Ultimate Quarantine

David did his best to maintain his composure as the cool latex slid up his body, its firm yet paper-thin grasp already sending shivers down his spine despite the fact that there was still so much left yet to come.

The faceless attendant that he had been assigned to spoke not a word as they worked, dressed in the same shiny, black latex suit from head to toe that he was being fitted into, though with the notable exception of being without the numerous restraints that David had waiting for him on the table nearby once the entirety of his own suit had been slipped into place.

After some extra effort to fit his hands and wrists into the attached gloves at the end of his sleeves, not to mention around the imposing steel chastity cage that hung around his cock and balls, the dressing finally stopped at the man’s neck as his shiny attendant then drew the long and sturdy zipper up the length of his back until the black latex was pulled particularly taut around his entire body.

Not wasting a moment of time, the attendant then motioned for him to turn away as the heavy latex corset was selected from the pile of bondage gear awaiting him and with a surprising display of strength, they quickly fitted the device around his midsection and began cinching the thick laces as David felt his breathing capacity rapidly diminished with each draw that seemed to be timed perfectly with each exhalation.

Knowing that soon the difficulty that he felt with each new breath would too be out of his control, the man did his best to just relax and clear his mind as he mentally prepared for the full gravity of what had yet to come…

Feeling the final tugs of his laces as they were knotted into place and then hidden behind the zippered panel that was built into the back of the corset, he was then guided to lean up against the table where his gear had been placed as the attendant next took a pair of shiny, black patent leather ballet boots and laced them one at a time up the man’s calves until he found that both of his latex-clad feet were forced into a somewhat painful pointed shape, though he was relieved that from that point forward he wouldn’t be required to put any pressure from standing up on them.

The man sat motionless where he had been told as thick, leather cuffs were next buckled around every part of his body, from his ankles and thighs to doubling over the already tight corset around his waist, his wrists, and even his elbows, with each cuff featuring one or more shiny silver D-rings that jutted forth from their rich leather as if waiting for their one purpose in life to restrain their wearer unrelentingly in place…

Before he could continue, his attendant then produced a small tablet which was held out in front of the submissive as he briefly read the terms that had been outlined for the procedure which he was about to undergo. Though his touch was already ineffective at accepting the disclosures using the touchpad before him, the silent attendant took his simple nod as approval to accept them on his behalf and continue with the final preparations for what was about to come.

As the latex figure held the matching hood in front of him from which several much longer tubes extended forth, David took what was now the best he could muster as a deep breath and then calmly closed his eyes, thinking only of a brighter future as the attendant carefully fed the tubes into the man’s mouth and down his throat, gradually pushing past his expected gag reflex until one found its way down to his stomach and the second slid into place as his breathing tube.

Too late to voice any last minute regrets, the figure then slid the latex hood over the man’s head and laced it tightly into place, with its built-in gag and earplugs also finding their respective homes as the tension felt as if it was being laced to match the corset around his waist until it too was knotted and zippered off, and then even supplemented further with a secondary hood made of thick, black leather that also included a corresponding posture collar which held the wearer’s chin up tall as it along with all of the other bondage restraints about his body were subsequently locked into place with matching tiny, silver padlocks.

Though he was now effectively blinded to bear witness, the attendant was then joined by two others who together strapped him onto a standing cart which they used to wheel him out of the private dressing room and into the much larger hall where the chamber that had been customized to his exact specifications had been waiting for his arrival.

David felt admittedly nervous as the many hands worked to lift his body first up off of the cart and then into the impending bondage chamber, but just then through the headphones that were apparently built into one of the hoods that he was wearing, he began to hear a familiar soundtrack that helped to ease his apprehension while the attendants snapped each of the D-rings on his restraints into their corresponding hasps within the leather-padded cradle…

High heels tapping against cold marble.

Whips and floggers cracking against bare skin.

The approving purr of a headmistress looking over him from just out of sight.

And in the background, distant as it was, the soothing sound of women orgasming – one after another, in perpetuity – set the bound man’s mind at ease even as the final locks were being snapped into place and the top of the padded chamber was being closed down over top of him.

He couldn’t move a muscle, and every inch of his body was covered by tight latex reinforced by heavy leather bondage, surrounded then by even more padded leather that served to prevent the occupant from experiencing anything other than complete and total sensory deprivation while he waited helplessly for his ultimate release.

For some, it would’ve been pure torture to have their body rendered on standby through forces far beyond their control, however as the audio soundtrack slowly became his primary focus and the electrodes on his genitals, and his nipples, and inside of the plug deep up his ass began to hum softly in perfect synchronization, any thoughts outside of sublime pleasure were gently ushered away as outside of the chamber his attendants verified the stability of his feeding and breathing tubes before issuing the final confirmation into the computer and then rolling his chamber into line with the others.

He had done his duty this year. Now it was time to rest and rejuvenate so that next year he could be awakened to hopefully a simpler time without all of chaos that this time placed on their backs.

Satisfied once the final chamber had been locked into place, the latex-clad attendants then walked single file back out of the hall, the last flipping a single light switch by the door before closing it shut behind them.

On the outside of the door hung a small sign to advise the other attendants until it was time to awaken them once again…

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