If we were to kiss

This is a guest post from Bumbling Dad, intertwining his (italics) and her (standard) stories

I have a vision of drinks being finished, a general air of needing to get out of public gaze. You take my hand and we leave. We walk a short way, there’s a pretty alley on your left but it’s dark and there no people. You pull me into it, my back against the wall in deepest shadow, then…

You look up at me. Our eyes meet. The gentlest touch of our clothing sends a tingle through us both. My hand on your waist is an electrically charged jolt.

I go to brush a piece of hair from your face. You misinterpret my movement. We bump noses. Laugh. Look at each other again. And can’t help ourselves from kissing. Gently at first, then a little more urgently. Feather touches interspersed with probing tongues and fingers in hair and on back of necks…

You taste amazing. Your lips are soft, and warm and just so perfectly cushioned that they feel like velvet on mine. I push my hand up around the back of your neck, lingering on the hollow at the top of your spine, and gently grasp your hair in a kind of ponytail. You murmur something that sounds like desire, and adjust your stance slightly so you don’t fall over when you feel my warm breath on your neck.

I take your earlobe gently between my teeth and nibble. This makes you giggle, and reach for my face so we can kiss again. The tension in this alleyway is extraordinary, and there’s a danger people are going to walk past any minute.

You press yourself against me and pull me in closer to you. “What happens next in this story?” you whisper. And I look deep into your eyes and say, “You started it. It’s your turn to pick it up.”

As you look at me, I can’t help it, the giggles start. A combination of the palpable tension and my own nervousness. They’re infectious and you start to grin, before long we are both helpless and clinging to each other. As they subside, I realise that I have my arms around your neck and yours are locked around my waist, our bodies touching almost everywhere. I glance up and see you’re looking at me. Our eyes just a few centimetres apart. it’s suddenly not so funny and our lips meet again, seamlessly and without conscious thought. My hands run down the outside of your arms as your hands trace downwards over my bum and back up, outlining my hips and waist. I know I don’t want to stop but we’re in public.

I groan, softly under my breath as your lips start to move down my neck and your hands work imperceptibly higher and higher. I can feel the need building. Your thumbs graze the underside of my breasts and I jolt. Breaking the kiss I look at you, a question in my eyes – I see the same question and the same response in yours. We move fast, leaving the alley and walking quickly, my hand in yours.

You hail a cab and I hear you give the driver an address, adding ‘quickly’ as you get in. ‘Fuck the tube, I need you now’ I hear murmured in my ear as the cab starts to move. driving through the dark rainy city, lights blur through the windows and we feel like we’re cocooned, sitting close, touching as much as we can without drawing attention. You whispering in my ear a stream of consciousness as your hand skims my nylon clad knee and thigh, pushing my skirt up an inch, just an inch. My skin is electrified and screaming for more. I turn my face to kiss the corner of your mouth, your cheek, that smooth soft place just in front of your jawbone, before I breathe ‘fuck me’ in your ear.

The drive takes about 10 minutes but feels like an hour. As we pull up you look back at me, ‘you’re sure?’ I nod. I know it’s risky, I know I should be going home. I send a quick text and put my phone away. ‘Let’s go’. I follow you out of the cab and as it drives away the light around us fades and we become aware of the rain. You usher me up some steps to a door and find your keys but I keep distracting you with kisses so we’re getting wetter and wetter. The door finally swings open and I walk in. You take my coat and throw it with yours across the back of a chair. Your eyes never leaving mine.

You walk towards me, hesitantly. When you’re two steps away I reach for you and pull you to me. Your hands landing on the wall either side of my head. Your lips meeting mine. I let go and run my palms over your chest and up, over your shoulders, linking my hands around your neck. I feel you move closer, nudging my knees apart with yours. Your hands are reaching for the hem of my dress and in one movement pull it up and over my head, leaving me standing in front of you in black lingerie and heels. I instinctively go to cover myself but you stop me with a word while you step back to look, appraise. I feel the blush rushing up my chest to my neck and face.

You take my hand and kiss it, smiling at me. Then lead me across the living room to a closed door. You open it and we enter your bedroom. You take my upper arms and gently swivel me and push me backwards to sit on the edge of the bed. You kneel and take one foot, undoing the strap of one shoe and removing it. Kissing the instep as you do it. then the second. Careful, gentle, considered movements, designed to reassure me, calm me. Then you look up at me, sliding your hands up both legs and along my thighs. As your fingers meet my tummy you draw them back to my knees and gently but firmly push them apart.

Your first kiss lands on black nylon on the inside of my knee, the second an agonising centimetre higher. The kisses progress, each burning, moving close to my thigh, then ever higher. Your hands stroking a soothing pattern in their wake. I’m in agonies of anticipation, each kiss more thrilling than the last. My head thrown back, delirious in the delicious torment, waiting for that final kiss that never came, instead your fingers trail caressingly and light as a sigh across the lace of the knickers that I have soaked straight through.

For a moment I rock back on my heels and survey the amazing sight in front of me. Unwilling to neglect any area of your body, I leave my fingers resting gently at the very point where your knickers meet the top of your thighs, but lean forward to take your swollen nipple into my mouth through the delicate lace of your bra. It seems to almost burst with hardness as I suck it gently, flicking my tongue around the edges of it and over the top, before blowing cooler air gently over it to stimulate it further.

Moving on to the other side, I do the same. Mouth only. Just unwavering eye contact with you as I trace my tongue around the bullet-hard and deeply pink sign of your arousal, sucking on it gently through the silky barrier containing it. I bring my other hand up gently, caressing your stomach, your waist, your sides, before gently, oh so gently, cupping the underside of each breast in turn and covering them with kisses, pausing only to move up and kiss your mouth, hungry for more of you but reluctant to do anything but draw out the exquisite agony of being so turned on…

You shift imperceptibly forward on the bed so that your wetness once again brushes the edge of my fingers. Reluctant to leave the top half of your body, but eager to explore you still further, in a brazen display of wantonness, I let my tongue trail downwards, your throat, the tops of your beautiful breasts, pausing to kiss the ribbon at front and centre of your bra.

Then, moving down, slowly, carefully and with tantalising variations in pressure, I push you gently back and trail my tongue still further down. Across your belly button, which makes you giggle but also push your hips instinctively upwards and towards me. But I won’t be rushed. First, I want to let my tongue and fingertips wander all around the waistband of your knickers. Then further down still. Kissing the inside of each thigh again, licking you right up to the elastic and then a millimetre or two inside, allowing your occasional gasp of pleasure or moan of joy to guide me. Finally, when you’re on the cusp of begging me to stop teasing you, I pause for a moment at the tiny triangle of cotton covering your sex. 

I place my mouth over it, where I can feel your damp warmth pulsing away under my lips. Kissing the front of your underwear again, I move my mouth back down and gently pull away one side of your knickers from your pussy. I want you in my mouth so badly now. I want to feel you buck as electricity courses through you. I want to taste you when you come. And telling you this, I begin to kiss your most secret place, flicking my tongue in and out of your deliciousness, taking your beautiful clitoris into my mouth and sucking gently on it, sliding my tongue from the very bottom of your aching cunt right up to the top, wanting you to abandon yourself fully to pleasure before I’ve even taken off your underwear. I follow your lead, savouring the taste of you and wanting to fuck you with my tongue until you can’t stand it any more…

You raise your hips slightly from the bed, pushing your sex fully against my mouth, and I take the opportunity to slide my hands to your waistband and ease your knickers down over the curve of your bum. For a moment you freeze, naked and vulnerable under my mouth, and then abandon yourself to sheer pleasure as I move my tongue inside you, loving every drop of you, wanting to take your sweet juices and keep the taste forever in my mind…

As your breathing begins to pick up pace and the rhythm of your hips moves you against me, I slide a finger gently inside you to make the most of your passion, allowing you to set the speed as you move yourself against my face. My tongue is hard, alternately plunging deep into you and stimulating your clit, until with a series of small cries you begin to come, flooding my mouth with your juices and shuddering against me in the most delicious way. And I’m not minded to stop. I’m so turned on by the depth and delightfulness of this orgasm that all I want to do now is make you come again, harder and faster and with a scream of joy as you grind against my fingers and chin, begging me…

As I drift back down, punch drunk from the orgasm, I can feel your tongue still on me, teasing, licking and exploring but I need you, need more. I sigh in frustration, you’re still dressed so I sit up as you stand. That brings me face to face with evidence of your arousal. My need is growing and I greedily scrabble to undo your belt. As I slide your jeans and underwear out of my way you spring free. The movement makes me gasp and I look up, asking for permission to play. Your smile and your touch on my head is all I need.

I start by trailing the backs of my finger tips, ever so lightly over your balls, just for the pleasure of watching them tighten and hearing your gasp. Caressing your cock, I hold it gently and kiss the tip. Light butterfly kisses while my hand starts to move, slowly but firmly, up and down. I love the soft texture of your balls and how weighty they feel in my hand, soothing and satisfying. There’s a droplet of pre-cum and I taste it with the tip of my tongue before taking your whole head in my mouth. Using the heat to torment you. My hand is slightly spiralling around your shaft and I can hear your groan and feel the pressure of your fingertips on my shoulders.

Kissing up and down your length before engulfing you again I stop. You glance down at me and catch my eye. As I hold your gaze I lick you flat tongued, from root to tip, pausing only to taste you again at the top. I can feel you building but I’m not ready to let you come. I shake my head and lay back, spread in invitation, smiling as you rip the rest of your clothes off before covering me.

As you come down to me you smile and kiss me before rolling away to open your drawer. Coming back you open the packet and hand it to me, watching amused whole I roll the condom onto you. You pull me down to you and snake your hands behind me to remove my bra. Kneeling above me you push my legs apart and bend to kiss me between them again. Then grinning up at me you push forward to kiss my mouth, entering me in one long smooth thrust at the same time. My head goes back and a low groan escapes. My legs wrap around you and my heels pull you in as you start to move.

Watching your face as I enter you and hearing you groan makes me harder than I even am already. All of my desire to be inside you and move with you expressing itself in the diamond-like swelling of my cock. I can feel your pubic bone grind against me as I cup your buttocks and pull you closer towards me, then the warmth and wetness of the walls of your cunt, gripping me as I withdraw, almost all the way, before sliding deeply back into you, rolling your eyes in your head as I push deeply into your hot sweetness.

Placing a hand gently underneath the swelling of each calf, I move your legs upwards over my hip bones, pushing them slightly wider apart so that I can use the full motion of my hips to penetrate deeper inside you, watching your face as you bite down gently on your lip, moving to kiss your mouth, your neck, your eyelids as your breathing changes.

I’m in control now. Kneeling on the bed in front of you, your legs almost over my shoulders, as I ease myself almost out of you again and tease you once, twice, three times with just the tip of my cock, letting it part your lips just a whisper, feeling your desire to be filled once again rise within you, but holding out, watching your face, to see how long you can wait.

I slide slowly, deeply all the way inside you again, hearing you moan with pleasure at the intensity of the contact. Gently, I ease your legs back down to the bed, changing the angle again to release a shudder of pleasure through us both. And for a moment, we stay there. Locked together in mutual pleasure, naked, unashamed and filled with desire for each other. Kissing you deeply, I stay inside you, working with you to create the gentlest of rhythms as we dance without inhibition. I move my mouth across your collarbone, a snail’s pace zig-zag that leads gradually across the top of your breasts, flushed and rosy-nippled and impossible to ignore. I taste the salt on your skin and thrill at the sensitivity of these beautiful buttons as I lick, suck and gently bite down on each one in turn, feeling your body feed back instant responses to each moment.

I want you with such intensity now that I’m scared of coming before I’ve really satisfied you. My desire is fed by the pleasure in giving pleasure, feeling and watching my lover’s orgasm as a consequence of my involvement. And I want to fuck you everywhere, in every position, in every place in my flat, during whatever time we have. But for now, I want you on top of me, and I tell you so. With a smile, you push yourself deliciously onto me once more, and then take control. 

As I settle myself on top of you we laugh with the sheer joy of this sex.

I have all of you inside me. I rest my hands on your chest and start to rock slowly. I can feel the pressure on my G-spot building and I start to move faster and faster, edging myself along with you.

‘Come with me’, I start to move faster, grinding, rocking, creating that delicious friction we need. I’m going to come, come with me…

I’m watching your abandon now. Giddy with the joy of looking up at you, feeling you grinding into me with increasing urgency. The heat inside me is joined by a sensation that starts in my toes, swirling up towards my groin like a volcano in its most dangerous stage. Grabbing your bum and pulling us together tightly, I lean back and watch to see the ecstasy of your finish. “Now?” I gasp…

Yes now. Now!

I watch a deep flush rise up your breasts and throat, cheeks pink as your hips buck so intimately with me. I’m going to come hard, so hard that it feels I could shoot you away from me, so I pull you tighter still…

I can’t hold back. Knowing this, I push up and forward. Deeply, urgently, powerful and powerless at the same time. I cry out inadvertently as wave after wave of hot cum pulses from me, aware of nothing but the pleasure of this moment, the feeling of depth and intimacy, the joy of incredible fucking.

The sensation swells inside me, deep inside me, seemingly below my belly button. Getting warmer and warmer, like a localised spot of molten iron. The feeling is dangling in my minds eye, just out of reach, as the tingle intensifies, it draws nearer until it rushes me, enveloping me, spreading from that molten spot, radiating out, the pleasure so intense I cry out, ‘fuck’. There are waves, over all too soon but the memory of that feeling remains, I bask in it, revelling in my body, in the release and the high it brings.

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