New Year’s Party

The thrum of the crowd outside augmented the roar of voices from the television. Liam looked out the large hotel window at the massive gathering out on the streets, part of him wishing he was down there with the rest of them, awaiting the countdown until the new year. Every year, this was the biggest party in the downtown area. This time, however, he had planned his own party, with a guest list so exclusive, only two names were on the list: himself, and his girlfriend, Camilla.

They had been together for the last four months but decided they wanted to keep things casual until their lives had gotten more stable. Well, she decided to keep things casual. As much as Liam had enjoyed casual sex and making plans that didn’t always have to include her, a part of him wanted to create a bit of exclusivity in their relationship. It wasn’t like he was planning to pop the question or anything rash like that, but wanted to make a gesture that showed he cared. Which led him to the idea of a private party tonight.

Liam turned to look at the room he stood in. A three-star suite with a large flat-screen television, displaying a news feed of the celebrations down below. He had purchased a tin container to fill with ice and champagne, new flute glasses and strawberries to put in each one. He made sure to buy a couple of mini-bottles of other liquors, just in case they wanted some variety, later. A few bags of confetti, some whipped cream, and a spritz of her favorite cologne on his shirt, and he was sure this would turn into an amazing night. He had already spent the last hour pacing and moving around in anticipation.

Finally, a knock on the door signaled her arrival. Liam practically leaped toward the door but waited a moment before opening. Don’t want to seem too excited, do we? He took a breath and opened the door.

“Hey babe,” he said immediately to see her, but his tone trailed down when he saw what she was wearing, “Why are you wearing your server uniform?”

Camilla was a helluva natural beauty, by nearly every standard. Or, at least he thought so. Her dark hair shimmered as it fell past her shoulders and draped a bit over her front, forming wavy curls before it reached the tips. Her eyes always looked like two pools of honey when touched by the sunlight. He was looking forward to staring into them tonight as he grazed his fingers over her body. Instead, that body was now completely covered in a pseudo-tuxedo outfit her boss made her wear during special events. Not what he was hoping to see her in tonight.
“I’m sorry, babe. Francisco called in at the last minute and said Carla was a no-show and wants me to come in,” she explained quickly.

Liam’s shoulders slumped a little, “You couldn’t tell him you had plans?”

“I did,” she said apologetic, “but then he offered to pay me overtime the whole night. Time-and-a-half, and you know I’m late on my loan payment. I kinda need this.”

Liam’s shoulders slumped further, and he rubbed his face. His disappointment was palpable, but he was aware of the financial problems she had as well. Despite the fact that he offered to help, he couldn’t as Camilla explained it might define their relationship as a level they hadn’t yet reached emotionally. As much as he hated the situation, he would have to get over it.

“And I kinda need a favor, too,” she added.

A favor? He thought. That was the moment he noticed someone else standing nearby in the hall. He poked his head out a little further to see the woman in the gold- and silver-sequined dress, holding a matching clutch. Liam had never met this woman but found something of a resemblance between her and Camilla.

“I know it’s last minute, and you two don’t know each other, but can you keep my mom company tonight. Her date bailed on her, and I didn’t want her to spend the evening alone,” she explained. Liam was tempted to respond with something snarky but kept it to himself.

“Please,” she pleaded. Liam took another look at the older woman who gave him a half-hearted smile. She looked like she was already not having a good night, and could use some sympathy.

“Alright,” he answered.

Camilla leaned forward and gave him a hug, “Thank you, so much,” and her eyes opened up to see what was in the room behind her lover, “Oh, you got all of that for me? Now I feel really bad!”

As they released, she took a breath, “Ok, mom, this is Liam. Liam, this is my mom, Mia.”

With his hand outstretched, Mia took it and exchanged greetings. Camilla made promises to make it up to him later and quickly made her way out. Stepping inside, Mia set her clutch on the tiny table these rooms always have and stopped at the middle of the room.

After a moment of awkward silence, Liam finally piped up, “Can I make you a drink? Champagne?”

Beyond the gold and silver sequins, Liam could see a pretty clear resemblance to her daughter. She seemed to show signs of spending time in a sunbed lately, despite having a light olive skin tone.

She gave an awkward nod and a smile as the room stayed quiet, save for the live news feed of the celebrations on the tv. Her expression gave off a subtle subtext that this was not an ideal scenario for her either. Even the small hum of the bubbles as champagne was poured into the glass was uncomfortable to listen to. Turning back to hand her the flute glass, he tried to think of something to say to break the ice, but nothing came out. Something had to be done to disarm this barrier, and in his fumbling semblance of quick-thinking, he blurted something out.

“Do you wanna play cards?” which was not exactly his best plan, and probably came out sounding a bit more desperate than he intended it to be. But it was out there now.

There was a moment of silence and neither of them moves. Then Mia gives a casual shrug, “Sure.”

Liam felt a wave of internal relief, despite not knowing whether that gesture was made out of a mutual desire, or just out of pity. Either way, it was better to just take it and go. Pulling the chair out from the small table, he slid everything out to the middle of the room and retrieved the pack of cards he had purchased earlier. It was meant to act as a reminder of the fun times he and Camilla had shared the past several weeks, playing cards and betting sexual favors for the winning hand. His hope was to show her that things wouldn’t change very much if they were to become committed tonight.

Realizing that his hopes might be crushed, he dropped them on the wood surface of the table and poured a glass of whiskey and coke. A friendly game would pass the time, at least.

“So, how long have you and my daughter been together?” she asks him, watching him as he took his seat at the opposite end of the table.

He sighed, “Just a few months. I’m not sure if you could consider us ‘together’ though,” he answered half-heartedly.
Mia took another look around the room. Extra flute glasses with strawberries already inserted, other bottles of alcohol already opened, candles and confetti blasters filling up every empty surface remaining, “Seems like a lot of care and planning.”

“Yeah, I was kinda planning to… well–”

Mia gave a half-cocked head nod, “I get it.”

Liam remained silent as he opened, shuffled, and dealt a game of 5-card poker.
“You’re not the first one she has done this to,” Mia started. Liam paused as he looked at her. “She doesn’t take things very seriously, so she finds reasons not to talk about. Especially when she knows it’s coming. Though this is the first time she has involved me.”

Liam looked at her for a moment, not sure how to react to this confession from a woman he didn’t even know. Perhaps the best thing for him to do was to just say nothing and worry about it later.

Hands were dealt and played rather quickly, and they shared a few anecdotes from their personal lives, as well as a few funny stories about Mia’s daughter. Each time Mia finished her champagne, Liam offered to refill it. To his surprise, she accepted a refill every time. Before he knew it, she was four glasses in. For whatever reason, he felt the need to keep up. By the end of the fifth, Mia tilted her glass higher to catch the strawberry in her lips.

She held it there, setting her glass down so she could grip the drunken berry between her thumb and forefinger. Liam picked up on the small sucking noise in her mouth as she attempted to draw a couple of drops of champagne from its flesh. When she took a small bite, two little, red drops fell from her lips onto her chest. Without lifting his head, his eyes followed the two rouge droplets as they created trails leading down into her cleavage. He barely noticed Mia watching him before quickly darting his eyes back down to the cards in his hand.

She lets out a short giggle, “I’m afraid you’re not as discrete as you think you are,” she says amused by his face.
Liam wasn’t sure how to reply to that. He felt his cheeks redden and hoped she would just let it go.

The woman across from him took another small bite of the strawberry and dropped it back into her glass, “You don’t have to be embarrassed. To be candid, I kinda miss being looked at like that by a handsome young stud like you.”
Liam lifted his head and looked straight at her, bewildered by that comment. Not that he thought Mia was lying, but more by the fact that she would volunteer that information to someone she’d never met before tonight. It seemed the champagne was beginning to affect her, either stripping away her inhibitions, or just her modesty. All Liam could respond with, at that moment was, “Seriously?”

Mia nods with a smile, “I like you, Liam. My daughter is crazy to choose work over you. I think you may be a bit obsessed with the cards, though.”


She gestured to the row of bottles on the desk, “Lots of booze and a live feed of the news, but this is the only thing you brought to pass the time?”

Liam nodded his head, “Yeah, I was kinda planning on playing a different game with Camilla tonight.

He spotted the idea clicking in her head while she took a moment to finish her glass. Setting it down with an audible clamor, “Ah-ha, if we were going to play strip poker, I might have tried playing a little better,” she gave a playful smile and wink.

Liam gave a little chuckle and retorted, “If we were playing strip poker, you’d already be naked three times over.”
Which was true. Out of the dozen-or-so hands that had been played to this point, Liam had won most of them. A moment passed as Liam delt another hand, but Mia didn’t take it. She rose to her feet with a slight sway as the bubbles started going to her head. Liam watched her look at him with an amused look as she reached behind her back and zipped her dress loose. It slid down her sides and fell past her hips as it piled into a mess of gold and silver sequins on the ground around her feet.

The stark image of her baring all to him left Liam disarmed. His stomach was in knots as he looked over the olive-skinned curves of her body. Her skin made him want to reach out and touch its softness. The playful, cat-like expression on her face was accentuated by the motion of her hand caressing the side of her hip. She took a slow step towards him.

Liam finally managed to let a few words out, “W-what are you doing?”

Mia placed a hand on his shoulder as she leaned over him in his chair, “I don’t think it’s fair that you put all this work into planning a special night, just to be stood up. Do you?”

Liam could only shake is head quickly. He felt his face grow immensely hot as he struggled not to look at the gorgeous breasts that sat only a few inches from him at eye-level. The scent of her skin was already invading his senses. He became aroused rather quickly.

She tilted her head a bit as she let her leg get closer, and slid her calf along his, “Do you think it’s fair for me to be stood up by some middle-aged blowhard who believes he’s the best I can get at my age?” she asked rather transparently.

Liam shook his head again, responding faster than he had before.

Mia smiled wider, “You’re very handsome, Liam. I think we have an opportunity to help each other make this night what it should have been,” she placed her other hand on his other shoulder, and leaned in closer to whisper, “Would you like to make it better… with me?”

It wasn’t until now he really looked into her eyes and saw they were hazel, salacious, and wanting for a response. Despite being put on the spot, he couldn’t deny that he wanted her at that moment. He swallowed hard and responded with what sounded a little more than a peep, “yes…”

She moved in and let her lips press into his. It caught him off guard for only a second before Liam leaned into it as well. He reached up and placed his hand on her side, her skin was hot to the touch. Her tongue reached out for his and rolled in her mouth. It was a sensation he was unfamiliar with in any other woman he’d dated or made out with. She pulled away and lifted him to his feet, leading him to the edge of the bed where she began to undress him.
She could see he was physically pushing against his undergarments. Mia gave a small chuckle of amusement as she pulled them down, watching the waistband catch on the tip before the full length flopped out in front of her. She stared at his hardness as she reached out and delicately wrapped her fingers around it. Liam felt the shiver of excitement run up his body the moment she touched him. She started moving her hand slowly up and down as she lowered to her knees on the hotel room carpet.

She gripped harder and continued to stroke, letting her tongue out to slide along his length. He laid back supported on his elbows and looked into her eyes. They met his with a look of ravenous hunger, and a coy look of knowing what she was going to bring into the evening. After a third lick, she let her lips wrap around the tip, and slowly took him into her mouth completely. Liam let out one soft, breathy moan as he felt the heat envelop him. His muscles began to tremor lightly out of sheer nervousness of the events unfolding at this moment.

‘Is this really happening?” he thought to himself. His disbelief had him giddy with arousal and extremely anxious in equal measure. Even if he was ok with this night not occurring as intended with Camilla, he never imagined this. His mind fought to enjoy what was happening at the moment, while it contested with what would happen later. Mia stayed knelt in front of him, head moving forward and back, turning so her tongue could slide against him at different angles. She did begin to notice the way Liam seemed to be holding back.

She let him out of her mouth, “Are you not enjoying this?” Her voice had a hint of annoyance.

Liam’s expression changed, genuinely worried he upset her in some way and nearly tripped over his words to respond, “No- I mean, I am. I do. Just, um…”

“‘Just’ what?” she asked, still teasingly manipulating her fingers along his length. Liam was concerned but hesitated, not finding the words to explain.

“You’re worried what my daughter will think?” her annoyance becoming more apparent, “She’s not here tonight, but I am. You can have the night you wanted, just like I did.”

As she said this, she rose to her feet and slowly climbed onto the edge of the bed with him, gingerly straddling him, “And why shouldn’t I? I could still be someone’s ‘flavor of the week’, couldn’t I?”

Liam’s chest was feeling heavy. He had to lean further and further back as she climbed over him until he was flat on his back. He nodded as his only response to her. The scent of her skin was filling him. She bent and pressed her chest into his, surrounding him in the heat of her body. As she brought her face by his ear, she whispered to him, “I promise, if you want me to, I’ll make it so the only thing you can think about… is me.”

He felt his face grow hot and his stomach began to tingle. He struggled to breathe, but managed to take a breath, exhale, take another breath, then, “I want you…”

Mia’s face was still next to his ear, but he could feel the broad smile form on her face before she whispered, “Touch me.”

Another deep breath and his palms found her hips. She moved them at his touch, slow gyrations while she brought her face to his and kissed him again, deeply, passionately. Gradually, the tightness in his chest began to fade away as he grew comfortable with her. All of his muscles continued to vibrate with anxiety, but an excitement rose from within as well. His mind was beginning to sink into her body. The feel of her skin, the softness of her lips, warm, breathing him into her as his body felt lighter on the bed.

The hands that had been delicately placed on her sides now slid around her back and held her to him. He already began to dismiss Camilla from his mind as Mia had claimed him. He felt her move in his lap, teasing him with sensations of silk and heat. Rubbing, stroking, lightly gliding in cyprine. He felt her moan into his lips as she moved along his length. She didn’t hold back any further as she placed her arm between their bodies, held him in place, and maneuvered her hips to engulf him. Her fingertips bit into his shoulder as she leaned her head up to whisper, “Oh, my god, yes…”

She raised herself higher, sitting upright before sliding her hands up his shirt, prompting him to remove it. He struggled to wiggle his way out of it with Mia sitting on him, prompting a giggle from her, but he found victory and laid flat again. Mia kept her eyes on Liam’s as she began to move, slowly rocking her hips before placing her palms on his chest and picking up speed. Liam kept his hands on her thighs, with one being taken in her’s and brought to her breast, encouraging him to touch her more. Mia seemed to enjoy the touch of his hand, as well as the noises he made, as she began to roll her hips, smiling down at him in the middle of heavy breaths.

She leaned down over him again, resting her body on his, moving her hips to bounce on his and allow their lips to meet once more. Liam was wrapped in her heat and her scent, taking her all in while trying to move his thighs in time with her movements. Then he decided on a change and firmly pushed on her side. Picking up on his cue, she let her body roll over onto her back and lay flat on the bed. Repositioning himself, he entered her once more and began to thrust into her, returning the favor for her boldness. She had taken the initiative where he could not, so he wanted to give her all that she desired.

Seeing the look in his eyes, her expression began to change into that of something hungry and lascivious. Her hand found its way around his back and clawed her nails into his skin. Liam groaned and felt his arms tense on either side of her. She clawed him again with the other hand, scraping a longer trail on his back, and he groaned more audibly. Her breathy moans grew with his. She pulled him in closer until his body was wrapped in her’s. Her legs curled around his waist as she struggled to speak into his ear, “Right there, don’t stop… please.”

That last ‘please’ was almost a whisper. Her legs made movement difficult, but he managed to keep pace as he felt her body go tight, her core burned around him, and a rush of cyprine surrounded him. He groaned as she climaxed around him, latched onto him and shaking. She released him after a few seconds and went limp as she caught her breath. Liam had to take a moment to rest with her but remained inside her.

When he found his second wind, Liam sat up and took a hold of her thighs, pushing them further apart. She watched and smiled, biting her lip as her lover resumed thrusting. She took hold of her own legs, letting him move in deeper while letting out some very primal growls. He felt himself build up very quickly, encouraged by Mia’s expression, her groans, and how she squeezed around him until he nearly broke over the edge of climax. Mia understood and nodded with a look of desire, encouraging him. He growled loudly as he released into her, watching the look of delight on her face.

He fell flat on his back next to her on the hotel blankets, huffing loudly as the euphoria washed over him. He would have passed out, drunk from the experience, had he not felt Mia’s hand on his chest, bringing him back to the moment. They looked to each other with expressions of satisfaction, coming in close for one more passion-filled kiss. As they became aware of the room again, they could hear people cheering and horns blowing from the tv and outside.

The ball had already dropped, and the new year had arrived. Even if he didn’t celebrate the event with the person he intended, he was quite satisfied to celebrate with Mia. He’d worry about Camilla later. Mia curled up next to him and sighed, then, “I guess that’s one way to start things off with a bang.”


Charlton Tod

Charlton Tod is a sex blogger, smut writer, and reviewer of sex toys and sexier books. His writing consists primarily about his explorations into Primal Play, while his stories tend to vary wildly from one thing to another. When not writing, he can be found practicing cooking techniques, spending time with his lovely wife, or geeking out on a good RPG. He is also the host of #FantasySmutFriday, a weekly writing prompt challenge to help fellow authors push their creativity.

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