Let’s Celebrate

It was cliché, maybe, to book a hotel room for our one-year anniversary—but N didn’t seem to mind. I collapsed onto the bed, twisting my fingers around the wrought-iron headboard, and smiled as she danced around the room in the red silk dress she’d bought for the occasion. Sing-shouting greetings at the flat-screen television and the hotel art and the very plush bathrobes hanging in the closet, it was a joy to see the hotel room through her eyes.

Undoubtedly, some of her delight stemmed from the bottle of wine we’d shared over dinner, but not all of it. This was just who N was—someone who delighted in the ordinary as much as the extraordinary. It was one of the many things I loved about her.

“Come here,” I said, patting the bed next to me.

N giggled as she fell onto the bed, feet leaving the floor at the very last minute. She scrambled up the rest of the way until we laid parallel to each other, our fingertips touching in the space between us. She laughed even as I rolled onto my side, cupping her square jaw as I softly pressed a kiss into smiling lips.

I could still feel her grin so I pushed harder, seeking the outline of teeth behind flesh. I gripped the curls at the base of her neck and pulled, earning a gasp that provided the opening I’d been waiting for. I plunged my tongue into her mouth, softness and restraint forgotten as I claimed her. She moaned, all trace of humor gone as she grabbed at my dress. I let her hold onto me for a moment before grabbing her wrists and throwing her back against the bed. The fabric of my dress bunched together halfway up my thighs as I climbed on top of her to straddle her hips.

She bucked against me, but I merely tightened my grip until she stilled. Smiling, I gently kissed her forehead. When I didn’t move quickly enough, she emitted a frustrated huff that only made me want to drag the game out longer.

“Now, now,” I chided, voice full of feigned concern, “don’t you want to open your other present, sweet girl? If you keep making such a racket, I don’t know if I’ll be able to give it to you.”

“No,” said N quickly. “I’ll be good. Promise. Can I have it? Please?”

“Hm.” I cocked my head as though I hadn’t already decided, reveling in how she chewed on her lip in an effort to keep her mouth closed and perfectly quiet for me. “I don’t know. You’ve already been so bad. What would you be willing to do?”

“Anything,” said N without a moment’s hesitation.

I bit back a low moan at her eagerness—the same willingness to please she’d shown time and time again over the year we’d spent together—and released her wrists as an unspoken test. She stared up at me, fingers clenching and unclenching with the desire to move, but she stayed put.

“Good girl,” I said, trailing a hand over the side of her dress. “Take off your clothes while I get your present, then get back into this position.”

Her stomach tensed beneath my fingers, and I looked up to find a blush spreading across her cheeks. I traced her lips with mine. “Underwear on tonight?”

“Yes, please,” said N, blush deepening as she fidgeted beneath me.

“Perfect.” I dropped a soft kiss on her cheek. “Underwear on, it is. The rest I expect to be gone by the time your present is ready.”

I slid down her body as I climbed off the bed, placing a quick bite on the inside of her thigh before my feet touched the ground. Rustling noises filled my ears as I padded across the small room to my suitcase. Unzipping it, I paused for a moment to admire the gifts I’d had custom made for our anniversary. The gifts that were the reason I’d chosen this specific hotel room. The gifts that would very soon be locked around N’s body. With a wicked grin, I grabbed the pieces of leather and spun around to find N exactly where I’d told her to be.

She looked perfect, laid out on the bed and wearing nothing but a pair of black silk underwear. Arms at her sides, nails digging ever-so-slightly into her thighs, and long legs crossed at the ankles. It made me want to pounce—especially once I realized her eyes were closed—but that was less fun than the game I had planned.

Instead, I stood at the end of the bed and waited for her to notice. A moment passed, then two, before the silence or my stillness alerted her that something had changed. N lifted her head, eyes widening at the objects I held. The dangerous thing in the base of my stomach answered.

“Do you like your presents?” I asked.

“Yes,” breathed N, a tendril of fear curling around the syllable.

“I’m glad, sweet girl,” I said, smile widening at her want and her fear. “Now let’s get you all set up.”

I locked her ankles in first, wrapping the leather cuffs around them before attaching them to the base board. Her wrists came next, soft leather wrapping them before I connected her to the wrought iron above her head. Last was the magic wand, off for now and carefully placed between her thighs. I stepped back to admire the handiwork of N’s spread-eagled form across white sheets as her shallow breathing filled the room.

N pulled at the restraints, but they were well made. Strong as she was, she wasn’t going anywhere without my help. I bit my lip, running a hand along the smooth skin of her stomach and pulling away just as I reached her underwear. She jumped, and I laughed as I straightened.

“Watch me now, sweet girl,” I said, voice husky with desire as I reached around my back to slowly unzip my dress. She watched eagerly as I pushed the dress off my shoulders, down my waist and my legs, until I could lightly step to the side and leave it behind.

I hadn’t worn anything underneath.

Ignoring N’s pleading gaze, I ran my hands over my legs, my stomach, my tits. I pinched my nipples and gasped from the slight pain before reaching between my legs to play with my clit. I moaned at the mounting pressure and the whine rising to meet it from the bed, losing myself in the feeling of control I got from having N strapped to the bed and forced to watch while I touched myself.

With a slight hum, I opened my eyes to find N glassy eyed and staring at the hand playing with my clit. I grinned at the way her hips moved in tight circles, searching for friction it was impossible to find in her position.

“What do you think?” I asked, dipping a finger into my cunt with a soft gasp. “Should I make you watch while I get myself off?”

“No,” said N, the depth of her need limning her every movement in a way that made my blood sing. “Please don’t.”

“But I thought you liked to watch, pet?” I asked, voice teasingly sweet.

“Yes, but…I want you to touch me. Please.”

“Oh,” I said, cocking my head to the side as I wiped wet fingers against my hip. “Well when you ask so nicely, how could I possibly refuse?”

I moved the vibrator to the side as I kneeled between her spread legs, watching the gorgeous blush creeping across her stomach and chest and thighs. She loved to be stared at, and I loved to stare. Another way in which we were perfectly matched.

Laying a hand on either leg, I ghosted a breath over the front of her black panties. My own arousal responded with each sharp gasp, the quickening pulse of her breathing as I teased her through the thin slip of cloth. My hands climbed higher, kneading the insides of each thigh as I kissed her over her underwear and enjoyed the feeling of her under my lips.

N tried so hard to be still and good, but finally her hips reached toward me. They pushed into my mouth, and I let her have her fun—just for a moment—before pulling back. I loved her need, but not quite as much as she loved being denied.

“Please,” cried N, and the bareness of the want in her question ran through me like wildfire. I took a deep breath to stop myself from giving her exactly what she asked for—even if that was all I really wanted to do. I blew it out.

“No,” I said, swatting the inside of her thigh. “Now be still.”

She whined, deep in her throat, but that quickly turned into a wimper as I slid my naked body along her stomach. When my mouth found one of her nipples, whining turned to low, breathy moans. I sucked and nipped at the sensitive flesh, losing myself in the taste of her. As I swirled my tongue around peaked nipples and licked salt from skin, the hand that wasn’t busy with her other breast slid into an open and eager mouth. I groaned as lips closed around two of my fingers and she sucked sucked sucked.

Not content to tease either of us any longer, I switched on the vibrator. Wedging it between us, I sighed as it rumbled against my clit. The beauty of this arrangement, of course, was that I was the one who could stop if I needed—and N was the one at my mercy if I decided to press my hips into her further…which I might’ve done as soon as the thought occurred to me.

“Fuck,” she hissed, straining against the restraints. “Please, I can’t—”

“You can’t what, sweet thing?” I asked, near breathless myself from the tension building in my lower stomach. “Use your words.”

“I, fuck—” she said, chewing air. “It’s too much, I can’t do it.”

“Oh, do you want me to stop?” I asked, grabbing the handle of the wand to pull it away from both of us.

“No,” shouted N, hands squeezed into fists, twisting as much as they could in her restraints. “Fuck, just, fuck. Please don’t stop.”

“Mm, that’s what I thought,” I said. “Now stop distracting me. I’m trying to come.”

My mouth found her tits again, rougher this time. Each kiss followed by a bite that had N yelping between moans, both of us pushing our hips into the vibrator. My orgasm was building, and I could tell hers was too. Her breathing barely more than panting, I met her every thrust, both of us working ourselves toward release.

My free hand wrapped around her throat as I pressed hard against the vibrator and the rumbles built inside me. I pushed further and further, until finally I fell over the edge, teeth sunk into N’s flesh. She followed before I was done, a guttural moan that would’ve made been my reason for coming if I hadn’t already crossed that line.

I shut off the vibrator, throwing it over the side of the bed as I collapsed onto N. With a deep sigh, I rousted myself to quickly unshackle her wrists and ankles before dragging a pillow under my head and then under hers too. With a contented sigh, I pulled N close to me and reveled in the heat and comfort of her body.

“Not a bad anniversary, huh?” asked N, turning onto her side to curl into my side.

“Not bad at all, sweet girl,” I said, smiling as I lazily played with her curls and replayed just how very not bad it had been.

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