Fall Fashion Lust

Fall was one of Mary’s favorite times of the year, but not for most of the reasons you might think.

Sure, the weather was cooler and the transformation the landscape saw from the leaves changing color was pretty, however what Mary truly enjoyed was the transformation that her own husband made that time of year as Mary’s wardrobe changed from shorts and beachwear to something far more alluring and sensual…

A sexy pair of knee-high leather boots here, an impossibly tight pair of leather pants there, and with every day being just the right weather for a leather jacket, Greg was in hog heaven as the leather fetishist watched his wife parade around in some of his favorite fashions that had the power to bring him to his knees … and a whole lot more.

Because by now Mary knew quite well of the passion that stirred in her husband’s loins every time he saw her wearing a tight leather skirt or an expensive pair of decadent designer boots, and through the years she had learned how to use his submissive mindset to her own advantage whether she needed a foot massage after a long day of wearing those distinctive heels that he lusted after around the office or if she wanted a shopping companion to help make her trips to the mall a bit more entertaining while she browsed the stores that would normally bore any other male being dragged along behind his wife.

Of course, the mall wouldn’t be too keen for Mary to lead Greg around on an actual leash, so that much would just have to wait until the couple was back in the privacy of their own home!

Just as her husband loved the aromatic scent of fine leather against her skin, Mary enjoyed being on the side of being worshipped in her leathers just the same. And so far more often than they would care to admit, their days both started and ended with Greg’s head trapped between Mary’s luxuriously leather-clad thighs as she took pleasure in him nibbling eagerly at her sex through the tight leather while he savored being completely surrounded by it as his dominant wife clamped down her thighs and left him struggling in a sea of leather…

On this particular leather-clad adventure, Mary and her husband found themselves walking through the park when a bench beckoned the woman to take a much needed break from the 5” stiletto-heeled boots that she’d worn to dinner that evening, not to mention a chance to let Greg in on the special surprise she had brought along to help make their night out all the more exciting!

“Those pants sure do look incredible on you…” the man fawned over his wife as he took advantage of the empty park to cop a feel of the skin tight, brown leather that perfectly encased his wife’s shapely legs.

“Yes, they do!” Mary chimed back in appreciation as she leaned in for a romantic kiss, adding, “Another fine addition to my leather collection you’ve made, my dear…” before crossing her legs and giving him that devious look that he knew meant his wife had dirty thoughts on her mind as well.

“This neighborhood seems particularly quiet this evening,” Greg noted as he stared deep into the seductive blonde’s green eyes, his hands now groping the inside of Mary’s thigh before she reached down and casually removed his hand and then pointed to the ground in front of them.

“You know the rules – you start at my feet and earn your way up…”

Captivated by her glowing smile and her equally commanding gaze, the man looked over his shoulder and around the park once more to confirm that they were truly alone as the sun was setting off in the distance and then unceremoniously slid off of the bench still looking up at his wife until his perspective had shifted to the gorgeous, matching brown suede boots that hung in the forefront now only inches away from his face.

As Greg leaned in and began to gingerly kiss the toe of his wife’s boot with his lips, what he didn’t notice was Mary’s hand slipping into her matching leather handbag that rested on the other side of the bench beside her, producing a small remote that fit neatly in the palm of her hand.

Her smile turned its approval elsewhere as pressing one of the buttons on the remote activated the discrete, wireless vibrator that she had slipped underneath her leather pants while she was getting dressed earlier that day, with its snug presence between her lips and against her clit underneath the tight pants that had until now only played a pleasant reminder of what was later to come finally taking the center stage as the buzzing between her legs made her breathing quicken while her loyal, but horny husband remained focused on the leather boots on her feet.

“Good boy – show me what you’re here for…” Mary purred softly as she shifted in her seat to ensure that the vibe was positioned squarely where she wanted it, admittedly enjoying the ambiance of her hubby kneeling quietly at her feet while her new toy served her in a more direct way that would become a quaint precursor to where Greg would no doubt end up before the end of the evening…

“Ooooh – right there…” she moaned as she inched up the sensations against her clit while Greg focused his attention on the often neglected back of her heel as she looked down at him approvingly between her spread legs.

The scene for her couldn’t have been more perfect – she had just enjoyed a decadent, romantic dinner with her love and was now surrounded by serenity in the city park that the two had all to themselves. Her husband was down on his knees for her, as any good hubby should be when trying to please his mistress, and underneath her latest favorite pair of leather pants was her new best friend which she was quickly discovering would be able to join her on all sorts of grand adventures to spice up her day without anyone around her being none the wiser.


For the most part, anyways.

As Mary gradually turned up the intensity on her new gadget, it eventually caught the attention of her husband who noticed with a glance the flashing red light of the remote in her hand and looked up to his wife for feedback, but instead was redirected to his happy place with Mary running the fingers of her free hand through his hair and then pulling him still on his knees between his legs where she proceeded to wrap her leather-clad thighs around his head while the vibrator coaxed the woman towards their very first orgasm together.

By the time it was clear what was making the strange noise buzzing from his wife’s crotch, Greg didn’t much care as his wife’s spasming body gave him a front row seat to her climax with his face pressing hard into her pussy but instead the toy doing all of the heavy lifting as he was left to merely enjoy the ride as the scent of the brown leather mixed with his wife’s juices was an intoxicating treat that he could never possibly get enough of.

“Oh wow – that was stronger than I expected it to be!” he finally heard Mary squeak out after her thighs had crushed his head for the duration of her orgasm.

Gently kissing the outside of Mary’s pants as she caught her breath and affectionately ran her fingers through her husband’s hair, her legs now resting comfortably over his shoulders with her booted heels on his back, the woman just grinned as she eventually heard him call out, “So – I hear that you found yourself a new toy?”

Glancing around to confirm that their privacy was still all their own, Mary simply smiled blissfully as she took the control in her hand and confirmed that the clitoral stimulator was off before turning up the second dial for the bullet between her lips to a low tease while her husband dutifully picked up on her clit where the vibrator had left off.

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