The fabric in the chair was coarser against his skin than he thought it would be. He sat, frozen, as she lowered herself to her knees and put her hair in a looped ponytail at the base of her head. In his experience, this meant business. 

She crossed her arms over her stomach and slipped her shirt off. From the front pocket of her jeans, she pulled out a condom packet. As she tore it open, she met his gaze.

“Is this your first time?”

“Well, my first time using a service… a woman… one of you… This is my first time hiring a professional.” 

She laughed as she began stroking his cock. It was far too soft to put the condom on and have it be effective, and this was not the only time someone had been a client for the first time. As he began to relax a little more, she worked his cock into a firm shaft. She pulled the condom out and tossed the wrapper on the nightstand. Using a combination of her mouth and her hand, she unrolled the condom down. As the warmth of her mouth enveloped him, he scooted his hips forward. She brought her head up a little bit to reposition herself and began bobbing up and down.

His hands clenched on the arms of the chair. He was tempted to reach for her head, but stopped himself.

“Is it ok if I touch your head?”

“Yes. Go ahead and show me what you like.”

He put a hand on either side of her head, feeling her hair mess in them. With gentle yet firm pressure, he began to pump her head down his cock. His head relaxed to the side and he was able to watch himself disappear into her mouth.

“Use your hands where your mouth isn’t, please.”

She glided her hands over slippery skin, and was encouraged by his breathing and moans. They took turns driving the action. He kept a steady pace on her head and she kept a steady pace on his. 

As he edged closer and closer, he put his hand back on her head and pumped himself into her mouth. He scooted toward the edge of the chair so he could lean back slightly and relax his legs. 

When he came, she lowered her head all the way down to wrap his whole cock in soft warmth. It surprised him, but it was just the push over the final edge that he needed. As he exhaled, she pulled her mouth off of him and sat back with her hands on his thighs. He looked at her and nodded. She smiled as she stood up to put her shirt back on and check the state of her makeup in the mirror. A bit of new lipstick and she was good to go. What a relief.

He pulled the condom off and knotted the top. As he tossed it into the trash can, he looked at the money stacked on the table next to his bed. This was the part he was most concerned about. She walked over to him and collected the wage they agreed upon. 

“Thank you, very much. Very good work.” He instantly regretted saying that – what does that even mean?

She smiled at him and raised her eyebrows. Then she fixed her hair, opened the door, and left. He was glad he had hired someone based on a reference, and was in awe of how in charge of her life she was. As he got dressed, he thought about what other opportunities he might have to hire her again.

Domestic Spy

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