much more straightforward…

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Exhibit A

Exhibit A is a sex writer, blogger and author, based in London. He has a particular interest in erotic photography and male sexuality, and enjoys subverting mainstream expectations of both.

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3 Responses

  1. I appreciate the fact you didn’t wanna sit down – it flexes those thighs to perfection! Fab shot! And I love the bonus shot on Twitter too!

  2. Quinn Rhodes says:

    This photo is just *delicious*. Like LSB I really appreciate the tensed muscles in your thighs and I’m also super into the naked-apart-from-wellies look. Something about this shot also feels very real/raw/vulnerable in a way that I love.

  1. February 20, 2021

    […] Exhibit A was snowbathing the other day, Quinn was being showered in flurries of flakes on a hike through some glorious […]

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