Pretty in Pink pt4 Tea Party by D.Faust

I’m nervous.
That’s a new one. I frowned at my reflection and tried to muddle through my emotions while I had time. Raising my hands to my wig to smooth a few stray strands. In the mirror my bubblegum pink look was bright under the bathroom light.
“You got this,” I told Abbie-in-the-mirror. Another layer of fuschia Rouge Volupte lipstick and I was ready to at least face my date.
Date. That was the kicker, wasn’t it. I hadn’t been on a date in years and now here I was dragging Harlow to a tea party.
Harlow waited in my living room, flipping through stuff on his phone. He wore a black suit jacket over black t-shirt. It was his usual body guard uniform but damn he looked good.
The way his heated gaze roamed over me when I entered the room said he felt the same way.
“You look edible,” he said with a smile.
That was the idea. Madame Lexxx’ annual tea party was always extravagant. To ensure everyone was a sight to behold, she encouraged return guests to wear elaborate tea dresses and gear. For me that meant lots of lace and frill, my best wig, and pearlescent spike accessories.
I ran my hands over my white corset and watched Harlow’s gaze follow my fingers. Oh how I longed to run my hands over my pink blouse collar that hung low enough to give him a glimpse of my breasts or down to the frothy lace hem of my skirt and see how quick he could get me off before we had to leave.
No, even though I was wearing stocking and garter instead of tights, I’d be too ruffled for the event. It would have to wait. Anticipation was the flavor of the evening.
Before I could ask, he stood and knelt beside me. His expression was reverent as he helped me into the platform heels with large bows on the toes. I watched his fingers brush over my ankles and then the contact was done. He stood and smiled at me, swallowing hard. Oh, how dare he be so fuckably adorable!
“Thanks for agreeing to come this evening,” I said as I collected my bag.
Harlow’s hand closed over mine. “I’ll carry that.” He might look ridiculous carrying a bright pink vinyl purse but he didn’t seem to give one single fuck as he opened the door for me.
In the car he asked politely if he could put his hand on my thigh. I raised my skirt and petticoats so he could have access. The head of his hand at the lace top of my stocking felt amazing.

When we arrived I stopped Harlow from getting out. “Hand me my bag.”
Frowning, he did as he was told. “Everything alright?”
I smiled and nodded, opening the front pocket of my bag. “I was wondering if you would wear this tonight.”
The chain was something I hunted down while he was gone to compete. I missed him that week even though we’d just started dating. It was hard to find one that would fit his thick neck.
“It’s not permanent or anything. It just lets everyone know you’re off limits…tonight…” Why was I falling over my words? I didn’t need to explain myself did I?
Harlow placed his hands over mine, engulfing them. “Will you put it on me?” His voice sounded thick and his eyes were shining. I smiled and nodded.
It fit and for that I felt relieved. He was just so big…all over.
“Shall I get your door now?” He asked, practically beaming with pride.
I nodded and took a deep breath as he got out and stepped around the Galaxie to collect me.

Madame Lexxx’s tea party is held at the local botanical garden. She rented the space out so the event is invite only, thankfully. I doubt that the casual attendee of the gardens would appreciate being greeted by a man in a rubber hood, harness, and tutu. He led us to the gazebo where Madame reigned over a large table set with delicacies.
Madame Lexxx herself stood at the far end in a Marie Antoinette getup. She hullo’d to us and her hands were like fluttering birds as she waved us forward.
“Abelia! I am so glad you came!”
She smelled strongly of gardenia perfume that lingered like a cloud after she planted a kiss on each cheek. Her eyes roamed Harlow, lingering a moment at the chain around his neck, before turning back to me. “Who is this delicious specimen?”
“This is Harlow. Harlow, this is our hostess, Madame Lexxx.”
Harlow took her hand and bent over it but didn’t kiss. “It’s a pleasure, Madame.”
“Oh I am certain the pleasure is all Abelia’s. Where did you get him? I want one in every color.”
Harlow was blushing but I only shook my head. “We’ve been friends for a while now.”
“So you’ve been hiding him away then, naughty girl. You will certainly have to make up for that later during the fun and games.”
Before I could say anything to that, Madame Lexxx’s attention was taken by the arrival of another guest. Tutu pointed out our name cards – Miss Abelia and Guest – so that we could take our seats.
“What are the games?” Harlow asked once he helped me into my seat. I noted how he eyed the tutu’d sub who first tried to pull my chair out for me. Harlow made it clear that was his job and Madame’s sub didn’t push.
“Lexxx always has some game planned,” I said, trying to keep my tone light. “Tea dueling, spin the bottle, truth or dare…She keeps trying to get enough people for a hunt but there haven’t been enough people interested in running around in their fetish gear for that.” I watched Harlow’s face but if he was put off he didn’t show it. He was so cool sometimes it was surprising. I guess it comes with being security for people – calm in the face of madness.
“Would it be out of line to say I’d prefer neither of us play spin the bottle?” he asked, looking at my mouth. It took all of me not to lick my lips as I didn’t want to touch up my lipstick yet.
“Not interested in sharing?”
“You know I’m not.” His eyes were clouded a moment and I nodded. That was a limit we discussed a week ago in my bed. He was ok with my profession but didn’t want to see me with them. He also didn’t want to be shared.
“I’d never cross that line,” I reassured him and pressed my hand to his leg. I loved the feel of his muscle under the fabric.

The guests all arrived. I knew most of them – Dommes held the majority and each with a guest. Lady Viola coaxed the woman at my side to switch places with her so that she could sit with me. I introduced my old friend to Harlow and saw the way she eyed him appraisingly.
“Lady Viola is the one who lured me into this world in the first place,” I explained to Harlow. His interest immediately piqued.
“You needed very little bait,” Viola noted with a grin. I admired her look – all purples and greens with her black hair twisted with ribbon done up with wire so each braid curved into a crown at the top of her head. She looked like a queen at the mad hatter’s tea party – though I suppose we all do.
She leaned across me to whisper conspiratorially with Harlow. “She has the prettiest little feet and once she found out how much money she could make stepping on people, she joined the dark side pretty quickly.”
Harlow smirked and nodded. “She does have pretty feet but everything about her is pretty.”
I smiled and saw Viola nod approvingly.

Before conversation could go any further, Lexxx tapped a spoon to a tea cup to get our attention.
“Before we begin, today I am hosting a raffle. In order to win this lovely gift basket -” she gestured and Tutu stood holding a large gold basket covered in rainbow cellophane. In it was a collection of high end sex toys, lubricants, and other goodies. “I need an article of clothing. The pieces will go in this bag,” she raised a gold colored bag with a large ribbon closure. “At the end of the party I will draw at random for the winner so start thinking about what piece of your attire you can dispose of. Please be willing to show off something yummy.”
A murmur spread across the table. I glanced at Viola who, with the skill of a contortionist, pulled her bra out of her tightly laced bodice. It was a frilly lavender thing with glistening rhinestones over the top.
I turned to Harlow who gazed at me expectantly. Standing, i gestured for him to turn so I could put my hands on his shoulders. “Slide my panties off.”
His gaze never left mine as his hands went to my knees. They were hot as they moved up over my thighs to my hips. Slowly, he hooked his fingers under the waistband and tugged them down.
He finally looked down when my panties reached my knees and he hand to lean forward to pull them off. I stepped out of them and watched as he folded them in his hands as if they were a treasure. The tiny bit of pink lace looked so delicate in his callused fingers.
Tutu came over and he put the panties in the opened sack.
“And you?” Tutu asked Harlow.
His gaze met mine again, questioning.
I thought about it and smiled. “Shirt. You can put your jacket back on though.”
Smiling, Harlow stared at me as he shrugged his jacket off. Reaching the back of his collar, he pulled his black t-shirt up and off.
“That’s what I like to see,” Lexxx said with a growl of desire. Other murmurs of appreciation were also made around the table as we all got a good look at Harlow’s torso. I didn’t blame them but my gaze was caught by the look of the stainless steel chain resting on his collar bones.
He dropped his t-shirt in the back then pulled his jacket back on. How did he look sexier with the jacket on, I wasn’t sure but the peekaboo of his pecs as he moved as certainly tempting.
Feeling flushed, I glanced around the table. Some didn’t look ruffled and probably put underwear or similar garments in the back. A couple of subs were now nude other than harnesses or collars.
“Let the feast begin,” Lexxx said with a grin.

The fair at Lexxx’ table was always excellent. We had our choice of darjeeling, jasmine green, blood red hibiscus, and a lady grey that I preferred. Harlow looked a little lost so I walked him through how to pour and asked if he liked tea.
“Never really had it,” he admitted. I directed him to the darjeeling since it wouldn’t be as floral. He seemed relieved to see there were sandwiches and not just cakes and macarons. Even then, he was almost bull-like trying to maneuver the tiny squares and delicate plates.
His knuckles caressed my arm and I looked up to see him raise a pink macaron. “May I?”
It took me a moment to figure out what he was asking but soon caught on. I nodded and opened my mouth so he could feed me. I wasn’t paying much attention to the rose and framboise flavors. The feel of his rough fingertips on my lips was wonderful.
Trying to collect my thoughts I did the same for him, raising a petite ham sandwich with gouda and apple to his lips. He ate it in one bite and smiled.
I gestured for him to lean down so I could press my lips to his ear. “You are far more tasty,” I whispered. He groaned and I wondered if he was thinking about last night when I’d teased his cock with my lips and tongue until he begged me to come. I let him but it was like taking a drink from a firehose and I wasn’t sure when I’d be doing that again. The resulting look on his face was worth it though.

“Now that you are all fed, it’s time for another game. Each of you grab a partner. One of you will be given a lollipop,” Lexxx held up a sucker with a head about the size and shape of a quarter. “You will stick this lollipop wherever you like on your body while your partner is blindfolded and their hands are bound. Your partner must then hunt for the lollipop using only their mouths. The first to find their lollipop wins a prize. No cheating now.”
Harlow allowed me to blindfold him and bind his hands in a silk scarf. It wouldn’t be enough to hold him if he didn’t want it. The fact that he allowed me to bind him and he held himself bound was enough to make my knees weak.
I slipped the lollipop in my garter so that it rested on my inner thigh. “Ready.”
He leaned down slowly, bumping his nose against my forehead and making me giggle. His lips left a trail of kisses from my forehead down my nose to my mouth. We kissed hard, hungrily then and I caressed his bald head and neck as he searched. No the lollipop isn’t in my tonsils but thank you for being thorough.
His lips moved down my chin and neck and down between my breasts. Sliding his tongue along my cleavage, I could feel him smiling. This was no doubt reminding him of our first night together when I touched him from head to toe.
It took what felt like an eternity to kiss over my clothes, lick along my corset, and nuzzle down my skirt. The sounds of giggles and moans were heard up and down the table as partners hunted their sweet treats.
Harlow skipped down to my boots then kissed his way from my toe to my thigh. I was breathing hard as he licked the lollipop then up between my legs. His tongue ran over my labia in one long, languid motion. It took all over me not to moan and clutch his head to keep him there.
Instead he turned, took the lollipop in his mouth and emerged from my skirt with it in his teeth.
We didn’t win. Viola and another Domme had their suckers in their cleavage and were thus quickly discovered. It didn’t matter though.
I was wet and Harlow looked very pleased with his trophy as I untied him. “How’s it taste?”I asked as I took off his blindfold.
His eyes were smoldering as he took the sucker from his mouth and put it to my lips. “Not as sweet as you.”
Only the fact that his shirt and my panties were in that damned gold bag kept me there to the end.

When Harlow drove us home, the golden prize basket in the backseat with my bag, I couldn’t stop smiling. I fully intended to write Madame Lexxx a card with a large thank you for the lollipop game. Harlow would be on his knees to night finishing what he started.

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Daire Faust is an erotic romance story teller, adult toy and book reviewer, sex blogger, and freelance kink writer. THe majority of her erotic romance work focuses on people like herself - fat, LGBTQ+, and geeky.

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