First Time Without Penetration

The following is an excerpt from my novel The Billionaire Geek. I am currently in the drafts stage, editing as alpha readers get back to me with suggestions. This particular scene was inspired by the number of stories I’ve read where they’ve said they forgot the condom and went on with the penetrative sex anyways. I thought I’d add a new twist to this dilemma. Enjoy.

“Do you want that drink?” Will asked and, for a moment, he felt very self conscious and a little lost in the large hotel room. When Becca smiled and nodded, he was happy to find something to do with his hands.
At the mini bar he looked through the offerings for the first time since checking in. He had been too excited to get to the convention to bother checking his room out for much more than a bed to crash on and a decent size shower. “We got a little bit of everything…”
“Rum and coke,” Becca suggested.
He checked the mini fridge. “They have Pepsi.” He looked up to see her frown.
Before he could try and come up with an alternative Becca approached and laid a hand on his arm. “Will, I’m not up here for a can of coke.”
He smiled at her and pushed the mini fridge shut. “I know. I haven’t…I’m a little rusty.”
“Me too,” Becca said softly, almost a whisper before Will’s mouth met hers.

The kiss was hot and slow, exploring along with their hands. Will tentatively ran fingers over Becca’s full breasts, feeling her nipple harden under her thin bra and t-shirt.
Taking the lead, Becca’s hands went to his chest, running over nipples then down, across his stomach in a way that was almost ticklish. Will bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing at the sensation. She reached the hem of his t-shirt and pulled up.
Stepping back, barely breaking their kiss, Will pulled his shirt up and off, ready to eliminate what barriers there were between them. Becca kicked off her shoes and socks as he reached for her again. He followed suit as their kisses grew harder, deeper, teeth clicking and making them smile before kissing again.
Will pulled her shirt up, revealing a simple sports bra. Becca bit her lip then tugged it off as well, unwilling to let him oggle her in something so unflattering for too long. Why couldn’t she have planned for this? She wondered silently and tried to remember what underwear she was wearing as Will ran his fingers over her breasts. Looking up, she saw an expression on his face that was almost reverent.
They kissed again while Will played tentatively with her nipples. Moving together blindly, Becca’s ass hit the high arms of the leather sofa. Without pausing, Will leaned her over the arm, hoping to find a comfortable horizontal plane to relax on while they explored each other.
Becca could feel Will’s hard on against her thigh. She ran her fingers along his waistband but her position wouldn’t allow her much further.
“Lets go to the bed,” Becca murmured, her back already threatening mutiny from the tangled position..
“Yeah, sorry, of course,” Will replied and stepped back. He helped her up with an apologetic look before gesturing for Becca to lead the way. Running his free hand through his hair and over his face, Will tried to get a grip on himself.

Becca sat on the bed while Will went to the dresser and pulled out the stuff in his pockets – his con pass, keys, some loose change, and his wallet. She watched him open his wallet and flip through a few items in the main fold.
“Damnit,” Will hissed as he put his wallet on the dresser. “I don’t suppose you carry condoms on you?”
She bit her lip and shook her head, realizing their dilemma.
Will wondered if he should run to the nearest drug store or gas station. He thought briefly of calling Scott but hated the idea of asking another man, an employee no less, for a rubber even if it might be faster. In total, he felt embarrassed and he could already feel his previously painfully erect cock begin to deflate from not being prepared like some virginal teenager.
“I have an idea,” Becca said softly. When he turned she was staring at the floor and fidgeting with her pants button. He wondered if she was about to button them up, zip, and explain why they should just chalk this up at a good time making out and move on.
“I’m open to options,” Will said, hoping she would stay but also that this conversation wouldn’t center on them having sex without protection.

Becca glanced up and he thought she might be blushing. “You ever see the sex scene in Cocoon?”
This was decidedly not what he expected. Will thought back and smirked. “Not much of a sex scene but yeah.”
Laughing a little, Becca agreed. “What if we play along those lines?”
“You have telepathic kink powers that give mental orgasms without touching?” Will asked teasingly.
Becca rolled her eyes. “I wish but no. I was thinking more along the lines of orgasms without touching.”
When Will gave her a questioning look she dropped her gaze and stood up. Slowly she pulled her pants down to reveal her gray and green striped panties. Letting her pants fall around her ankles she stepped out of them then looked back up at him slowly. Her hands traveled, one to her breasts and the other over the front of her panties. “Look, but don’t touch.”

Will’s mouth went dry as he considered the erotic scene and suggestion. He nodded and began to unbutton his pants. His eyes didn’t leave her as she played with her nipples until they looked like hard rubies. Her other hand ran over the contour of her mons then down to her slit already dampening the cotton fabric.
Once Will’s pants dropped, he kicked them aside and ran his own hands down over the front of his boxer-briefs. Glancing down, he realized he was wearing his Tardis underwear. Looking back up he saw Becca smiling at them and at the large bulge his cock was creating.
“While I like your underwear, I’m interested in seeing what it looks like on the floor,” Becca said with teasing grin.
Will mirrored her grin and shrugged. “I’m following your lead, beautiful.” He looked down at her own panties purposefully.
Biting her lip, Becca stepped back and sat on the bed. She pulled herself up on it, not breaking eye contact with Will. Once she was resting on the pillows, she raised her hips and spread her thighs, giving him a full view, as she pulled her panties down.

Will had watched porn. Being a bachelor and a bit of a hermit on his good days, he’d watched a lot of porn. Seeing Becca slide those panties off and lay spread and welcoming was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Not only was she mouthwateringly gorgeous but he couldn’t lay a hand on her.
Becca kicked her panties off the side of the bed and returned to her previous exhibitionary position. Running her hands over breasts, she grazed over her hard nipples. It wasn’t nearly as good of a feeling as Will’s hands had been but the look in his eyes as he watched her made the distance worth it.
“Are you just gonna stand there and stare or are you going to join me?” She asked, trying her best to sound sultry.
“Fair is fair,” Will said, unable to look away from her while sliding off his boxer-briefs. He saw her eyes widen a little as his cock was exposed. It gave him an ego boost that he silently admitted was much needed.

Wrapping his hand around his cock, he stroked it slowly. Becca smiled and moved her hands down over her belly towards her hips. She lingered there teasingly before moving one forward, between her legs.
Will liked that she wasn’t shaved. He preferred his women, what few he’d had over the years, to look like women, not prepubescent girls. Her blonde curls were neatly trimmed instead and didn’t hide the pink flesh of her labia.
Becca stroked her pussy lips, finding them already wet. Watching Will watching her, she was more turned on than she’d been in a long time. Most nights she consoled herself to a trusty vibrator and a good erotic sci-fi story or fan fiction. This, playing with herself in front of a man she barely knew, was much better.

Slowly, Will leaned his knees on the bed. Then crawled up next to Becca, never taking his eyes off her fingers between her legs. Reclining next to her, he matched his strokes to the slow movement her fingers were now doing on her clit.
Biting her lip to hold back a moan, Becca looked Will over. He was sexy as hell and yet seemed completely unaware of it right then. She had captured every ounce of his attention and flaunted it by lifting her hand away from her pussy just then.
Will groaned when she stopped. “You’re killing me,” he muttered as he looked up at her now grinning face.
“You’re not the only one on edge,” Becca admitted, her voice raspy with need.

Leaning forward, Becca ran her hand over Will’s and up over the reddened head of his cock. He gave her a strained smile. “I thought you said no touching?”
“Do you want me to stop?” She asked, pulling her hand until her palm was just grazing his tip.
Will groaned and shook his head. Soon he reciprocated, giving into his need to touch her in return. Her breasts were full in soft but he only massaged them for a moment. Quickly, he moved to his goal – one hand grasped her ass that he’d been admiring all the prior day. The other hand went between her legs, replacing her fingers with his.
Her pussy was hot and slick. His thumb stroked her clit, eliciting a low moan that went through him wonderfully. The sensation of sliding his finger into her easily made him groan. Here Becca was, so deliciously ready for him and he, the geek who rarely got laid, was without a condom.

Still, as her fingertips teased his foreskin and wet with his precum, he was reminded that penetration was merely one aspect of pleasure.
As Becca kissed his chest, licking his hardened nipple, he slid a finger inside of her. She gasped and arched her hips towards him.
“Feel good?” he asked, trying to concentrate on what he was doing rather than how amazing her fingers felt on him. If he thought too much about that, he’d come then and there.
Becca hummed that indeed it did feel good as he moved inside of her. Slowly he pulled out and added a second finger, stretching her just a little. Turning his hand, he curved his fingers forward just a little. Quickly, Becca whined in pleasure. He’d found her g-spot and couldn’t help but grin with pride. His thumb circled her clit as he moved his fingers into her. She arched back and lost concentration on her own actions. Her hands gripped his cock, almost hurting in their pressure.

Will ignored the ache and kept up the movement in his hand. “Come for me, Becca?”
She nodded and grabbed the back of his neck with one hand. “Will…” she moaned. He felt her come into his hand and refused to let up the stroking motion of his fingers against her. Her nails bit into the back of his neck and her other hand released then squeezed the head of his cock.
“That’s it, beautiful,” he urged as her orgasm rocked her body until her legs were shaking. “That’s it. Come.”
As the orgasm eased off, Becca’s hand moved over his length again. She pressed forward, putting her face against his chest as if coming so hard for him had made her bashful. He could feel her panting against his skin.
Burying his face into her hair he allowed himself to focus on the wonderful feelings her fingers on his cock were giving him. Still, his fingers stroked her pussy slowly, ready to guide her into another orgasm if willed.
Becca moved her legs closed around his arm. One slid between his legs, seeking to be closer to him despite their need for at least some sort of barrier. Will moved his free arm from under his head and pushed under her. Soon they were pressed close, holding each other tightly. Their hips thrust like they were fucking but only their hands stroked.

“Will,” Becca whispered. “Oh Will, make me cum again,” she asked wantonly.
He moved his fingers firmly in her, his thumb still teasing her clit. “I want to, baby,” he admitted. “What do you need?”
A whimper was his only answer for a moment as she bucked her hips. “Oh, harder. Please,” her voice was muffled against his chest. “Move your fingers harder.”
He complied happily and groaned as this time she paid attention to her own hand. Her strokes mirrored his and soon both were moaning and panting. “Becca,” he said with a warning in his voice. “You’re gonna make me come.”
She hummed in pleasure then let out a loud moan. “Will!” She cried as she came for a second time into his hand.
Will’s cum sputtered over her breasts and belly. It was obscene and yet, when he was spent and gasping, she still looked beautiful. Looking up, Becca’s eyes were shut as she caught her breath.
When she opened her eyes and met his gaze, she gave him a small, sweet smile. “Mmm, that was wonderful.”
He grinned and nodded. It was better than he could imagine not having penetrative sex could be.

They sat up and looked down at the mess they’d created. The top blanket of the bed had smears of cum where they’d lain. Will ran his hand, the one not damp, through his hair and laughed a little.
“I guess we should get cleaned up,” Becca murmured.
She slipped into the shower while Will stripped the blanket off the bed. As the hot water ran over her and washed his cum down the drain, she couldn’t help but wonder what the hell she was doing. Before an answer could come to her there was a knock on the bathroom wall and Will pushed back the curtain. “Can I join you?”
She nodded and loved how it felt when Will moved in behind her and wrapped his arms over her wet body. They showered in silence, washing each other slowly, kissing here and there until their hands and feet were pruny.
Stepping out and toweling off, the heat of the day’s emotions was cooling. Becca wondered if she should leave. Wasn’t that what happened with one night stands…in the middle of the day?
Will cleared his throat and spoke as he stared at the floor. “Do you wanna stay and hang out? We could get room service and watch movies or something?”
That was when Becca realized he was just as nervous and awkward feeling about this as she was. “I’d really like that.”
He looked up, scanning her face to see if there was a ‘but’ coming. When she smiled sincerely, he sighed and smiled back before handing her a bathrobe and grabbing one for himself. “Alright, but I insist on picking the movie.”
Laughing, Becca snuggled into the terry cloth robe, “Fine, but only if I can get ice cream.”
“Whatever you want,” Will said and he meant it.

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Daire Faust is an erotic romance story teller, adult toy and book reviewer, sex blogger, and freelance kink writer. THe majority of her erotic romance work focuses on people like herself - fat, LGBTQ+, and geeky.

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