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The following titles are pet names are used in a BDSM setting between consenting adults. Thank you and enjoy! Violet x

I’ve agreed for Sir to share me with his fellow Dominant friends tonight.

We’re at our favourite dungeon, rented out for the night. Just me, Sir, and two other men.

Sir’s placed my head and wrists in stocks, able to rise, lower and rotate with a remote. He locks me in, standing upright, so my back doesn’t clap out before we’ve even started.

Once inside, I face an empty canopy, a wall. No mirror, no nothing, save for a satin pillow sewn into a wooden panel to keep my head comfortable, especially if I’m laid on my back. Just me, the rest of my body left for these men, my friends, to do what they want with me within our agreed limits. No marks. No bruises. Use condoms.

Once I’m secure, Sir gives me an affectionate squeeze on the ass.

‘Are you ready, Kitten?’ he asks.

‘Yes Sir.’

He hums pleased, squeezing my backside again before giving it a quick swat.

‘Mmmm. Good girl. Enjoy.’

With that, I hear his footsteps fade away. Nerves barrel in my stomach. I am alone, naked and unable to see, presented and ready at the men’s mercy.

The silence screams in my ears. I don’t know who’s coming first or what they will do. I’m nervous, excited, honestly I don’t know what to feel. All I know is that the wait is torture. Whoever is first, I need them. Now.

That’s when I hear the door open and close with a smooth click. My stomach flips, hands and feet tingle. Footsteps pad along the hardwood floor, his warmth radiating over my skin as he, whoever he is, gets closer.

He stops there, silent. My chest rises and falls, my breath quickens. When his fingers caress down my chest between my breasts, I gasp shakily under his touch. He chuckles.

‘Aww, you’re so cute.’

His finger traces down to my belly button, down further, reaching between my legs. He’s gentle with my clit, softly massaging as an arm gently snakes around my waist. My knees wobble, a soft moan buzzing across my lips.

‘Is this your first time in the Hole?’

It clearly wasn’t his first. Despite knowing he can’t see my face, I nod.

‘Yes Sir,’ I say. That’s what we agreed. All the men who see me tonight are to be called ‘Sir’.

I can feel his smile as he kisses my nipple, still massaging my clit. Wetness seeps between my legs.

‘It’s OK…’ He, so softly, kisses my nipple again. ‘I’ll take good care of you…’

He takes his time running his tongue over each nipple, running it around the areolas, before finishing off with a teasing bite. I whimper. He laughs, kissing down my belly to my inner thighs, getting closer when he finally reaches my clit.

I can’t believe the sound I make as he flutters his tongue across the sensitive, swollen nub. He’s so gentle, and knows exactly what he’s doing. Kissing, licking, lapping, I rock my hips into his face, but he clamps his strong hands around my ass to keep me still.

‘Uh-uh, babygirl…’ he admonishes, ‘This is my treat, remember?’

I whimper and groan for more, but he refuses. He’s going to make me beg, really beg, I know it. But I don’t want to give him the satisfaction just yet. Obeying, I try my hardest to keep from rocking my hips as slides his tongue between my lips, my toes curling onto the floor. But I can’t hold back, he’s just too good. I rock under his hands with a desperate moan. He spanks me, hard.

‘Oh, my little Kitten,’ he feigns sounding disappointed. ‘What am I going to do with you?’

I hear folding and machinery behind me. A massage table built into the wall. The padding strokes against my freshly spanked behind as he takes my hips and lifts me effortlessly on to the table. I hear the remote beep, more machinery whirring as I’m lowered on to my back, him holding me round my waist until I’m fully laid down. My head sinks into the satin pillow inside my dark prison. He runs his hand over my skin, down my legs to my toes.

‘Are you comfortable, Kitten?’

‘Yes Sir. Very.’

He runs the flats of his hands up my shins, hooking them under my knees.

‘Good girl.’

Lifting up my knees, I’m met with a barrage between my legs. His tongue furiously flicks back and forth over my clit, trailing down to my entrance, lapping and curling inside me before starting again. Two fingers massage over my lips, as one finger settles snug inside me.

Fuck, you’re so wet…’ he growls. His finger curls around my g-spot and I arch. I can barely make a sound it feels so good, save for a guttural groan in the back of my throat. Combined with the desperate lapping at my clit, it doesn’t take long for me to get close. This man, whoever he is, loves giving his subs as much pleasure as he can, and I’m more than happy to accept it.

I tighten around his fingers, my breath growing short, needy whimpers growing to pleading cries.

Come on, baby…’ he growls, my thighs shaking. ‘That’s it, come for me…Come for Daddy…’

Everything about him drives me over the edge. I shake. I shudder. I buck under him, my cries reverberating against the wood, panting, growing so sensitive I’m nearly begging him to stop. But that’s the last thing I want him to do. I want more. Whatever more he wants to give, I want him to give it to me. Soft, rough, I don’t care.

Placing feather light kisses on my lips and clit as I come down from my climax, his fingers start to dig a little deeper into my hips, growling deeper, a little bite on my inner thigh. I yelp. Hot breath trickles down my skin as he chuckles. Next thing I hear is the ripping of foil, a generous dollop of lube over my pussy with a few light spanks on my clit. I yelp again, fresh tingles running up my legs all the way to my head. He’s got a rough side. My stomach flutters as I feel the head of his cock teasing through my lips.

It’s then I gasp, as another set of rough, calloused hands prowls my body, over my breasts with a squeeze.

‘Hey sexy girl…’ he murmurs. ‘I just couldn’t miss out on all the fun, could I?’

‘Hmmm…’ the man calling himself ‘Daddy’ muses, giving my breast a swift spank. ‘Which of our little slut’s holes shall we use?’

To be continued…

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Violet Grey

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