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The following names are pet names used in a BDSM setting between consenting adults. Thank you and enjoy x

Master’s skilled tongue works over my ass, sending my toes curling and my hips bucking up to his lips.

I don’t know where Daddy has gone or how near or far he is. He may have taken Master’s place and be watching. Perhaps he left. I didn’t hear the door. But I’ve been so lost in the feeling of Master’s tongue and hands on me that I may not have even noticed. Taking the latex off me, Master spanks me. The sting sizzles on each cheek. He laughs at my yelping into the table.

‘I do love that ass,’ he muses. More sounds of crinkling latex and the snap of a glove. ‘Maybe I should just take you over my knee instead.’

My belly flutters and I giggle at the thought. An over the knee spanking would be heavenly right now.

‘But, not tonight. Master really wants to take that gorgeous ass of yours.’

I groan.

‘Don’t pout, Kitten.’ He takes a fistful of my hair, pulling up my head to meet his, his lips brushing against mine teasing for a kiss. ‘Ungrateful subs don’t get fucked, remember? Or would you rather I not fuck your ass?’

‘Oh no please…Please fuck my ass, I really want you to…’

His grip around my hair tightens.

‘Please what?

I try to reach for a kiss. Of course, he doesn’t relent.

‘Please Master.’

He kisses me soft, slipping his tongue inside my mouth before pulling back, leaving me wanting more.

‘Good girl.’

Resting me back down on the table, I hear the squelch of lube being squeezed from the bottle, a very generous amount. When his gloved hand touches my ass, I gasp and wriggle, but he pins me down with his arm.

‘Aww, is that cold, Kitten?’ he teases. ‘Don’t worry, I’ll warm you up…’

Massaging the tip around the entrance, he slowly eases the tip of his finger inside. My mouth opens, eyes scrunching shut under my blindfold.

‘Relax, baby…There you go, that’s it…’

He goes a little deeper. A harsh, primal groan leaves my mouth. Any thoughts I have are wiped, my mind turning completely quiet as he works and massages, stretching me out for him.

‘Oh fuck, you are tight!’ Slipping a second finger inside, he sucks in a breath through gritted teeth. I submit with a soft moan. I don’t know how long he massages inside me for. I’m lost in the sole thought of his lubed fingers that I barely even notice when Daddy comes back, stroking his fingers through my hair. All I am made up of is sound and sensation.

‘You’ve been such a good Kitten for us so far,’ Master says, releasing me and helping me up off the table. ‘Let’s get started, shall we?’

Daddy takes my hands, leading me to wherever they’re taking me as Master holds my hips in his hands, placing another firm swat on my behind.

‘Here you go babygirl,’ Daddy says, taking hold of my leg and bringing it over his hip. ‘That’s it, get on top of me.’

From the plush velvet underneath me, I realise where we are. The chaise in the corner of the room. I’ve always loved this chaise. It’s where Sir takes me for aftercare when we play in this room. My knees sink into the soft fabric, comfort welcoming me like an old friend. Master kneels behind me over Daddy’s legs, brushing my hair from my face over my shoulder.

‘What we’re going to do, Kitten,’ his voice rasps in my ear. ‘Is take you at the same time. Would you like that?’

I nod, a wide grin spreading across my face. He chuckles.

‘I thought so.’

Daddy’s hands roam over my breasts, when he takes me by the waist, pulling me closer to him.

‘If you feel it’s too much, all you have to do is say stop, ok babygirl?’ Daddy says.

Master kisses my shoulder, running his hand up and down my arm.

‘What Daddy said.’ He kisses the back of my neck. ‘I know it can be a lot, and while you are our little slut to use…’ He kisses again. ‘You’re our little slut to take care of. Ok?’

Master’s arm wraps around my waist. Instinctively, I grind my clit against Daddy’s cock.

‘I understand,’ I moan, desperately wanting them both inside me. Daddy reaches down between us, massaging more lube into my aching pussy, before running his cock between my lips like he did before.

‘In that case…’

With that, he slowly slides inside me, guiding my hips down to take all of him. As I grind on his cock, our moans filling the air, Master is massaging my ass, taking more lube and gently sliding a finger inside me, so I get used to the feeling.

‘How’s that feel, Kitten?’ Master bites my shoulder. I wince, it feels so good. ‘Is that ok?’

I nod, unable to speak. I feel so full already, but I want more. Grinding up and down on Daddy’s cock, he helps hold up my hips as Master rests the tip of his cock at my ass.

‘It’s just going to be the tip, ok?’ Master moans.

‘Ok, I – Ahhhhhh,’

Argh – Fuck!‘

As Master slides inside, the sounds we all make are something else. I’ve all but stopped moving, mouth hanging open, my mind so quiet I could hear a pin drop. Master’s arm tightening around my waist, groaning desperately in my ear about how tight I am and how’s he’s always wanted to fuck that pretty ass of mine. Daddy underneath us both, squeezing my breasts, whimpering as Master’s slow, deliberate thrusts have me squeezing tighter around his cock. He’s so close to coming but trying so hard not to just yet.

‘Relax, babygirl…’ Master croons in my ear. ‘Let us take control…’

Without a word I obey, letting them guide the pace, where I go, who I kiss. They envelope me in their big arms, each thrust slowly become more urgent, more frantic, as we lose ourselves completely to our baser instincts. Master eases inside a little more, asking me if he can, me begging him to do it. Daddy begs me to squeeze harder around him, which I do to wonderful, guttural growls.

Master takes my hands, pinning them behind my back while Daddy holds my ribs to support me.


I float from so many words.

Such a good girl for Daddy…

Fuck! Fuck Kitten, you feel so good…

You’re our good little slut, aren’t you?‘

‘Maybe I should fuck that pretty mouth of yours…’

Pants, moans, cries, they all paint the walls. They splash over my skin and run down into the floorboards beneath us. Both Master and Daddy’s hips tense, their thrusts and our collective pleasure becoming frenzied, rabid.

My thighs shake, nipples pinched, neck kissed, ears caressed with filthy words…A climax unlike anything I’ve felt before radiates through my body. I near scream, moans grate my throat, my whole body shaking so hard Master holds me tight and clamps a hand over my mouth.

‘That’s it, that’s it. Shhh-shhhhh…good fucking girl…’

‘Oh God, I’m gonna cum…’ Daddy groans.

‘Me too…’ Master grunts.

Drifting completely into the quiet space in my mind, one that only comes close is how I feel while on my knees with Sir, I surrender wholly, the sounds of grating cries and harsh grunts like scared music to my ears.

My body hurts, between my legs aching, but I’m sated, sore and happy. Especially as I’m taken in the arms of two wonderful men who shower me with affection, kisses and so many words.


This erotica is brought to you by Smutathon 2020, where sex bloggers, erotica writers, audio erotica creators etc. are spending twelve hours creating content for Endometriosis UK. At the time of writing this post, we are now at over £2000 (our target is £3000) and we want to raise even more to help those affected by this condition. Please donate here. Thank you!

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