Swear words shouted, door slammed, wheels spin as he drives away. For good this time. He could try crawling back, but she wouldn’t let him get anywhere near her again. She was done with him, for good. She was also done with men. Yep.

A sentiment which, only two weeks later, she was already beginning to row back on. But no, she mustn’t. She had to stay strong. No more men. Enjoy being single. Buy some vibrators. Watch some porn. Cuddle up to…to…Damn. If only she could get some ass, without the asshole attached.

‘But you can, Maisie!’ her friend, Holly, had said to her during a regular coffee shop catch-up.

‘I can what?’

‘Get some ass, without the asshole.’

‘You’re not going to suggest fucking OKCupid again are you?’

‘No! There’s a place just opened in Soho, it looks amazing. It’s called Build-A-Boy. You know, like Build-A-Bear? Well, instead of a stuffed toy, you get to create your perfect man.’

‘Can he make me a cup of tea?’


‘Well he’s already 100% better than the previous three guys I saw. Sounds expensive though.’

‘Oh it is, but I’m sure you could easily afford one on your salary. Next time we meet let’s go there.’

That conversation is why Maisie found herself walking through the sex shop wonderland of London’s Soho, on a freezing cold October evening. Thankfully, Holly was already waiting for her outside the shop.

‘’Build-A-Boy’,’ Maisie read the sign out loud, ‘Well who’d have thought?’

‘Brilliant isn’t it? Let’s go in.’

The shop window consisted of a simple set of yellow curtains with an incredibly realistic, scantily-clad male mannequin in front. Inside, the shop felt much more clinical, certainly none of the cuddly crap you found in Build-A-Bear. A store assistant greeted the two friends and showed Maisie to a computer once he’d established that she was a potential customer.

‘Just fill in this questionnaire. It takes about 30 minutes, but that’s because we want to get it exactly right for you,’ the assistant said, before bustling off to greet some more customers.

Sure enough, the questionnaire took almost exactly 30 minutes. Maisie had found herself concentrating hard, thinking deeply about what it is she most desired in a partner. Holly had also completed a questionnaire, but having already found her perfect man she hadn’t taken it anywhere near as seriously.

‘OK, now for the fun part!’ the overly-jolly assistant said, guiding Holly and Maisie to another part of the store.

Here there were various fake body parts. Arms, eyes, buttocks, thighs…everything you needed to assemble a huge variety of men. Then they had to decide on hair, smooth, everything in between. Tall, medium, short. Intellectual, funny, both. Older, younger. Skin tone. So many decisions to make.

Maisie and Holly’s parts had been selected following the results of their questionnaires, they could now confirm each part, or ask to see more. When they got to the penises Maisie turned to give her friend a disapproving look.

‘Huh. Well, it’s unusual to get a request for a 9-inch penis,’ the assistant said without any hint of embarrassment, ‘but we do keep some in stock just in case. Circumcised or uncircumcised?’

‘Erm, uncircumcised please,’ Holly replied, still smirking but thinking that this joke had almost run its course.

‘And a much more sensible average size for you ma’am.’

Maisie took a long first look at the penis she’d imagined. It was perfect – just the right curve too. They had thought of everything. With that final part selected the two friends were asked to wait for Maisie’s man to be assembled (by this point Holly had made up an excuse for not wanting to actually build a boy).

‘All our boys come in boring jeans, white shirt and brown shoes. If you’d like to upgrade to more trendy clothes you can look through the catalogues while you wait.’

Maisie and Holly browsed through Ralph Lauren, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and more, but Maisie knew that she’d already spent enough for one day. Jeans and white shirt would be fine for now. A woman in a white lab coat came into the waiting area, followed by a dashingly handsome man. Maisie’s man.

Holly grinned at her friend, gave her a hug and gazed jealously at the manufactured man before bustling away towards the Tube. Maisie, nervous, decided to hail a cab instead. She had no idea what to do with this…thing, but she did know how bloody expensive it…he was.

Home, and at last Maisie could properly look at her purchase. She had been given basic instructions on how to start using him, but the most important – the most wonderful – piece of guidance, was that she could simply tell the man to do anything and he would obey.

‘Strip naked,’ Maisie inevitably said.

Without hesitation the man unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt and kicked off his shoes. Remarkable. He looked so realistic. Maisie circled him, taking in every inch with her disbelieving eyes. Such clever technology. And that butt! No wonder he cost so much. She wondered if…yep, anatomically correct there too.

She hadn’t read too many details, and was much too British to ask the store assistant, but she wondered if everything worked as it did on a human man. Well, one thing in particular. There was only one way to find out.

‘Masturbate,’ she ordered.

Sure enough the man obediently began stroking himself, and sure enough his cock began to grow to the full size she’d requested. But could it…?

‘Cum for me.’

That didn’t happen immediately. Part of the realism, she supposed. But it did eventually happen, and Maisie was awe-struck. She was also annoyed that she hadn’t put anything down first to catch the…whatever that was. She put her finger to the man’s cock and tasted his juice. No way.

‘What is this?’ she asked, needing confirmation.

‘It’s coconut-flavoured,’ came the reply, in the man’s pre-determined deep voice.

‘That’s fucking brilliant!’

Maisie made a mental note to find out how to keep this thing topped up in whatever fluids it needed. But for now she had another use for it. Him…for him. She really had to stop calling him ‘it’.

‘Follow me,’ she said, before leading the man to her bedroom.

Even though it was just a machine, Maisie still felt coy about taking her clothes off in front of…him. Instead she pulled her underwear off from beneath her skirt and then lay on the bed. She directed the man onto bed and between her legs. For the very first time she took his cock into her hands. It was soft and warm and responsive. Amazing.

When he was fully hard again, she guided him in so that he began to slowly penetrate. This was why she went to that shop. This is why she spent all that money. A beautiful man, with a perfect body, and a cock designed to hit all the right spots, including that one juuuuuust there.

Harder, gentler, keep doing that. He obeyed every word until she had crafted the perfect sex machine. OK, enough of that.

‘Lick me.’

She quickly realised that she would have to be more specific in her instructions. After a few licks of her face, Maisie quickly told the man that she actually wanted him to lick her cunt. As soon as he began lapping at her she wondered who the hell had programmed this thing. He knew exactly what to do, exactly when to use tongue or lips, exactly where to put fingers.

So far her man had brought her to orgasm three times, which was three times more than her recently-departed boyfriend. Tomorrow she would see how well he could cook, how good he was at DIY, how fast he could clean the house, or…actually no. She’d probably just get him to be naked for her and spend all day fucking him.

Button Fly Jeans
Drowning in Berlin


Starcross writes erotica under the pen name Franklin Mercer. He has been a sex blogger since early 2012, writing about various subjects including ethical non-monogamy, BDSM and long-term relationships. You will too often find him on Twitter.

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