Internet Dating Nation Part Deux: Submissions from the Abyss

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John Waters, perhaps the kinkiest of them all, once said: “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them!”

Advice to live by.

AURORE took it up a notch for SMUTATHON, demanding erotic haikus from the men of the Internet Dating World, aka innocent strangers. We appreciate the effort, and suggest using it as a litmus test before meeting for that drink they’ve suggested.

No conversation

Silver tongue masturbation

Euphoric climax


Yum Polish Sausage

Put on the condom and mint

Deep dive shallow well


I lay next to her

Her spent body my canvas

Tongue, penis my brush


Sweat builds on my brow

“Harder, faster, I’m so close”

…oh no, it happened again

Carly Pifer is the founder of AURORE: erotica, updated. AURORE publishes honest stories about people’s intimate experiences, celebrating the sex they loved, the sex that changed them, and the sex they want to reimagine. Carly solicits and curates a collection of erotic literature that is as authentic and emotional as it is arousing. AURORE recently launched a workshop series online and IRL to build a community supporting open discussion about sex.

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