Preparing for Convention

Yall, I’m still writing about Elodie, my geeky fat and pretty cam girl from my earlier Smutathon post, Package…Can’t wait till she gets to con…

The rest of the evening was spent packing and posting on social media. Elodie took selfies half dressed in front of her open suit case, pics of the sex toys she was packing along with cosplay and geeky and kinky underwear, and finally of her Chinese food delivery. This last one was along with the story of surprising the delivery guy.

Poor delivery guy. I answered the door in my Pokemon bra and short jean shorts. I think he would have preferred the full Misty cosplay but I already packed my shirt. Oh well.

Within minutes of posting it on her NSFW business Instagram, her followers were commenting. Most said they wish they had been the delivery guy and asked for pics of the outfit. Elodie ate her egg roll and replied that they would just have to wait until convention photos hit her site and invited them to pay for a VIP pass for behind the scenes pics during the long con weekend.

That evening she set up lighting in her apartment’s small living room near the door. Slapping a large pink dildo on her pink suitcase, she filmed herself bouncing her aching pussy on it wearing only her convention badge and a smile. This short clip quickly went up on her site to draw in more VIP clients who would receive hotel and con pictures over the next few days.

It was late before she finally got some sleep. That night, she dreamed of Vanna. They were in the car, heading to convention, and Vanna’s hand was between Elodie’s legs while she drove.

When her alarm went off the next morning, Elodie woke moody, horny, and a little pissed at herself for thinking of a friend she hadn’t spoken to in years. Pushing these thoughts aside, she readied herself for the long ass drive ahead of her.

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Daire Faust

Daire Faust is an erotic romance story teller, adult toy and book reviewer, sex blogger, and freelance kink writer. THe majority of her erotic romance work focuses on people like herself - fat, LGBTQ+, and geeky.

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