Breaking the ass ceiling

That absolute bastard. She knew he was ambitious, she knew that he’d hate that she would be promoted over him. She didn’t expect him to do this. A fucking strap-on! On her desk! It could only have been him. Only his fragile masculinity could have led to this pathetic ‘joke’. Powerful woman gets a promotion, pathetic man thinks it funny to put a fake phallus on her desk. Twat.

Thankfully there was no-one else in the office this late and so only the cleaner shared her embarrassment. Prisha swept the strap-on into her bag and stomped home.

Marshall was fast asleep by the time she opened her front door. She kicked off her shoes and rooted around in her bag for her phone. Frustrated, tired, and unable to locate anything in the over-stuffed bag, she tipped the contents onto the sofa and quickly grabbed the phone to check work emails one last time before bed.

It was only when she started eating lunch the next day (2pm, at her desk) that she realised what she’d done. Too late to call Marshall – she now had back-to-back meetings until the end of the day. Hopefully he wouldn’t be too surprised about what he found on the sofa.

Surprised? Yes, very. Freaked out? Only momentarily. Marshall picked up the hurriedly-discarded strap-on and felt the weight of it in his hands. Funny, the ones he’d seen in the various Femdom porn he’d watched had always looked much bigger. This one seemed…manageable. There was one very important thing that Prisha had forgotten.

By the time Marshall had finished work, been to the shops and returned home Prisha had already got back. At 8pm, this was the earliest she had been home for months, but she wanted to explain to Marshall about the strap-on. He walked through the door and handed her a bottle of lube.

‘OK, I’m willing to try it, but we’re gonna have to use a ton of this stuff,’ he said.

In reply Priya collapsed in laughter. She looked up and saw Marshall’s confused face, which set her off all over again.

‘Oh honey,’ she eventually managed to say, ‘I didn’t buy that fucking thing. It was that little shit at my office who can’t accept that I’m better at my job than he will ever be.’


‘I guess he thought that leaving this on my desk would make me think that I’m doing a man’s job, or something. I dunno, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not mine, sweetie.’


Priya registered her husband’s disappointment. It only took a few more moments for her to realise that, actually, they could actually have a lot of fun with this thing. Not only would she get to experience fucking her man, she would also send a silent ‘fuck you’ to her idiotic colleague.

‘Well hey, I’m keen to give it a go if you are.’

‘I wasn’t at all keen, but then I changed my mind and bought this lube. Now I’m not so sure again.’

‘Oh honey, I’m sorry. But I mean it – I really do want to try it.’


‘Fuck yeah! I’d love to take you from behind for once!’

‘Alright, well I’ll go take a shower.’

Smelling of orange peel soap, Marshall padded naked into their bedroom. Priya was waiting on the bed, the strap-on already securely fastened around her waist. She was enormously aroused.

‘My delicious man,’ she said. ‘OK, onto the bed and show me what’s mine.’

Marshall grinned. He crawled onto the bed, put his chest onto the covers and thrust his butt out. Priya positioned herself behind him and paused to admire the pink rose of his hole. He gasped as she slicked some lube into him. Adding some more to the strap-on, she angled it so that it pointed down towards its target.

At first she just rubbed it against his tight aperture, letting him get used to the idea of being under her control. Once he was fully compliant she began to ease it in, so slowly that it took a minute for her to get just a few centimetres in. Marshall’s breath caught and Priya knew that she had to distract him somehow.

The loud crack of her hand spanking his firm behind momentarily took his mind off of the silicon sliding into him. Priya used this as an opportunity to push in a little further and, with a few more spanks, Marshall’s butt had become accustomed to the strap-on. Feeling much more comfortable, he looked over his shoulder and smiled at his wife.

Priya bit her lip. She was drenched in arousal. Now she actually began fucking him, thrusting slowly in and out. Just the touch of the toy when she pushed into him was enough to drive her wild. She couldn’t resist reaching under him and taking hold of his cock for a few thrusts.

‘Get this hard for me!’ she ordered, before relinquishing his flash to his hand.

Watching Marshall stroke himself to full erectness doubled her joy. Stretched, lubed and acquiescent, his hole bloomed around her phallus. Knowing he could take even more intensity, she increased her rhythm, partially to increase his pleasure, but mainly to enhance that rubbing sensation and bring herself to her first crashing orgasm.

‘Nnnggghhh fuuuuck,’ Marshall groaned.

He not only groaned. He grunted, sighed, swore and growled – deep, animalistic noises that passed unbidden between his lips.

‘Cum for me,’ Priya whispered, just loud enough for her man to hear.

She accompanied her words with even faster fucking. Changing her angle slightly, Marshall felt his prostate being stimulated for the very first time. If he hadn’t already been on his knees he would have fallen to them out of sheer intensity of feeling. From his fist spurted thick fountains of cum. In that moment every fibre of his being belonged to Priya.

Not used to fucking like this, Priya was exhausted. Multiple orgasms had left her drained too. She never imagined that taking her man like this could be such an enormous turn on. An hour later, once they’d both finally come down off of their high, Priya made a mental note to thank that petty bastard who had left the strap-on on her desk.

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Meeting Amélie


Starcross writes erotica under the pen name Franklin Mercer. He has been a sex blogger since early 2012, writing about various subjects including ethical non-monogamy, BDSM and long-term relationships. You will too often find him on Twitter.

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