A Little Audio Erotica to Start Your Smutathon Adventure

Why, hello there! It’s officially Smutathon 2020, and it’s time for everyone to get their mind in the gutter to help an incredible charity – Endometriosis UK. This incredible organization provides support and advocacy to folks with endometriosis. It also supports and contributes to vital research. 

Let’s talk about endometriosis. Endometriosis is a debilitating condition that impacts 1 in 10 people with a uterus. That’s close to 176 million people worldwide. Despite the number of people affected by endometriosis, we know precious little about its cause. And folks who experience endometriosis often wait years for a diagnosis. The average waiting time from the onset of symptoms to diagnosis is 7.5 years.  Endometriosis UK is working to educate folks about the condition and change the way folks with endometriosis receive care. 

Well, It’s early (at least it is here in my time zone), so I wanted to offer you a treat to ease into your day. My contribution to last year’s Smutathon was an erotic short titled “The Circus Came to Corwen.”  It’s a combination of mystery and cosmic horror with a smutty love story thrown in for good measure. 

This year I’m finishing that story. So I thought I’d kick-off today with an audio treat – the first two parts of The Circus Came to Corwen, recorded for your listening pleasure. 


The Circus Came to Corwen, Parts 1 & 2, read by Anne Stagg

So, grab your morning beverage of choice and settle in for a story. If you have the financial space, please contribute to Smutathon 2020. Every little bit counts. And if you don’t have the space to give financially, please share Smutathon’s goal and information with friends, family, and your social media universe. Thanks so much for joining us today! 

Be well, be wonderful, and above all, be you.


Pretty in Pink Pt. 1 Meet Cute by D. Faust
Pretty fucking hot

Anne Stagg

Anne Stagg is an author and poet. Her sex-positive, erotic fantasy series, The Mound of Gaia, is available exclusively on Bellesa.co. Anne is active in advocating for the creation of healthy, affirming sexual spaces for women, the LGBTQIA community, and the BDSM/kink community.

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