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The following names are pet names used in a BDSM setting between consenting adults. Thank you and enjoy x

He slicks his cock through my wetness and my lips, teasing me at my entrance. I rock my hips up to meet him, but he moves away.

‘Oh!’ he laughs. ‘Someone’s eager to get going! Didn’t your Sir ever tell you greedy girls don’t get their rewards?’

I rock up again, groaning. I don’t know how much more of this teasing I can take.

‘Please Sir…’ I beg. ‘Please…

His thumb brushes over my clit. I groan again. It’s torture, much to his and his friend’s amusement.

‘Well, seeing as you already have a Sir, you can call me Daddy. Ok, babygirl?’

‘Yes,’ I say.

The agreement goes as follows. All of the men are to be addressed as ‘Sir’ unless told otherwise. I nod fervently, feeling like a damned fool because I know they can’t see my face, yet I still do it.

His friend’s finger twist my nipples. Not too hard, but enough to send a jolt of sweet pain.

‘Yes what?’ the friend says. ‘Don’t forget your manners. We don’t fuck impolite subs now, do we?’

‘No. We don’t.’

I melt. My limbs soften against the table, ready to submit and say those words.

‘Yes Daddy.’

The friend’s palms stroke over my nipples, massaging the sting away.

‘There’s a good girl. He’s Daddy. I’ll be Master. Do you understand?’

‘Yes Master.’

Daddy’s cock slips once again through my lips. A soft moan choruses in my throat that turns into a loud, low moan as his thick head stretches me, slowly sliding his cock inside me. He’s big, and it takes a little while for me to grow accustomed to him. I wriggle on his cock, squeezing around him, loving the quiet moans that come from him every time I do.

‘I’m going to go slow, ok baby? I know I’m big. Daddy doesn’t want to hurt you…’

He keeps to his promise, moving slowly in and out, checking in to sure I’m comfortable the entire time. It feels amazing, how he fills me, his slow, steady rhythm. Clinking jangles in my ears and the locks on my stocks are taken off, a crack of light seeping through.

‘Close your eyes, baby,’ Master says. ‘It’s gonna get bright.’

He wasn’t joking. Being in there a while even the dim lights are bright under my eyelids. Satin envelopes my eyes, as Master secures the sleep mask cum blind fold around my head. All the while, Daddy thrusts slow, his hushed pleasure heavenly. I let my arms down, meeting his hands that are on my hips, pulling me into him.

‘Come here…’

He takes my hands in his, pulling me up. He wraps his arms around me, one hand in between my shoulder blades, the other at the small of my back, guiding my hips with his. My legs wrap around him, my hands running up his strong arms. Our chests rise and fall against the other’s.

‘Fuck, you feel amazing,’ Daddy whispers, holding me tighter, placing a soft kiss on my shoulder. ‘Kiss me…Kiss me…’

Cupping his jaw, he pulls me into a deep, passionate kiss. I moan against his lips, his trimmed beard tickling my skin as he works kisses over my neck and collar bone. He moves faster, pumping inside me. I muffle my cries in his shoulder that smells of soap and piny aftershave.

‘Are you coming over here or just watching?’ I hear him ask, before sinking deeper inside me. We both moan.

Master laughs from the other end of the room, the familiar tinkle of an unbuckling belt coming closer.

‘I’ll see to myself for five. You two enjoy yourselves a little longer…’

A distant groan sets my nails digging into Daddy’s back. The thought of Master, another man, watching and pleasuring himself is a fantasy I’ve shared with Sir on more than one occasion. Daddy winces and laughs, pulling me into another knee trembling kiss and laying me back down again. The stocks are gone, leaving a soft pillow to rest my head on. I smile. Thank you Master.

Daddy grabs either side of my hips, pulling me harder on to his cock. I cover my mouth, practically squealing into my hands.

‘Look here! This little Kitten’s got claws!’ Daddy laughs, mounting the table, hovering above me. His lips brush over mine. ‘Do you want to do that again, baby?’

Reaching up, I slide my nails down his chest. A growl hitches in his throat and he thrusts harder. I gasp. Master moans in the background, a deep ‘Fuck,’ under his breath.

Daddy holds me close and I wrap my legs around him again. All the while his words write themselves all over my skin, basking in my muffled whimpers in his shoulder.

‘That’s it…Come on Daddy’s cock…Come for Daddy…Such a good slut for Daddy…’

It’s not long before I come again, colours bursting under my eyelids as I drift deeper into that submissive headspace I love so much. So much so I’m languid in Daddy’s arms, a warm and fuzzy pile of submissive happiness, when he gently pulls out with quick peck on my lips, and Master takes over.

He helps me sit up, guiding me to lie on my front. Kneading my ass in his hands, Master lands a quick, hard spank on both cheeks, before spreading them, placing a cold piece of latex in between. I feel his tongue run over my entrance there, and a deep, truly wicked chuckle.

‘Now…’ he says, running his tongue over again. I hum, feeling myself relax already. ‘Let’s get that ass nice and ready for Master, shall we?’


To be continued…


This erotica is brought to you by Smutathon 2020, where sex bloggers, erotica writers, audio erotica creators etc. are spending twelve hours creating content for Endometriosis UK. At the time of writing this post, we are now at £1810, and we want to raise even more to help those affected by this condition. Please donate here. Thank you!

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