February Photo Fest: Group chat

February Photo Fest is a meme run by the fabulous Molly Moore that invites blogger and erotic photographers to post one photo every day of February. It is so much fun and means that filthy Twitter feeds in February are filled with more stunning and sexy images that usual!

Many members of the Smutathon committee have individually taken part in this event before but, life stresses, other commitments and the general COVID pandemic/lockdown fatigue has meant that none of us felt able to commit to the whole month ourselves. But together? Now, that sounded both fun and achievable!

So this is the first post of a month of delicious photos that we want to share with you – a screenshot from a Smutathon committee meeting, an excuse for a group chat with some of my favourite people. Fingers firmly crossed that travel is possible later in the year and perhaps we can share some photos from an in-person meet up again…

A screenshot from a Zoom call group chat showing the committee in various states of nudity - one cock and four sets of breasts on display!

Click the button below to see who else is taking part in this meme and check out the February Photo Fest category to see all the images from the committee this year…

February Photofest
February Photo Fest: Sunburst

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