PRETTY IN PINK pt3 What Do You Like by DFaust

The gym felt like home. I’ve been coming here since I was sixteen so that made sense. It was the biggest constant in my life since dropping out of high school and moving from job to job, shitty apartments to not-so-shitty apartments.
George checked my knee and seemed satisfied with its holding up. “Are you gonna be ready for next week?”
I almost forgot about the competition and nodded. “Yea, boss cleared me for a few days.”
My answer didn’t remove the cloud that was hanging over my trainer. “You’re distracted. What’s going on there?”
I adjusted my wrist straps and shrugged. It was true but I hoped it wasn’t too apparent that my thoughts kept straying to my night with Abelia.

She’d done exactly as she wanted.
I could remember how she looked, standing on her tiptoes as she pulled my shirt off of me then moved those delicate hands with her pink manicure to my belt. I noticed her nails then – short and pink but professionally done – not like the three inch daggers Boss’ woman wore that made it near impossible for her to do much more than hold a wine glass.
Abelia even untied my shoes. I think the last time someone did something like that I was a little kid. It was a strange sensation welling up in me while she went about stripping me. It was like she was taking more than clothes off of me. I had nothing on in the end. My gray briefs and watch lay on top of the pile at my feet.
When she was done and looking at me, I felt shy for probably the first time in my adult life. I’d been naked in front of a woman plenty. More than a few said they liked to look at my body and I enjoyed it. Abelia’s black eyes were different as they roamed.
Yes, she was stripping me of so much and now I was vulnerable. I tried to focus on something else – her wicker furniture and white iron bedframe, florals and pinks made up the rest of the decor. It felt strange in here – I was too big, too male and yet…
Abelia drew my attention as she went to her closet. Inside, below the hanging clothes, was a low chest of drawers. From here she pulled a few lengths of pink rope done up in daisy chains.
All business, she dropped a few on her queen size bed and brought one to me. “Wrists.”

In the present I fidgeted with my wrist straps. The marks the rope made on me last night were still apparent under the straps.
“Yea, just tired man.”
George wasn’t convinced. I wondered if he would push. Instead he handed me my bottle of water and left me on the bench. He didn’t have time to bullshit and I felt bad for a moment. My trainer would have a fit if I said my head was back in a woman’s bed. George didn’t have much time for women and would prefer his strongmen celibate.
Last night was far from celibacy. After typing my wrists and ankles to her bed, we both wondered a moment if it would be enough to hold me. If I tried, I could probably break the rope or the bed frame or both.
“You’ll just have to be a good boy for me,” Abelia said with a smirk. She stood over me then, a foot planted on either side of my hips. Slowly, so fucking slowly I groaned, she pulled that thin cotton dress off. I’d been eyeing her in it all through dinner. It revealed as much as it concealed – unable to cover the curve of her breasts or the peaks of her nipples, the shadow of her hips as she took up our plates and dumped them in the sink.
She tossed it to the side of the bed and the sight of her naked body made my already erect cock strain. I had to wait though.
Abelia straddled my belly and I could feel the wet heat of her on my skin as she did exactly as she said she was going to. Her hands were everywhere. She ran her fingers along my shaved scalp, down over my eyelids and cheeks, teased my lips. She tasted good as I licked each of her fingertips. When her fingers went down over my torso it tickled nicely. I tugged the ropes at my wrists when she tweaked my nipples but she only smirked and kept going.
She scooted down my body, rubbing her sweet pussy over my cock only to leave it wanting as she knelt between my legs to continue touching. When she cupped my balls and teased my ass with her fingertips I gasped. No one had touched me like that. Her fingers continued along my ass and there was a question in her eyes that never made it to her lips.

I drained my waterbottle. My mouth was dry from the memory of her mouth when she kissed my inner thighs until I was moaning.
Reaching for my bag, I opted to get out of there a little early. The memories of how she moved back up my body, climbing against me so that I felt all of her heat until she lowered that sweet cunt of hers onto my cock…yea I was hard and I didn’t want to let that flag fly in the gym.
Tossing my bag into the back seat, I pulled out my phone and got into the drivers seat. Her number was the first on the contacts.
“Why hello there,” she purred in answer. She purred last too – a delicious sound as she came all over me. She came again and again riding me, teasing her clit so that I could see. She soaked me until my balls were practically dripping on her bedspread.
“Hello,” I said, my voice raspy. “What are you up to?” Admittedly I wanted to ask if we could meet. If she would fuck me again. If she’d let me come for her. My face was red from want and embarrassment.
“I’m getting a pedicure,” she said with a sigh like it was such a task. “Are you a fan of feet?” she asked, this time her voice soft.
I laughed and shook my head. “While yours are very pretty, they don’t really do it for me.”
“Good to know.” I could hear the smile in her voice. Perhaps that is what made me brave enough to admit…
“I like shoes.”
“Yea. boots, heels…I like to look at them on you.” I wondered if she would make me explain and I wasn’t sure I could. I just liked how they looked and what they did to her legs and ass. I found myself on more than one occasion wanting to run my hands over her boots and up her thighs and back. For some reason I imagined stroking the leather would make her moan just like stroking her skin.
There was a pause then, “Oh. I’ll add that to the list.” The list…she said she wanted a list of my kinks last night. Wanted to know what I liked and what I didn’t like so she could cater to them. I told her I’d like the same from her though, admittedly, my list would no doubt be a short one. I didn’t have the breadth of experience she no doubt obtained from her client work.
“But not the gogo boots,” I amended. “They hurt your feet.”
Another purr, “Thank you for thinking of me.”
“I’m having a hard time thinking of anything else.” It was true. After the way she rode me hard Abelia coaxed me into the hardest orgasm I’d ever experienced. Her hand jacked me off until my belly was covered in my cum and I was left a panting mess. There was something about being bound, unable to touch her or myself that made it so fucking intense.
After, she cleaned me off with a warm, damp cloth then untied me. Her expression was soft as she massaged my shoulders, arms, and had me wiggle my fingers for her. My legs and feet got the same treatment. Each rope mark covered in kisses before she pulled the bedspread down and lay beside me.
There was almost no room for her but she asked me if I would stay. I didn’t want to be anywhere else and, honestly, I doubted my legs would carry me far.
I held her close and she felt small and delicate and precious in my arms.

“I’ve been stuck on you too.” Abelia said softly over the phone. She paused and I heard some talking in the background. “Sorry about that. Paying.”
“No problem. What are you doing this evening?”
“You if I’m lucky.”
I grinned like a damned fool. “Fortune smiles upon us. I just gotta shower.” Boss was in with a cold and no one had me on brat duty tonight so I was free.
“Shower at my place,” she said. It wasn’t a request.
“Yes Miss Abbie.”
There was the sound of a door and a bit of wind against the phone so I knew she left the nail salon. “There’s a key under the pot of geraniums on the front porch. I want you naked when I get there. You have fifteen minutes.”

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Daire Faust

Daire Faust is an erotic romance story teller, adult toy and book reviewer, sex blogger, and freelance kink writer. THe majority of her erotic romance work focuses on people like herself - fat, LGBTQ+, and geeky.

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