The day had wound down and come to an end. For Bree, the day had been filled with serving customers, listening to complaints from people far more angry about the quality of the food they received than they probably should have been, and busy alleys at the grocery store. Being able to come home and relax had given her some much-needed respite, and a good meal did much to lift her spirits. Afterward, she tied up her blonde hair and enjoyed a hot shower and some evening television in some choice comfy clothes.

Stepping into her apartment, she stretches her arms and back, rotating her neck in an attempt to release any and all remaining tension from her body before she went down to rest. Closing her blinds and stripping out of any remaining clothing, she finds the soft, faux-fur rug in the middle of the room, and kneels upon it. The pink, cotton fabric keeping her knees comfortable as she sits down, bare-bodied.

“Danny? Are you here?” she speaks out.

The room remains quiet for a few seconds. She looks around, seeing the tall dresser decorated with cute stickers and small toys littered over the top. The nightstand with the bottle of water, tissues, and a dollar store lamp. The closet door she keeps perpetually open with blouses and other tops. She was the only person in the room. There’s no reply to her call, and she worries this will not be her day. But near her face, a translucent appendage slithers through an invisible void, and curls underneath her chin, cupping it as the tip strokes her cheek.

“I’m here, Bree.”

The voice was sourceless as if it came from within her own mind. She closed her eyes and sighed dreamily, comforted by the touch of this otherworldly appendage. Two more long appendages appeared through the void to reach out and caress the skin over her body. She shivers as it glides over her hip and down her thigh, while another wraps around and squeezes her breast. Danny’s touch had a way of bringing her to arousal faster than any fantasy, or any external stimulation she had tried in the past.

Bree had first come to know Danny from an early age. As a small girl, Danny had been a voice only she could hear, and she had been the one to give him his name. A friend who shared jokes and bedtime stories, a guest at tea parties and a companion on her walk home from school. Her parents only ever saw him as that special imaginary friend children tend to create. As she got older, Danny stuck around, which began to worry her parents. They did what parents did when they don’t understand what’s happening, which ended with Bree becoming miserable for a long time. For several years, she convinced herself that Danny wasn’t real, and for a time, stopped hearing his voice.

Danny came back into her life some time after she had become an adult. His voice shocked and terrified her at first, but when she understood that Danny was real, and the memories came back to her, they became best friends again. When she realized she might love Danny, that was when he reached through to touch her for the first time. The fact it was only ever tentacles perturbed her, at first, but she soon came to adore what they could do.

Bree kept her eyes closed as Danny caressed her cheek, moving the tip across her lips, to which she puckered and kissed. She kept her arms limp as she felt more tentacles wrap around them, and around her torso, gently pulling her forward until she was bent forward. Danny held her there, cradling her body in his limbs. She felt her breasts massaged and teased, eliciting her to bite her lip and playfully struggle a little against his hold. Danny somehow always knew what she wanted, and how she enjoyed it.

Her core tingled as she felt one tentacle very slowly slither and travel along her spine towards the crest of her buttocks. Danny knew this created the suspense and anticipation of what would come next, and seemed to enjoy teasing her this way. At that same moment, more appendages appeared from the void to wrap around her thighs, holding her bound and parting her open. Bree could feel the tiny bite of cool air on her vulva as her whole body was being lifted and suspended off the ground.

The appenage on her spine crawled between the crevice of her buttocks, sending a small shiver up her body and rubbed against both of her holes. She let out a playful gasp and a giggle as she felt him. Bree kept her eyes closed to pretend as if she were floating in an empty space, existing only to be used and pleasured by her ghostly lover. She felt his tentacle slither up and down along her labia, spreading her cyprine nectar along his length, and wriggling against her clitoral hood.

Being held this way made her feel safe with him, and at the same time, it excited her to be bound in the air and made to receive all he would do to her. She let out breathy moans that gave voice to her lust, and a whisper from her lips, “Please…”

At her request, Danny stopped teasing, and instead, the tip of his tentacle pressed against her vulva, slowly and tenderly penetrating her. She gasped and groaned pleasantly as she felt herself be filled and spread around him. The way he moved inside of her was otherworldly and alien but was exactly what she loved so much about it. She cried out as she felt him move inside her, rubbing and lightly pressing against her g-spot. All of his appendages wriggled and moved around her body to tease and caress her all over.

When her body couldn’t take any more, she was sent clear to the other side of climax, but Danny would not relent. Bree pulled and tensed against him while her head floated and soon found herself experiencing the sweet agony of multiple orgasms. She had expressed a desire to have this experience where all others seemed to fail in delivering. When Danny brought her to her third, and strongest, climax, he relented and allowed her to come back into her world.

Bree finally opened her eyes and watched as her lover’s translucent tentacles loosened, and brought her to her bed. The covers were drawn, and she was placed gingerly on the soft bed. As her body relaxed, two appendages brought the covers over her nude body, tucking her in.

“I hope I made you happy, Bree.”

She nodded, “You always do.”

Bree felt lucky to know the affections of someone and something that no one else could see or hear. Someone who could do to her what no one else could, and truly loved her.



“Will you tell me a story?”

New Year's Party

Charlton Tod

Charlton Tod is a sex blogger, smut writer, and reviewer of sex toys and sexier books. His writing consists primarily about his explorations into Primal Play, while his stories tend to vary wildly from one thing to another. When not writing, he can be found practicing cooking techniques, spending time with his lovely wife, or geeking out on a good RPG. He is also the host of #FantasySmutFriday, a weekly writing prompt challenge to help fellow authors push their creativity.

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  1. Fantastic. Otherworldly and sensual, and with a wonderfully mysterious edge!

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