Internet Dating Nation Part Deux: Submissions from the Abyss

John Waters, perhaps the kinkiest of them all, once said: “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them!”

Advice to live by.

AURORE took it up a notch for SMUTATHON, demanding erotic haikus from the men of the Internet Dating World, aka innocent strangers. We appreciate the effort, and suggest using it as a litmus test before meeting for that drink they’ve suggested.

No conversation

Silver tongue masturbation

Euphoric climax


Yum Polish Sausage

Put on the condom and mint

Deep dive shallow well


I lay next to her

Her spent body my canvas

Tongue, penis my brush


Sweat builds on my brow

“Harder, faster, I’m so close”

…oh no, it happened again

SEXKU: Erotic Haiku for the Internet Dating Nation

Carly Pifer

Carly Pifer is the founder of AURORE: erotica, updated. AURORE publishes honest stories about people’s intimate experiences, celebrating the sex they loved, the sex that changed them, and the sex they want to reimagine. Carly solicits and curates a collection of erotic literature that is as authentic and emotional as it is arousing. AURORE recently launched a workshop series online and IRL to build a community supporting open discussion about sex.

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